Title: Marvel Vs. Capcom Doom
Filename: combos/mvscdoom.zip
Size: 2.1 MB
Date: 10/17/02
Author: Andrew Locmel
E-mail: glocmel@yahoo.com
Description: i like mavrel vs capcomm it is cool and my fav is riu and jin.
Credits: my dad, who help me with it
Base: sounds and song and graphics
Build time: i dont kno
Editor(s) used: wintex
Bugs: no
Rating: (12 votes)
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Keep in mind Andrew Locmel and George Locmel are actually callsigns used by Deathz0r. Andrew Locmel and George Locmel aren't really real. Anyways, funny sounds.x
good job little onex
lol deathz0r - 6/5x
this really sucksx
For a 9 year old (and his dad =P), not bad. I found it funny at times. -Tangox
my ears burst as a matter of factx
this is worse than I thought. It gets the award of "my ears hurt lke no other"x

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