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Latest votes:
QDOOM - Quake Done DOOM Style
The Wall  Not too far removed from Wolf3D in design: very flat floors, there are lots of nooks with monster...
KOOLEST (We hope that the name is accurate)
Runaway Train
Greatest sound .wad ever  Playing through Plutonia Experiment with this one. Great mod. Gam...
DOOM2NEW ---- Flaming 'Rroids of Mars.  Made in 1994, so rated as such. FOA: ...
Assault on Castle Wolfenstein  I actually enjoyed this although it felt like to me the...
50 Shades of Graytall  Didn't like the sky under Doomguy's feet.Made me want to pee.
The Backyard

Latest files: (more)
dib map26/27 - TimeOfDeath
Drown in Blood map26/27 redesigned for single player.
Curse of Blood - Mattias Johansson
Here's a 6/11/20 or 32-level Megawad for Doom2, I'm aiming for 32-maps though. These maps, ranging from small to large, hopefully combines good detail and atmosphere with at times, strong difficulty. The hardest maps will ...
Disaster - Memfis
Ugly confusing maps from the 90's are back! It's a disaster! One of my best levels.
REFILL - Memfis
Yet another Doom techbase for you to explore. You want it?
Back to square one - Memfis
A brown map. Fight carefully and look for hidden items/switches.
Demon Prince Sings the Blues - Memfis
Small map with "intelligent monster placement".
Nazi Camp - Memfis
I was participating in a 1 hour speedmapping event and the theme was "nazi camp" so I made a nazi camp. It's kinda decent for an 1 hour job.
Chaingunner's wad pack - Chainguner
Levels by Chaingunner.
Monument - Chris Hansen
This is a complete episode 2 replacement for DOOM. It's a compilation of all my previously released Shores of Hell themed pwads. I haven't just settled on compiling them into one pwad and leaving it at that. Instead each m...
Rayzik's Birthday Doom 2013 - Various
A compilation of birthday speedmaps for Rayzik.
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