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Latest votes:
Void  If God doesn't know lust, he isn't all-knowing. If God does know lust, he isn't all-good. Flawless map!
NUTS  ,jhgiubp;iub;ihb
Extreme Weapon Pack  It's melon.
CREOL1_2.WAD  For some reason, the map ended before I found red key. Ss I love realistic maps, I give t...
Null Space  Great layout and busy fights without ever degenerating into a mindless slaughterfest. Definit...
Doom 2 Reloaded  Pretty good. But could've really used some custom music.
The Gateway Experiments, or Doesn't The Military Ever Learn? E...
Rage CTF
Unloved  It's great but yet so fucking difficult.
ZDoom Community Map Project II  Super wad !!!!!!

Latest files: (more)
The Freeze Thrower Mark 2 - Omegalore
May be a month early but, the holidays is around the corner. I'd thought I make a Ice Weapon. Sorry SomeMap didn't go very well. I'll try to do better and keep trying. This is also take 2 due to .Bak file in Zip, Oops. ...
Respawned: Back from Hell - Zalewa
Classic, vanilla map set for single player and cooperative games with 12 small, medium, and large levels. Theme is hellish and consists of flesh, cave, temple and catacombs levels. Action in final levels takes place in out...
Glitched Reality - Marksman
Doomguy kicked hard ass in the past years. He still does, and wont ever stop kicking ass. Landing on pluto, he goes to kill and get rid of hell in 7 action packed levels. (This is my FIRST WAD, Please don't hate)
I Was Bored And I Made This - Omegalore
Like the title, just a simple map. Nuff' said. Nothing special really. Sorry I haven't been uploading much. Busy with other work I never got done.
Alkylation (version 1.0) - UltimateLorenzo
An UAC outpost has been invaded by a new kind of demons. It's up to you to go there and clean the installations.
Rage CTF - Mechanix Union
19 furious CTF maps Map list: Map01 - Slave Machinery by Decay/Grymmoire Map02 - Penguin the Jugulator by Heavenwraith Map03 - Violence Insignia by Heavenwraith Map04 - Sanctum by Drek Map05 - Nukage Mining II by Dusk Ma...
Thy Flesh - Turned into a draft-excluder - Matt "cannonb...
Episode 4 replacement for the Ultimate Doom which may or may not be related in any shape or form to Concerned :P
The Backfire of Project Albert at UAC Base #400 - John Wilson
At UAC Base #400, a mishap has occured when testing Project Albert, a top-secret airplane with technology never seen before. Demons broke into the teleportation system on board, killing the crew members due for the test fl...
Going Down - mouldy
Something sinister is lurking in UAC headquarters. Grab your gun, head to the roof and shoot your way down through the building to get to the bottom of the mystery. This is a 32 map Doom 2 megawad - boom format, compleve...
ZMatch: 3rd STRIKE! - Doomkid, The_Miano, Captain Toenail, Mr...
Z-Match: 3rd Strike is a collection of 14 maps with a hellish, almost medieval theme. Inspiration is taken from several great WADs, but this pack has a unique identity that it brings to the table. Gameplay and detail were ...
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