Title: midi2mus.zip
Filename: utils/sound_edit/midi2mus.zip
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Date: 05/12/94
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Alright, I don't know if it's because i dont know crap about this, but... I have to run this from DOSBox(not surprising), and i dont know how in the hell to use it. Any help? Please?x
This was written by Dave D. Taylor, one of the id guys. It works by typing the name of the EXE followed by the full name of the file to be converted in the command line. It will work on any type 0 (1 track) MIDI that converts to a MUS file of up to 64 KB.x
I'm the same guy that commented above: I was wrong and MUS uses type 1 MIDI, which allows various tracks. Check MUS_FORM.DOC in muspl175 or muslb175 for more details.x
I frankly don't see the point in a MIDI-to-MUS converter nowadays, considering the fact that every version of vanilla Doom beyond 1.5 has support for standard MIDI and almost, if not absolutely, all source ports also have support for standard MIDI. However, it would've been useful at the time of release, (5/12/94, as you can probably see) and at least a MIDI-to-MUS converter was released before such a thing would become essentially pointless.x
Great for older versions of the DOS executable, Doom Legacy and Doom95. All of the 'Z' ports support MIDI files of any size, which is awesome.x

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