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Wow  it sucks
Smooth Weapon Animations
Whispers of Satan
Speed of Doom  "Starting at Map 5, it goes downhill completely. Plutonia is easily one of the worst th...
Going Down
wads.zip  0 stars is unfair because of the effort alone, but no, this is not good. It looks like being made...
ZMatch 2014
Sector 666  You should play this, then Aeternum, then Vanguard/Lunatic, the Valiant. Watch one of today's...
City Assault  This is just the way I would map it. I loved almost everything about it especially the vi...

Latest files: (more)
Chaos Peak - Cheese Boy
"Chaos Peak" is a GZDoom feature-heavy slaughter map I whipped together in a 3 weeks time. I have loads of fun playing this myself so I hope you do as well.
Oil Plant - Nambona890
Just another WAD I made for you to play. Enjoy it.
Friendly Fire - Greg Lafitte
This is my second attempt at a Deathmatch wad (my first being Godhand.wad) it is 5 maps made for 6 players.
Magma Tower - Bibleman
A grill has been captured by demons and is being held hostage in the Magma Tower! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the grill!?
1 star deathmatch - Ilya "Joe" Lazarev
35 punky maps for deathmatch.
Don't Be A Bitch Last Man Standing 3 - Argentum, Com...
32 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing
Hell's Ambiance - Mr. Chris
Hell's Ambiance is a compilation of unnerving ambient tracks to give Doom that extra spooky atmosphere if you are tired of the PSX Doom or Doom 64 track set. It features 18 tracks from Kevin MacLeod's royalty free set wh...
Celestial Site - D.Scratch
My map for the Realm667's DooMJA-VU Competition =)
Hacx Scene - Vermont, or "LittleInferno" on Doomworld.
This is pretty much a testing level to see what I could do with Hacx resources and I think it came out sort of funny. Be warned that this may be chock full O' misaligned textures.
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