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Unmarked  Wow this is a freaky wad but similar to terry's wads.
DoomCraft (Minecraft Doom)  SANIC! COMUN, STEP IT UP! 100000000000/10
No hopes  YES
NIGHTFALL!!!! nightfal.wad  A remarkably complete mod, considering its extreme age. Makes...
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for o...  5/...
The Room Below
SAVE AMERICA!  side note: this is the official doom iv beta.
Plane Crash  `...Seriously?

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The Shipping Quadrant - nambona890
Ok, I usually put terry wads on the archive, but I felt like treating you all to a little deathmatch level I made. It uses Skulltag weapons and textures.
E2MWalter - James "Phobus" Cresswell
A map for Walter Confalonieri's 31st birthday, made because he requested people do so on the Doomword forums. If you're playing Ultra-Violence and can get to the Berserk reference secret, be ready to recreate one of Guts' ...
koak.wad - reality 2.0
While searching out demons to kill you find a base. This base is carved into a large mountain. You're just about to head the other direction when you hear demon growls on the inside. It looks like you have no choice but to...
PIR2.WAD - Bill Parker, Parker Information Resources
PIR2 is 32 levels designed specifically for co-op play with my grandson. The levels are all fairly small, and packed with as much health, ammo and monsters as I could cram in. It gets boring running around in the dark tryi...
Solo network driver - Simon Howard (fraggle)
This is a "solo" network driver, like ipxsetup or sersetup. However, rather than actually communicating over a network, it's just a dummy program that lets you start a single player netgame. It's functionally equivalent to...
recycled.wad - reality 2.0
Doomguy has gotten lost in the older parts of the UAC and now has to find his way out.
The Horrible Plane Ride - nambona890
Taking a plane to a military base may not seem like a big hassle. But this flight, had something very amiss. Demons snuck onto the plane and have killed all of your mates. You have to kill all the demons, find a way to the...
Temple of Baphomet - Marvin "OneTrueCyber" Moore
A hell/marble themed map. Has a couple of sounds from Heretic and a song from Unreal to give the map some ambiance. It doesn't have the best detail but I hope you enjoy it.
The Illusion War - terkar sergant
The illusion has suck'd you into big battle of humankind. Your mission is to destroy all demons that support evil system of radioactive wasteland.
Space Front - Pchodyrev
You are a Marine stuck in a Military Zone in space and you have to escape it. There are various monsters to kill and obstacles to complete.
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