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6 mad levels for Doom2, see below for more info on the levels. It demonstrates the stupidity of the enemies in Doom showing you how dumb they really are. If you're a serious doomer, this is not worth the download. Get this if you are in a funny mood....Date:06/13/02
Size:673 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Mecha-Albert Four-Hundred
You know aluac400.wad? I made a version where you can ACTUALLY BEAT IT. But for those who haven't played aluac400... This is a hyper-boss based on Albert Four-Hundred from Sights of Agony, a Terry WAD made by Ogre. It is very hard to defeat and is ...Date:11/22/14
Size:466 KB

Outpost of Malice
The Outpost of Malice blocks the only viable entrance to a vast island labyrinth in the middle of a lake of blood. Marine spys have noted heavy enemy resitance inside the structure which has prompted curiosity from the military high ups as to what li...Date:03/15/07
Size:325 KB
Author:Jonathan R. Millhouse

Mandatory Suicide
This map was made in 6.5 hours over the course of a day and a half. The reason for this was because the map had to been done for a LAN party I was hosting. It was originally intended to be a COOP map, but after I finished it I decided to convert it t...Date:05/15/04
Size:49 KB
Author:Derek Braun (AKA Dittohead / aliceschain)

Cosa 'e mandinga
A compilation of old vanilla maps by myself, most of them unreleased for the archives. I made many changes and fixes, but I tried to keep the classic feeling, although some are heavily modified. All maps are playable from pistol start, but ammo may b...Date:02/02/14
Size:2372 KB

Mandrill Ass Project
9 maps with unusual/original themes. Computer circuits, virtual worlds, aircraft squadron in flight and much more!...Date:05/14/11
Size:3428 KB

One Boom-compatible map made on the 26th of October in the space of 24 hours....Date:12/29/13
Size:97 KB

MAP30 Plus
A drastic improvement to my very own MAP30.WAD, an "alternative" Icon of Sin level. Now it can be very hard to beat, especially when you get too aggressive. Give it a shot. The WAD file is 56.4K in size....Date:03/01/04
Size:21 KB
Author:Ian "riki" Chipman

Map set #1
This is my first mapset for doom2. I have just started to learn doom builder and i know these levels isn't much to look at but i tried to make them fun and challening and i tried fixing as many bugs i could find so i hope there's none left but im not...Date:02/25/09
Size:213 KB
Author:Daniel Steinert

A medium-sized level with lots of marble....Date:11/04/12
Size:338 KB
Author:Serge Jaeken

Marble 1
Marble and greenish textures used for this one, symmetrical pretty much....Date:03/17/11
Size:71 KB

2 maps for Boom with castle-style design. Textures: Memento Mori II, Requiem, Plutonia, Kuchitsu, Greenday, Gravity, Nordhell, Kobal, VooDoo Guns. Music: map01 - "Rage" by Mark Klem, map02 - untitled track by Eternal from freak4.wad map07. Sliding do...Date:06/30/14
Size:1732 KB

Marble Citadel
This wad was meant to be part of ZDaemon Coop Community Megawad. The project died and I was left with this map. After two years I decided it might be a good idea to release it as single map. Have fun!...Date:01/04/07
Size:207 KB

The Marble Demon Boss
You have to fight a boss and survive against it's nasty, devastating attacks....Date:10/13/06
Size:22 KB
Author:Pure Hellspawn

MarsDoom preview
These are eight levels of a whole set of Doom ][ levels by Berthold Becksch„fer and Thomas Lokum. In contrast to many Wads abroad, this one has been styled thoroughly paying attention to the correct arrangement of textures, a logical level layout et ...Date:09/28/00
Size:2434 KB
Author:Berthold Becksch„fer, Thomas Lokum

The Adventures of MassMouth
There's a story which you'll probably need to understand the plot (good lord, there's a plot?!) so read it or I might have to beat you down. It's at the bottom of this file. If you read anything, at least read that....Date:02/24/00
Size:4381 KB

MassMouth 2
The adventure continues, and stuff. There isn't any backstory you need to know, thanks to cutscenes, but I suppose having played the first one may help out a bit....Date:07/15/03
Size:19748 KB

