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Latest votes:
DOOM v0.99 shareware version
Heil !  boy i have no words too say how bad this is.
Armadillo  A set of small hard maps that would be quite good if they were not so gimmicky. You have to wal...
Elevator.wad (for Doom 2)  Decent concept, pretty poorly realized. The lift moves fast eno...
The Trials  Author here, thanks for feedback, have submitted Trials2 and would love to see what you guys ...
SEVENLEV.WAD (7 levels of fun)  First two levels are playable, if somewhat primitive...
Plutonia 2

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Random Deaths & Decoration v1.2 - Mr. Chris
After getting burnt out on Brutal Doom, I still wanted vanilla gameplay but I liked having alternate deaths for the monsters (and other things) so I put together this for my entertainment and yours. Nearly all monsters h...
Strife: Absolute Anarchy Deathmatch - Captain Toenail
This is a slightly modified beta 1 release from 19/05/14. Current beta contains 13 dm maps and 2 ctf maps. Strife: Absolute Anarchy is an attempt to create a smooth, streamlined multiplayer deathmatch experience for Stri...
Frigid Frag - Captain Toenail
Winter is coming! This is a winter-themed deathmatch arena inspired by Brit10. Ideal for duels or 1-4 players.
Durk's Corridors - Scott Graves
A medium deathmatch level with five corridors. The weapons are accessed by a switch that is the same color as the room with the weapon in it. The outside corridors have teleports into the inner part of the level. Durkcrd.w...
Durk's Dungeon - Scott Graves
A small deathmatch level with all weapons, no monsters and several teleports.
Durk's Pit - Scott Graves
A small deathmatch level with a pit in the center where all weapons are located. Durkpit.wad has nomonsters. Durkpitm.wad has monsters.
Unholy Church - Treyeon Cuber
Ever wanted to wreck havoc in one of those Satanic churches? Well, this wad is for you!
3 Heures d'agonie 2 - 3ha2 Team
3 Heures d'agonie 2 is a collection of 32 vanilla speedmaps designed by members of the French Doom Community. The general rule was that each map layout was to be made within a time limit of 3 hours.
Muskadet - franckFRAG
One big classic vanilla map, inspired by "Interception" and "Bellatrix".
Ubi Amnis Est - Obsidian
One limit removing speedmap made for Phobus for his birthday. Hope you had a good one mate. :)
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