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Another pretty easy and short level, inspired by Kama Sutra Map08....Date:03/08/15
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100 Lines
The challenge was to put together the best possible level that meets all 5 of the following criteria: 1. is Boom-compatible; and 2. uses only vanilla textures; and 3. is fun to play; and 4. looks OK; and 5. is constructed with 100 linedefs or less. ...Date:08/16/13
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Author:Various, see below

100x multiplies the amount of doom enemies by, you guessed it, 100. Enemies explode into multiples of hundred as soon as the map starts. Due to collision problems, you are able to walk through monsters. Most monsters projectiles pass through each oth...Date:07/28/12
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Author:Doomguy 2000

The ArchVile Temple ( 102.WAD )
Pwad for Boom compatible Ports!...Date:09/27/06
Size:1188 KB
Author:Logan MTM (and Jive: do have a look below to know what he done exactly)

This was my first real attempt to make 1024 map :) i think map was good for a first 1024 so enjoy it :D...Date:09/24/06
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It's my second attempt at making real 1024 wad heh this time it's MAP13-style map :)...Date:10/01/06
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1024-3:Marine goes to hell
This is third attempt to make 1024 map this time the theme is hell! heh it's little harder than previous my 1024 maps...Date:10/01/06
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1024 x 1024 The Building
Friend has challenged me to make 1024x1024 wad, and thus Doomguy has been sent to clear out an important building and retrieve some very important keycards!...Date:01/15/15
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Bunker 1024
This is a simple map I made inspired by the Claustrophobia 1024 series. While tiny, I have managed to make this Multiplayer Compatible. I did originally design this with Brutal Doom in mind, but you should be able to play this in good ol' Vanilla Doo...Date:12/17/13
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1024-4 Directors Cut
Better version of 1024-4 this time it's a megawad! Now let's complain, if you think this...Date:12/13/07
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1024-4: Directors Cut Version 2
Remember 1024-4: Directors Cut? It's back! This time i made sure it has no compat problems on prboom+, replaced all crappy maps with awesome ones (7,13,14,15,16,31,32), in short i removed ALL crappy stuff from the wad :D...Date:05/31/08
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Finally, I've decided to get back to some serious Dooming and I know you were all dissapointed with Into Sandy's City. FORTRESS 1024 is a gothic like map set inside a fortress. The playing area is mostly built within a 1024x1024 scale and the major...Date:12/16/06
Size:103 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Doom Birthday Cake.
Originally a birthday cake for Nanami, I changed it a bit to make a pic of a Doom birthday cake. Then as asked added monsters/exit and gave a download link at the Doomworld forums. And also as wished it's now at 3darchives....Date:12/12/03
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2 Egyptian-themed maps for Boom that follow the 1024 rule, plus one map to stop the player progressing into the stock maps. The second map is a boss map, so watch out. :) Fun fact: during construction this wad went under the charming name of "Const...Date:05/18/13
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11 Years Of Doom
A level designed around and within the words 11 YEARS OF DOOM....Date:02/06/05
Size:419 KB
Author:Darren "Doom_Dude" Finch

13 years of Doom
13 years of Doom doesn't have a consistent theme. It was just a project to get some of the mappers together to make a tribute to Doom style map. The map is built inside and around the letters "13 YEARS OF DOOM", with each letter made by different aut...Date:12/26/07
Size:717 KB
Author:1 - LoganMTM and Voltcorp 3 - Osiris

Y - Rustyslacker and Osiris E - Tchakkazulu A - ThomasJ

One Sector Tag Concept Map
I made this a while ago, showed it to a few people, and then promptly did nothing else with the idea. But, considering the lack of interest in NewDoom's latest contest, I figured that it's time to show it to the world. This is a small proof-of-conc...Date:06/12/08
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Author:Paul Hiebert aka Creaphis

A short level with the restriction that vertices must lie on a 256x256 grid. Not much detail is possible....Date:04/25/12
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1024x1024 & 2 sectors contest wad
This is a compilation of all the contest wads which were sent to the contest held in Newdoom. Read the contestinfo.txt before playing!...Date:09/03/05
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Atmospheric Substation
"You awaken in a small and desecrated base, the demons have brought you here for some reason and you are going to find out what awaits you in this haunted husk..." This is a spooky Halloween map with a... Twist... This map is very scary and shoul...Date:10/28/14
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After kicking a messenger into a well, scouts report to you that an army of Persians 10,000,000,000,000 strong marches towards the gates of Sparta. If even one Persian breaches the (open) gate, all is lost. The Ephors have consulted the Oracle and ha...Date:08/22/12
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RTC-3057: Blue hub1 07/26/04
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30,000 Levels
There is no story and all you do is press spacebar to flip the switches in hopes you reach the end of the tunnel. You get to listen to 100 different midi tracks while pressing the switches. Basically the easiest wad out there and the most boring to d...Date:03/03/12
Size:10062 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

