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Latest votes:
Rush  slaughterish gameplay, maps that aren't puzzles, I like it so far. only on map 6 so far.
Whispers of Satan
UAC Computer Nukage Base Lab Facility  I'm the author and this was originally ...
Do It
Thy PrBoom Maps: Beta 1
doom95.zip  thanks!
Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine
Nebula 95: Drown Stone Cassette B
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 3  It's okay, better than average. I...

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UAC Computer Nukage Base Lab Facility - General Fucko...
Sexy new WAD for DOOM II
Senators of Volition - Getsu Fune a.k.a. Hurricyclone
due to popular demand, i decided to do a design n' gameplay overhaul of my Mayhem2048 submission, which was MAP10, Sligenous. the map is now called Senators of Volition and has a red/tan color scheme throughout and gamepla...
Smothered Hope - Ed C.
Zerox Lab - doompopulist
This is a very difficult tech lab map that replaces Map01 of Doom 2, and it will likely take you a long time to finish. I tried to create a sense that, while you can hear other people battling throughout the base, you stil...
Rush - Archi
Set of 12 boom-compatible slaughterish maps. Blast through tech bases, winter maps, hellish keeps and structures in the Void. MAP06 was made with Demonologist. MAP13 is in wad, but it's just an endmap.
Blood Axe Fortress - S3rialKill3r
This wad is now on beta Phase! and Thats for Aquarius199! I Hope u Enjoy it ;)
DooM IIII - nub_hat and dingdang
hello welcome hope you will enjoy our first collaboration megawad release. meant to be played with prboom+ -complevel 9. some good original material in here you can be excited. high level maps for high level speedrunners. ...
Tom's Halls v1.5 - Tuxlar
This is my first attempt at a 'Doom the way Id Did'-like map. It is based mainly on the style of Tom Hall's Doom maps, namely E1M4, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M7, E3M3, E3M7, and MAP 10. Perhaps more of a medley/remix than ...
Techno Takedown - Ben "Dreadopp" Taylor
I decided to release (originally on the forums) a map on my birthday rather than request one. :P It's a smaller map with a bit more of an old- school feel to it (I think). Don't forget to save often!
Desolation - Dzyan Kelsick (Arclite)
My 12-level Megawad for Doom 2/Final Doom, and sequel to my previous work, Damnation. Horror-themed but still with plenty of action. Uses .ogg music files for the levels and text screens, as well as ambient sounds througho...
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