Title: doomglov.zip
Filename: utils/misc/doomglov.zip
Size: 21 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: Carlo Carenini & Antonio Tarquini
E-mail: tarquini@vaxca1.unica.it
Description: With this driver you can use the Mattel PowerGlove with Doom. Don't run the mouse drive! Run only doomglov.exe and then Doom.
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I don't have a Mattel Power Glove, so I can't test this. But the idea sounds fascinating; the Power Glove was an add-on for the Nintendo NES and became something of a cult during the VR boom of the early 1990s. You had to put sensors around the television. I imagine it wouldn't be much for playing Doom, but if you could get this working nowadays, and put it on your blog, you'd be a hero.x
rip and tear rip and TEAR RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS with the power glove (don't report me, at least this review has more to do with the utility than the above review) (also above reviewer, the power glove sucked cybie ass)x
i wonder how the first review has less to do with the subject at hand when it specifically referenced what the wad was design for while all you did was reference a doom comicx
We were doing this stuff with Wii Motes and computers playing Mario Kart 64 in my school a few years ago. I'm going to upvote just because this is quite an undertaking for the time, successful or not.x

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