Title: nored.zip
Filename: graphics/nored.zip
Size: 10.5 KB
Date: 10/22/95
Author: Brian Vanover
E-mail: drgnfyre@nfinity.nfinity.com
Description: Are you sick of being splattered in doom or Heretic just because you've got a red screen? Those darn beserks can drive you crazy..

Well, here's the answer.

I found out that it could be done, so I looked around on the net, found some information about the PLAYPAL entry in doom, and fiddled with it..

This is the end result.

NOREDD.WAD will work for Doom, Doom II, or Ultimate Doom.

NOREDH.WAD will work for Heretic.
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Very useful when to remove the red when taking screenshots of demos.x

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