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Latest votes:
Operation BIOWAR  Amazing. Felt a lot more war-like than regular doom. Love the techy map design. I...
Holy Hell 1.1
Dark Covenant
Hell Revealed
Doom source code, under the GNU GPL
3 Heures d'agonie 2  ^agreed but also Memfis (thought he was Russian though) and Oxyde do good s...
DOOM v1.8 shareware version  Tested and aproved 5/5 -CN
Serpent: Resurrection  Best Hexen megawad i've played so far, though final boss could have use...
Taxi #2  Pretty good map, other than that crappy teleporting part..

Latest files: (more)
Random Deaths & Decoration v1.5 Final - Mr. Chris
This is a gameplay mod that provides enhancement to vanilla monsters but maintains balance to the original gaming experience. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences, dead things and gore are randomized and a c...
Meatballs 2: Night Mission - riderr3
The second set of maps from the Meatballs "series"
Role - BlindFury
This tech demo shows what happens if Doom were to be more modern. From the results, it turned out interesting, but may cripple older computers.
Tower of Lies - Ryath/scwiba
There is a tower at the heart of Hell... At the top: the promise of salvation. But you'll first have to climb from its forgotten depths to the throne that overlooks all of Hell -- and defeat the demon prince who rules there.
32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas - The 32in24 Team!
"...It was the pinnacle of burgerdom. Finally, the long summer's study in Aberdonian cuisine and bovine mating rituals had yielded of a supple, juicy tower clad with buns too good to slap and the fattest sow the YEDS had e...
Mori Christmas! - Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"
At the first time in my Doom mapping carreer, I could make a proper map for the holidays. Consider it as a speedmap because I was very fast at creating it, but it still took two days of heavy work to finish it. Anyway...
Project Doomed - Mr. Chris
This is a modification of Jay Reichard's "Project Doom" but contains alterations to not only "originalize" the songs mainly but a decreased tempo. Works nicely for those large or long level sets. pjddedit.wad contains sl...
TekBase - Rhys
Demons have invaded again, yada yada, shoot 'em up in 12 varied levels, going from a simple Tech base to a demon infested tourist trap castle. All maps beatable from a pistol start. Starts on Map14 because XWE scares a...
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 13 - Obsidian Jimm...
12 maps made during the thirteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Considering this session marked one year since I st...
Urotsuki: Radical Way - Lainos
Final chapter of trilogy "Urotsuki". 1 pretty short map in style inspired by anime Urotsukidoji and Giger pictures. If you are playing in software mode, then you should turn on 16-bit mode, otherwise the sky will be a mess.
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