This is a Massmouth Christmas special, as it were. I always wanted to make a Massmouth hub, and a few days ago I decided I would do it. It's small and pretty linear, and it's not fast paced action or anything. In fact it's more of a puzzle wad, so if...Date:12/25/04
Size:3665 KB
Author:Cyb (mostly)

The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!
There's a story which you'll probably need to understand the plot (good lord, there's a plot?!) so read it or I might have to beat you down. It's at the bottom of this file. If you read anything, at least read that. DO: Anything marked with a DO (s...Date:11/12/02
Size:4114 KB

3 single player levels for legacy, released as-is. No work was being done on them so I changed a few things and are puting them out for everyone....Date:11/03/02
Size:655 KB
Author:Steven "StroggOnMeth" McGranahan, Brendt "Megalyth" Pantley

Dis NOT a jokewad! Dis four AKSHUN PAKKED mapz wif 90S DETAIL. Lots of FAST PACED AKSHUN!!! PISTOL STARTS only!!11!!11!!ONElawl...Date:10/21/07
Size:530 KB

Mattbratt's Level Pack
You're the Space Marine that Accidentally Teleported into the Terrible Portal of Hell....Date:02/03/07
Size:333 KB

Max Saga: Escape from Skull Dungeon v1.2
Cursed by a petty god for your insolence, you are doomed to wander space and time, battling supernatural evils for the god's amusement. Somewhere in Austria during World War II, you have been captured by the undead servants of the mad Dr. Gore and lo...Date:06/21/14
Size:65 KB
Author:Mike MacDee (Impie @ Doomworld)

Maximum Difficulty
Very difficult....Date:07/15/07
Size:4 KB

This is what I have been working on for the past few months on and off. I have had other issues I had to attend to. That is why this has been slow in the release process. Basically I don't expect much praise for the levels, though I myself find them ...Date:12/27/05
Size:161 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

MAYhem 2012
One fine day two years ago MionicDonut decided that a megawad made in one month would be a nifty idea. Then he forgot about it for two years. Before doing so again the idea was pushed forth that the month of May 2012 would be an open call to make som...Date:11/08/12
Size:3318 KB
Author:A buncha clowns

MAYhem 2013
In response to it's wildly ignored predecessor, MAYhem 2013 is a collection of maps all made in the month of May. This time we were given the limitation of using only 2 monster types per map. Also we beat our previous streak of procrastination by 4 m...Date:03/10/14
Size:5236 KB
Author:A buncha schmucks

Size:20581 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Smothered Hope
Size:1020 KB
Author:Ed C.

Sin City
Size:385 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Size:9046 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Based (once again) in the CyberDreams megawad, this is a small but intense level, designed as a New Year gift for all Doomers....Date:05/12/06
Size:66 KB
Author:Gonzalo Perez de la Ossa (Dense13)

Well, I made this map mainly to improve my scripting skills, but that is left to you to decide. Well, speaking about the map, I wanted to build an hellish-futurist [at- mosphere], but I think it got out of hand and made it in a more hellish style. Th...Date:06/20/14
Size:1296 KB
Author:CyberArch, J12Gc

(My First Wad.)
(This is a good level to practice dodging, and a good level to practice survival skills (there are Spawners)...Date:05/05/05
Size:3 KB
Author:(Anonymous-my name on Multi-DOOM is "I love my head" (you'll see why))

Size:199 KB
Author:John Martino

Designed for 10 levels (Mini Mega) I did not have time to finish 3 levels, well, actually scope to complete one level without even having a name, and the Mini mega actually was called "MEGA"....Date:10/30/09
Size:106 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

Mega Tear
I made this level almost without using the 3D mode....Date:06/21/14
Size:457 KB

Dominion of Madess
A 100 minute speedmap that took waaay longer than 100 minutes....Date:06/27/09
Size:173 KB
Author:Brett "Mechadon" Harrell

Salamandastron's Fortress
Size:223 KB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

