Title: dmmus10a.zip
Filename: utils/sound_edit/dmmus10a.zip
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Date: 05/12/94
E-mail: bill@solaria.hac.com
Description: DMMUSIC will store music into or extract music from DOOM WAD and PWAD files. To list the names of available music entries, use the '-L' option.

Patch WAD files (PWAD) can be edited the same as WAD files by using the '-f pwad' option on the command line; the PWAD will be created as needed. To remove a music entry from a PWAD, use the '-r' option. For the PWAD to work correctly, the filename must end with .WAD.

When editing the WAD file directly, please be sure that you have a backup copy of the original file available.

Input files must be in .MUS format. A utility to convert MIDI files to .MUS is available seperately (MIDI2MUS).

Some examples:

Replace a music entry:

DMMUSIC d_e1m1 -s foo.mus

Extract a music entry:

DMMUSIC d_e1m1 -e foo.mus

Create a PWAD and add a music entry to it:

DMMUSIC -f bar.wad d_e1m1 -s foo.mus

Run DOOM using the new PWAD file:

DOOM -file bar.wad
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