Title: boonodes.zip
Filename: deathmatch/doombot/boonodes.zip
Size: 1.81 KB
Date: 08/18/01
Author: Razorback
E-mail: razorback@doomworld.com
Description: Hey! Boo.nod is a nodes table file for use with Aardappel's Boo.wad. This nodes table will only work with Sergey Makovkin's very tough Doombot 3.0a, which in turn is based off the Doom Legacy sources for DOS. You can grab the latest version at http://doomnation.com/doombot.

If you want to play boo.wad with bots, we highly recommend using this nodes table for maximum play experience. Refer to the instructions below if you are having trouble loading the nodes table correctly.
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