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Unofficial Change Log v1.01
I documented this years ago. I release it now, as people seem to be interested. This document is about detailed changes from version to version of id's original executables as well as the resource WAD's....Date:03/29/04
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Doom 2 secrets list
This is the Doom 2 secrets list, last updated Nov 25, 1994. This version includes information on 1.7a....Date:02/05/95
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Author:Paul Falstad
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The "Official" DOOM FAQ v6.666
Includes DOOM I and DOOM II information on cheats, add-on software, trouble- shooting and more. Read by thousands of people around the world....Date:12/10/94
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Author:Hank Leukart
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Secrets list for registered version of Heretic
Secrets list for registered version of Heretic, last updated Jan 25, 1995....Date:02/05/95
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Author:Paul Falstad
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The Un-official Master Levels for Doom II FAQ Version 1.02
A wide-ranging FAQ covering all aspects of The Master Levels. This HTML document used to be at I (the uploader) obtained this copy via the Internet Archive (
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Author:By Henrik Larsen, with contributions from John W. "Dr.Sleep" Anderson, Jim Flynn, Shawn Green, Chris
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