Mekuso Hanakuso
Size:54 KB

The Ultimate Melee Battle
Have you ever wanted to just slap an imp silly? Ever dream of showing that pesky Revenant how a punch is really thrown? Do you chainsaw pink demons to death even when you have plenty of ammo? Then this wad may be just what you need to satiate your th...Date:07/08/10
Size:149 KB

weird and ugly '90s-style map...Date:08/31/13
Size:59 KB

Mescalina / Mescaline
Lacking time and ideas, I decided to build a small and simple level. In the end, though, the map has turned not so small and simple, and I believe that it'll keep you playing 20-30 minutes. I didn't want to make another futurist map about invaded UAC...Date:05/01/13
Size:161 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

The map has no linear design, and it's ubicated in a abstract area. It's nothing awesome or something you've ever seen before, but i think it's fairly enjoyable. Beware some nasty difficult traps here and there....Date:02/27/14
Size:408 KB

Mine filled with methane
A relatively large map (303 monsters on UV to keep you busy) with a bunch of nonlinearity. There is more than one way to complete the map and you don't have to visit all areas to do it but exploration is encouraged and will make your life easier than...Date:07/16/13
Size:106 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Mainframe Complex
A moderately-sized SP level that shows off many of Risen3D's capabilities. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!...Date:06/22/08
Size:1574 KB
Author:"Catsy" (Brandon Bannerman)

I didi have a whole story for this but i forgot it, something about demons escaping (cages at beginning) and stopping them then going out through the teleport at the end because your boss wont come back for you. i dunno that sounds about right :)...Date:11/10/00
Size:148 KB
Author:Jon Croce (mantra)

Go in there and kick their asses !...Date:02/25/02
Size:206 KB
Author:Sébastien Roy

Mind's I
One single player level. Requires the latest...Date:04/26/04
Size:207 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

The Mine
You're a miner, getting the minerals that the UAC needs to make their special equipment....Date:03/09/07
Size:59 KB

A dark,metal deathmatch base using the nightmare1 textures....Date:07/21/07
Size:1115 KB
Author:The Solution

Designed for Deathmatch, but as usual I have put a few monsters in. A Hi-Tec sci-fi style level. Features include deep water and real 3D floors etc....Date:08/16/01
Size:25 KB

Nikita Base
A VERY tiny and very intense boss battle map......Date:05/27/07
Size:99 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Miniture Meyhem
Prepare to test your skills against massed...Date:12/21/11
Size:238 KB

Size:751 KB
Author:Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf)

Make, test, post.
Name inspired by a Techdiff track....Date:06/21/14
Size:135 KB

Smile smile smile!
MLP is an amazing show! My favorite is pinkie pie! /mlp/ told me to upload this amazing WAD to here!...Date:01/23/15
Size:11200 KB

Marine's Last Stand v1
Slaughter map, apparantly. That's what they call these kinds of maps, right? Man, it's been years since I last dabbled in any doom editing. Anyway, I tried to put in the extra bit of effort to differentiate this from your average slaughter map, but...Date:02/09/09
Size:172 KB

Short map for Memento Mori 2, you will need mm2.wad to play it....Date:06/21/14
Size:69 KB

Mad Mushroom Salad With Disgusting Salad Dressing
A quick and experimental level. MAP07 is the primary map, MAP32, which is one of my eariler levels was added later as an extra. This was originally supposed to be for vanilla Doom, but ended up being for Boom....Date:09/21/11
Size:94 KB

The Mountain Base
A large tech base built on top of a dusty mountain. Simple, but it's my first real map and I just came up with it as I went. In the end, I think it turned out pretty good. IMPORTANT NOTE: The player is not supposed to jump when playing this level. ...Date:12/14/10
Size:105 KB
Author:Sterling Rathbun

Mockery Teaser Release
The long await teaser release of the Mockery megawad. The original project of nothing but crap. Enjoy these four levels and look for more soon....Date:01/28/03
Size:274 KB
Author:Covaro and others