After pressing 30,000 switches you finally make it out of this boxed nightmare in the year 30,000 AD. Little did you know upon arrival, the planet earth has gone extinct and you were somehow killed in a matter of hours by some strange anomaly unknown...Date:07/28/12
Size:3278 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Object "32"
This wad (or, to be more precise,level) has been made originally for the project named Grid32.wad, but, because of circumstances, has not taken part in it. However, later I have decided to complete this level and to release it separately, as well as ...Date:12/13/08
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Diet 32in24
High-detail playtested non-buggy single-player maps in a nice, half-sized package. Now you, too, can experience the 32in24 diet! map01 - Labs of Torture layout by Impboy detailing by kuchikitaichou map02 - On Two Sides layout by The Green Herring d...Date:09/30/08
Size:3191 KB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32 Inch Nails
Seven levels for any limit removing port. All the levels are built in grid with the 32x32 dimensions. It means all vertexes lay on knots of a grid 32 in editor, but this rule does not extend on things. New textures and flats were not allowed. All...Date:09/28/08
Size:2950 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall):

"Real" elevator demo
These are demonstration wads that have a real 3d...Date:05/25/05
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3D Horror
My first Legacy map and is packed with 3d floors , some swimable water and some other surprices .. the funfactor is guaranteed...Date:05/13/04
Size:98 KB
Author:Magnus Olsson

3 Steps From The Hell
What, stupit name?! Ok, so this is my first Doom wad. So there are some things I want to say: 1) It doesn't have secrets. 2) Architecture is on level of original Doom (or lower). Just what I like. 3) You will have only shotgun and rocket launcher...Date:10/29/10
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The Support Relay
Size:236 KB
Author:Jon " 40oz " Vail

4 Hour
This is a dinky map made within a 4 hour time limit. Meh....Date:05/11/08
Size:39 KB
Author:Kyle Casteel

Four Maps
My first four maps I put together over two weeks or so. The main intent was to have some fun, though not very challenging, gameplay. School's started back up, and I WAS going to do a major revamp of this, but don't have the time right now and would...Date:09/29/09
Size:246 KB
Author:Brian Knox aka "Snakes"

5till L1 Complex
This is my last (and best) work....Date:07/23/12
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Five Minutes of Hell
Basically, this is a temple in hell that can be blazed through in 5 minutes. No real plot, just demons getting blown away. This wad originally began life as part of what was going to be a 9 map set for Vanilla Doom, but I abandoned it after switchi...Date:04/17/13
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5 Minute Map Collection
33 speedmaps, mostly made within a 5 minute, though there are a few that went past anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes. Also included is a megawad filled with 5 minute speedmaps strictly by TrueDude for more bite-sized fun!...Date:06/24/11
Size:316 KB
Author:Various, including DoomHero85, who started the project, TrueDude, who compiled the maps together, wa

5 years
A small megawad consists of 3 maps in Limit Removing format. The Hell invades in our reality, so, get ready your shotgun and kill them all. I have created the wad to the 5-year anniversary of my mapping, started in april, 12, 2005....Date:04/21/10
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64 Test Map
This is a map that is exclusive to Doom 64 EX (it can be only played with 64 EX). Made by the Doom Builder 64 (2 originally). It is a test map, but I figured about publishing it. READ THIS TO RUN THE MAP: 1- Put it in your Doom 64EX folder. 2- Open...Date:09/25/11
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64 Lemons
4 maps. All vertices are on the 64x64 grid (not things)....Date:07/25/11
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666 Hell
A map 30 replacement which see's you battling an array of new and powerful bosses rather than the Icon of Sin. Based loosely on the PSX Doom final level "Redemption Denied". This was supposed to be created and released on 06/06/06, but was not even s...Date:06/18/06
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Six Ways to Die
Two maps that extensively feature functional 3D architecture and fierce fighting. The first map, Six Ways to Die, has finely balanced ammo and health at UV skill. Cautious playing is recommended; if all else fails, use the berserk you get at the st...Date:12/27/11
Size:781 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

kill the zombies...Date:05/28/06
Size:24 KB
Author:paul vallejo

8-bit Binary Addition
A voodoo doll powered 8-bit binary calculator. It only supports addition....Date:02/12/10
Size:178 KB

The 8 Game
This wad is based on a memorable scene in the demo of The Stanley Parable. What you do is press on a button that says 8... and that's it. If gimmicky levels without gameplay isn't your thing, then it might be a good idea to skip this one....Date:10/18/13
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