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Nightmares of Loki 1999  The above. I hate to pan precious Doom I megawads, but frankly here...
Scuba Steve's: Action DooM
Operation: Rheingold
Days of Xornox The Bridge
Hell Revealed II
X Weapons Mod  Its not that bad of a weapons mod BELIEVE ME theres much worse out there. Fix the akimb...
Hacx - IWAD release (v1.2)  There are balance issues, and there are vast areas without he...
Deimos: The Fallen Citadel
It was a dark and stormy night...
Novert  Works great in classic doom. Thanks.

Latest files: (more)
DooM IIII - nub_hat and dingdang
hello welcome hope you will enjoy our first collaboration megawad release. meant to be played with prboom+ -complevel 9. some good original material in here you can be excited. high level maps for high level speedrunners. ...
Tom's Halls v1.5 - Tuxlar
This is my first attempt at a 'Doom the way Id Did'-like map. It is based mainly on the style of Tom Hall's Doom maps, namely E1M4, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M7, E3M3, E3M7, and MAP 10. Perhaps more of a medley/remix than ...
Techno Takedown - Ben "Dreadopp" Taylor
I decided to release (originally on the forums) a map on my birthday rather than request one. :P It's a smaller map with a bit more of an old- school feel to it (I think). Don't forget to save often!
Desolation - Dzyan Kelsick (Arclite)
My 12-level Megawad for Doom 2/Final Doom, and sequel to my previous work, Damnation. Horror-themed but still with plenty of action. Uses .ogg music files for the levels and text screens, as well as ambient sounds througho...
Cassie Steele - TimeOfDeath
After saving Nina Dobrev from the monsters, she asks for your help to save her Degrassi co-star, Cassie Steele, from the monsters in this nonlinear vanilla map.
xaserpic - TimeOfDeath
I made this map based on an automap picture that was posted on the forums of a map by Fellowzdoomer. Read this thread - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/69178-
plums' skystravaganza - plums
A collection of skies, made from manipulating photos & editing iwad skies. Includes a demo map with sky transfers. (PrBoom+ -complevel 9 or more advanced port) A few skies are also available as PNGs with their own pale...
Pentagon Switch - Joe "grugly"
One switch starts the pentagon sequence, which once complete, opens a 2 switch combination to lower the rocket launcher pillar. If you can stay on the pillar long enough, you have a choice of 3 bonus items, 2 open outside ...
The Depths of the Catacombs - Pandaemonium
This is based on the Catacombs level in Painkiller, featuring fast pace action and ACS scripting.
Octagram - Chris Scott
You have been dragged kicking and screaming into the Octagram, the local fighting arena in this patch of Hell. It's one of the ones that lets you have a weapon, at least. And you spotted the door into the offices on your w...
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