OK YUO STAT IN A SLIGHTLY TECHIFIED HELL BASE THAT IS BEING VANDALIZED by teh teeenage demons from teh/ middled of the sity and u are supposd to stop them from any more vandalism or wtfever....Date:08/19/04
Size:143 KB

The Supply Base2
Many months after earth was invaded, humans are starting to win. By taking out their supply routes and many strategic loacations, the forces of hell are slowly getting less and less, and even starting to retreat. A few days ago, you lost contact with...Date:07/11/04
Size:174 KB

Monster Hunter Ltd (Part I)
industrial and city theme...Date:03/30/14
Size:2582 KB

Monster Hunter Ltd (Part II)
mixed theme: a small town in the mountains, some approaches to realistic sceneries...Date:04/27/14
Size:1810 KB

MONOLITH: A series of maps with no particular theme....well, maybe one. A single player map for Doom2....Date:12/16/06
Size:112 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

MONOLITH: A series of maps with no particular theme....well, maybe one. A single player map for Doom2 - third in the series....Date:01/08/07
Size:43 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

MONOLITH: A series of maps with no particular theme....well, maybe one. A single player map for Doom2 - third in the series....Date:01/30/07
Size:166 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

MONOLITH: A series of maps with no particular theme....well, maybe one. A single player map for Doom2 - fifth in the series....Date:03/26/07
Size:112 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

MONOLITH: A series of maps with no particular theme....well, maybe one. A single player map for Doom2 - sixth in the series....Date:05/03/07
Size:200 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

Monocromatic Fortress
Just a idea i've got in my head, simple a sort of monocromatic\8-bit fortress, somenthing fairly similar to 8-bit deathmatch imho... btw nothing of really spectacular, and since the strange thing i've decided to set this one in the second secret leve...Date:07/09/07
Size:68 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Monochromatic Nightmare
A single player level designed for the Monochrome Mapping Project on the Doomworld Forums - This is a Monochromatic Black & White experience that will test your perception. The idea was to design a clean map devoid of d...Date:03/15/13
Size:516 KB

It's a moonbase... Design influenced by alcohol....Date:02/12/04
Size:19 KB
Author:Chris "Chopkinsca" Hopkins

One level for any limit removing port. This map is built in grid with the 64x64 dimensions. Moonstone mineral number 64. Command line: glboom-plus moonston.wad -complevel 2 Music: Eternal Doom III by Rich Nagel; Sky: Eternal Doom III; Textures: s...Date:10/24/12
Size:1004 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S.

Fear Construct
3 levels through tech-ish bases and castle halls....Date:07/08/04
Size:240 KB
Author:Kyle "MasterOfPuppets" Casteel

Fear Reconstructed
these were made for the Doom Wad Station project. but that megawad has made a huge change of direction, so these maps aren't really valid anymore. still, they are the best maps i've made thus far, so i desided i should release them in their own packa...Date:08/12/04
Size:659 KB
Author:Kyle "MasterOfPuppets" Casteel

Bay of Flames
I made this level a few months ago but never released it. Its short, simple, but fairly hard. I pretty much used this level to teach myself ACS....Date:03/14/05
Size:252 KB
Author:Kyle "MasterOfPuppets" Casteel

More Test
This is just my first wad with custom textures and badass music....Date:03/25/14
Size:6609 KB

Mori Christmas!
At the first time in my Doom mapping carreer, I could make a proper map for the holidays. Consider it as a speedmap because I was very fast at creating it, but it still took two days of heavy work to finish it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Merry...Date:01/18/15
Size:1403 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

Morpheus Arms
The barrier between reality and dreams has fallen. And you have volunteered to venture into the fray, wary of the unintended consequences of such a frightful marriage. Fight your way through a decaying military industrial complex that has merged all ...Date:02/27/11
Size:78 KB
Author:Varant Yessayan

Demons have infested ... bla bla ... just 5 levels of mayhem...Date:03/16/08
Size:485 KB
Author:Gijs van der Linden

MOTR2.WAD/Motor Home 2
After you seized the truck of stolen UAC supplies,...Date:07/04/05
Size:145 KB
Author:I'm me

