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Latest votes:
Max Saga: The Doom Dragon
Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid  Genius, if you want a good chuckle.
plums' skystravaganza  Neat! This has green and purple skies too!
Deneb Colony
Unidoom DM 1  ohhhh yeeeah!
doom19s.zip  awesome game
Fields of Glory  Seriously badly designed mapset. Bad map layout, near zero ambiance, and horrible g...
1024:ABC edition  Set of short maps with overall quite poor map layout and hilariously bad gameplay...
Doom the Way id Did  perfect. mood , quality of ideas . like the original Doom unknown paths of ...
The Unholy Trinity

Latest files: (more)
Deneb Colony - Lainos
A 5L1C spin-off wad. It's just one medium-sized map but quite a tricky one, so pick a lower skill level if you need to. Your mission is to send an SOS signal and escape from the Deneb colony. And don't miss MAP02. (Deneb i...
Meatballs - riderr3
What do you expect from this map? It's typical plutonia map with crude name, mixed layout, chaingunner/revenant spam, walls in thickets, instant traps, e.t.c ...
GZDoom Speedmapping Session #2 - Cyberdemon531
30 maps made in under TWO hours. Some slightly bigger maps than its predecessor, and some wacky new ideas. I also used some CC4 textures to spruce some stuff up.
Knee-Deep in the Money: Episode 2 - Canofbacon & ...
After the events of the first episode of Knee-Deep in the Money, Simon went missing. It was up to his loyal buddy to try and find him! This WAD contains some of the most epic gameplay ever in a Doom WAD. I ain't even jokin...
ESP - TimeOfDeath
33 hard maps that I tested myself. Max demos for all maps included (speed demo for map30).
Demons in Space - nambona890
"Mmmhm... yes... dat detail heher" -You after you play this WAD
The Devil's Rage - EpicDoomer2014
My first released map. It's a hell-themed map with a lot of monsters, secrets, basically the classic Doom feel.
Black Sheep - a Doom 3 gameplay mod - scifista42
Black sheep is a slightly-inserious gameplay mod that tries to get a Doom 3 feel into the classic games. It will work with any Doom IWAD and any source port, even in vanilla engine. It will also perfectly work with PWADs t...
DoomSplitter's Custom Palette - David Reirden a.k.a...
This is a simple wad that replaces Doom's default colors. I tried to achieve various effects with the default sprites. For example; zombies now have "bleeding" eyes, and the archvile summons orange flames!
WOOO 2 - Various
This is the highly anticipated sequel to WOOO! (The ZDoom orientated jokewad that nobody asked for) This is a jokewad which is meant to be awful, silly and just plain weird. This time we have more than 32 maps of pure ...
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