Motor Rail: EFTPB (motrbath.wad, motrbath.deh)
After you got the train to safety, and most of the...Date:07/26/05
Size:398 KB
Author:I'm me

You board a motorhome, and end up in traffic infested...Date:06/27/05
Size:85 KB
Author:I'm me

Motor Home Theme music and
An optional theme music wad for Motrhome and Motr2...Date:07/04/05
Size:69 KB
Author:I'm me

Motor Rail (motrrail.wad)
After escaping the town of Syro, you end up on...Date:07/16/05
Size:197 KB
Author:I'm me

Motor Home
You escaped the destroyed motorhome, and pressed the...Date:07/08/05
Size:237 KB
Author:I'm me

MOTRZDBT.WAD and (I can't think of a good title MOTRZDST.WAD (both must be run together)

The original MOTRBATH.WAD seemed a bit too simple...Date:08/29/05
Size:1184 KB
Author:I'm me

Motor Rail (house) Deathmatch
This is the house in Motor Rail before the...Date:07/16/05
Size:133 KB
Author:I'm me

Mountain Waste Facility
Move through the old Waste Facility to gain access to the other side of the mountain caverns....Date:08/19/08
Size:162 KB
Author:Ryan 'Blitz' Cook

Alpha Map
Our hero, the Doomguy, has gotten himself into yet another ultra-sticky situation: a base swamped with demons... (what's new?) Get the hell out of there! And by the way... kill em all!...Date:02/27/08
Size:175 KB
Author:Maarten Pinxten

Water Treatment Facility
A short map I made in about 5 days. Inspired by Agent Spork's Simplicity....Date:02/14/06
Size:1083 KB

Marble Blood
Escape HELL!...Date:03/28/10
Size:2685 KB
Author:Gillibert Raymond ak (Ramon_Demestre)

Happy Birthday Mike Reiner
happpy birthday bromontana...Date:06/10/10
Size:84 KB

The Beginning Of the End
I've been working on this project for months...not that it would have taken me that long to finish if i would have actually just worked on it a few hours each day for about a week or two. Its my first, with any luck not my last. i'm not sure what els...Date:07/01/08
Size:175 KB
Author:James "MrSlapHappy" Ebert

Extreme Evil Execution
Detailed map. Intense gameplay....Date:06/30/05
Size:374 KB
Author:Sami 'MaxSpeeD' Mäki-Mantila

Max_Speed's Overkill
3 detailed maps, enough ammo and too many monsters. Updated versions of my old wads. You have been sent to investigate mountain area. There is old abandoned army base, which has been closed for 14 years. Lately people have reported hearing odd ...Date:12/30/00
Size:343 KB
Author:Sami Mäki-Mantila (Max_Speed)

Master Cooperative
A 17-map cooperative single player wad. Also might be suitable for two players. It contains the first two episodes, an interlude, and a final set of maps. All included maps are completed as-is, and I have no intention of completing all 32 maps at any...Date:01/21/12
Size:2752 KB

Midnight Tek Frenzy
Fast-paced, challenging map in a nighttime tek setting. All 6 keys are present and can be aquired in any order. It's a bit rushed, so there's some sloppy visuals, but nothing too serious. Originally intended to be released with Community Chest 4....Date:03/22/12
Size:3531 KB
Author:Brian Knox

Mountain Explosion Ver.1
Mountain Explosion: UAC experiments on a Quantum Gate Nullifer have backfired. A resulting overload and explosion has decimated Fort Epsilon, an underground UAC installation, and opened a gateway to Hell. A special response team has been dispatched a...Date:04/18/14
Size:499 KB

MaimTown (Demo)
Go to my Doom page for the full story... go into the 'projects' section then click on the MaimTown picture. You MUST have Zdoom to run this level!!...Date:08/18/00
Size:157 KB
Author:Simon Judd (SLAYER)

Basically the idea is to run around and kill a lot of bad guys. Big, detailed SP map for DOOM II....Date:11/22/01
Size:287 KB
Author:Sascha Müller

M U M M Y 3 D
This is a re-design of map01 of my MUMMY PHUQUERS wad I got rid of the glitches around the doorways and totally transformed the Egyptian section of the wad using the 3D features of LEGACY. I will be upgrading all the levels and adding more levels and...Date:07/24/01
Size:474 KB

M U M M Y D M 1
Designed mainly for Deathmatch, but as usual I put some monsters in for for target practice, and to provide fun during testing....Date:07/24/01
Size:175 KB

M U M P H U Q 1
Ancient Egyptian themed, Small to medium sized for Single Player, but can be fun in deathmatch. A large part of the map is single player only. (the sewer area and the single player start area)....Date:11/15/01
Size:256 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M U M P H U Q 2
Ancient Egyptian themed, Small to medium sized for Single Player, but can be fun in deathmatch....Date:11/20/01
Size:360 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

MWDoom - Episode 1: What dwells within...
My first attempt at creating my own doom episode...Date:01/24/14
Size:6158 KB
Author:Michael ''Magic-Walker'' Neuhoff

1024 seized megawad
This time, our friendly Daimon will delight the community with this new megawad, all sized in the fashionable 1024x1024 limit. This map will look maybe a bit obsolete (DEHACKED instead of DECORATE, some naive in the layout form) since this is a meg...Date:01/25/08
Size:1590 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Free my castle of the demons infestation...Date:03/16/08
Size:2556 KB
Author:Gijs van der Linden

Commander Flopbrain has informed you that trouble is a-brewing in the Mess Hall. Looks like Doomguy has to sort out the horrendous visages of evil once again....Date:02/27/04
Size:44 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

mysterious house
a mysterious house waits you!...Date:09/10/08
Size:132 KB
Author:Azamael aka Misha Kolybenko

M Y S T I C 1
Designed for Deathmatch real 3D floors. Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:09/12/01
Size:94 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 2
Designed for Deathmatch real 3D floors. Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:10/28/01
Size:86 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 3
Designed for Deathmatch real 3D floors. Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:10/28/01
Size:77 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic and JEAN YVES DELPECH aka JIVE

M Y S T I C 4
Designed for Deathmatch real 3D floors. Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:11/02/01
Size:85 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 5
Designed for Deathmatch, but can be fun in single player Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:11/07/01
Size:77 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 6
Designed for Deathmatch, but can be fun in single player Trippy sci-fi looking level...Date:11/07/01
Size:79 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 7
Small to medium sized for Single Player, but can be fun in deathmatch. Trippy sci-fi looking level with 3D floors and some zero gravity areas. (use the jump key)...Date:11/07/01
Size:95 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

M Y S T I C 8
Small to medium sized for Single Player, but can be fun in deathmatch. Trippy sci-fi looking level with 3D floors and some zero gravity areas. (use the jump key)...Date:11/08/01
Size:101 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

Don't care, make one up for yourself :)
I started on this wad several months ago now. This is my first wad ever to be released to the public. Map02 is actually my 4th map ever made. Map01 is made after Map07 is. I created these maps to get experienced with DooM editing. I've been a DooM fa...Date:01/21/02
Size:240 KB
Author:Dennis Meuwissen (exile9000)

Marine Army 1
A level made for ZDOOM with a nice surprise... It isn't really a level that you play it is just a level with a weird scene... I HIGHLY suggest that you turn on fly mode and notarget mode using the the console when browsing this level ("fly" and "nota...Date:07/11/01
Size:8 KB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Hells nice isnt it....? Nope! Note to self: Dont fall from sky and land on thingy it usually hurts. Armed with shotgun in hand you better kick some demon ass from this quaint little hell town....Date:08/19/00
Size:301 KB
Author:Naberus (David Cummings)

One level for Doom2+ or any limit removing port. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended. To play this PWAD file, unzip it into the directory with your PWADs then start: glboom-plus.exe -iwad tnt.wad -file napalm.wad (g)zdoom.exe -iwad tnt.wad -file ...Date:06/25/07
Size:428 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

NAPALM-Beta v1.0
Good at DOOM? Can complete it on Ultra Volence Blind folded? Well this Mod is for you..welcome to ---NAPALM---...Date:02/22/01
Size:794 KB
Author:Philip Brown aka Liberation

Naval Battle
Wandering on the sea, you notice a big ship. It's HMS 'Doom'. You remember that it was carrying monsters dragged from the interdimensional gates. Now that all hell broke loose, everyone on the ships are probably either zombified or dead. You decide t...Date:06/27/05
Size:31 KB
Author:Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki

North By Doom 2
This was a sort of experimental concept map. Basically, what I did was find snippets of each level in the doom2 IWAD and make a one-level wad from scratch where you progress through in one cardinal direction, north. I stayed true to Doom II's archite...Date:08/02/13
Size:133 KB

Noob Project Part 1- military installation
This is a small level which is intended to be the first in an ongoing series...Date:10/21/06
Size:21 KB

Wasted 1: Industrial Zone
The first in an occassional series of small but tough-ish levels. You've just entered a long abandoned industrial facility that's recently been taken over by the hellspawn. Your mission? Survive. This is the second release of this level, with add...Date:01/05/03
Size:100 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Wasted 2: The Crusher
The second in an occassional series of small but tough-ish levels. The elevator in the industrial facility has brought you to a small waste processing plant. It smells like crap and worse still, in the distance you can hear the screechings of a lar...Date:01/05/03
Size:156 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Genesis Lab
Just for the hell of it, I decided to do a ZDoom only speed map. It's styled after Doom episode one, Knee Deep In the Dead. I did cheat a bit, in that all the extra stuff (textures, flats, graphics and music) was added after the 100 minutes. This...Date:06/10/01
Size:57 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Phoebus Strikes!
You all know who "Phoebus" is. This short movie is about him. On an editing level it's not quite as good as it should be, but I wanted to finish this today. It should still drive the point home....Date:08/02/03
Size:9 KB

Necro Elemento
The map must have a lot of effect errors. But... I think it's the best map I've made in my ugly life. A lot of effects that I didn't know before. Thanks to the life's experience XD. A map very..., mmmm, varied in textures, but the architecture barely...Date:07/03/10
Size:687 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

Necron Fortress
Doom2 level to be played with one of the Doom source ports...Date:02/04/01
Size:203 KB

Die Nemesis, Die!
Nemesis, that SOB from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis cannot be killed, right? Wrong. In this WAD, you get the opportunity to make Nemesis pay! This patch replaces the Baphomet with Nemesis. To fight Nemesis, you should warp to Level 30: Icon of Sin....Date:03/30/01
Size:228 KB
Author:Cacodemon Leader

A Huge Level for Doom2, created back in 1998. Was my first map for Boom and now has been finally released. Was originally intended for the Doom Millennium project which was never released. The level originally didn't have as much detail, but I have g...Date:03/08/06
Size:229 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

This is a 32 map wad with various changes in the looking of the Doom 2. Most of the graphics were changed, as well as the weapons and some enemies. It has new enemies and weapons for ZDoom, increasing the gameplay. It also brings some new enemies f...Date:05/08/06
Size:39419 KB

You are a new inexperient Marine called Daniel (who?)....Date:06/10/04
Size:3393 KB

New Nightmare
A dark level (surprise) set in an undisclosed location....Date:10/06/04
Size:253 KB

New Order
This is what Gunsmoke was supposed to be. I.o.w lots of improvements....Date:03/01/06
Size:295 KB

New reality maps
3 reality maps intended for recording UV-Max movies (beat all three with 100% kills in one go). Before playing on UV you need to learn the maps first (there are no weapons on maps 02 and 03, so if you die on 02 you're screwed). For learning you can p...Date:03/08/15
Size:304 KB

The Newstuff Chroniclez
The year is 2006. The place is doomworld. The wad is for EDGE... a war has begun!...Date:09/24/06
Size:156 KB

New Trava
New map, rating PG-13. Tune in to Jet Set Radio!...Date:06/21/14
Size:54 KB

New World
You are a marine designed to pass through a new world....Date:06/07/04
Size:1928 KB

New World 2
The marine is back to the New World. But now,...Date:07/07/04
Size:4229 KB

Next Nightmare
The sequel to New Nightmare. It's a dark level set in a bunch of different types of areas....Date:02/06/05
Size:396 KB

Neighborhood From Hell
A semi-realistic post-apocaliptic remake of Doom 2's map16 - Suburbs. Extremely non-linear gameplay full of optional areas to explore with a sandbox felling. You can enter inside any building of the map. Explore all the houses to find supplies, and f...Date:11/14/12
Size:5307 KB

Nongrato 1024
Classic base futuristic, with gray and green textures in 1024 x 1024 with a dose of enemies...Date:07/20/10
Size:184 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

Newgothic - movement 1
My little repository of insane slaughter maps. Movement 1 released because I wanted to focus on Uacultra 2 with 40oz. So about the maps, this wad contains 18 gothic, industrial, or hell-themed maps, many are actually a bit of a combination of themes....Date:10/23/10
Size:7571 KB
Author:Christopher Shepherd aka Armouredblood

Happy New Year 2008! If you want to play this wad with doom2-plus, then you should append sprites & flats of Doom2 to the pwad: deutex.exe -append nhell_d2.wad...Date:12/16/07
Size:1184 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Nativity in Black
In Italy they have a thing called "Presepe" (Crib), a scenographic rappresentation of the Nativity. I tried to do the same using the DooM monsters. This is not blasphemous: the original "Presepe" may contain characters like Bin Laden or Bush or (more...Date:12/19/06
Size:17 KB

Nightomb (2x2 series)
One level for any limit removing port. The idea for this PWAD came from The main concept is: you should create a level using only two IWAD textures and two IWAD flats. Thanks Shadowman for inspiration. PrBoom-Plus or (G)Zdoom a...Date:12/29/08
Size:653 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

See nightwing.txt (in the zip file)...Date:02/26/01
Size:523 KB
Author:Patrik "GruL" Höglund

A Hell-themed map for Doom 2....Date:09/24/14
Size:148 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE
This PC was from the beginning meant to be mainly DM maps for up to 32 players DeathMatch, as it progressed though it became mainly focused on SP and COOP. Some DM features are included but some maps are very poorly supported for this. Map01-04 shoul...Date:07/24/02
Size:7374 KB
Author:UNHOLY software

Nina Dobrev 2
Save Nina Dobrev from the monsters again....Date:10/08/13
Size:279 KB

Nina Dobrev
Save Nina Dobrev from the monsters....Date:12/07/10
Size:219 KB

Ninja Duel
A deathmatch level with new weapons....Date:11/15/06
Size:2419 KB
Author:Nick Anderson, aka Electronic Samurai

Nitro's Doom
This is the final version of my first Doom WAD. It's nothing too good but I hope you'll like it. For older versions, look in the file folder "oldversions"....Date:07/09/12
Size:1270 KB
Author:Cory Scott (NitroactiveStudios)

The Night Train
The Marine Has Returned From The Usual, But Then He Realizes The Trouble Has Followed Him Onto The Rails! He Must Get To The Front And Stop The Train. *Part Of An Upcoming Megawad*...Date:08/02/15
Size:197 KB

BGPA Missions Liberation
A (very) mini TC consisting of 5 maps comprising one mission...Date:10/06/08
Size:35628 KB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

Enjay's Marine Assault
A "Mini Conversion". Only One level but quite a few changes to various things....Date:10/09/03
Size:3319 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

Operation Overlord
A level with a different take on Doom engine gameplay....Date:01/02/06
Size:5409 KB

Doom the Dark Project
A single level to try and capture a little of the look from theif the dark project. Very linear gameplay, but that wasn't really why I did this map....Date:02/23/01
Size:1088 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

Runaway Train
A single level with very linear gameplay :-) Set on a moving train....Date:02/25/01
Size:550 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

No Brakes
A large and difficult map influenced by Plutonia....Date:02/04/05
Size:300 KB
Author:Lutrov71, Cyber-Menace

NokDooM for BOOM
This is the 3 first levels of my previous work, Realm of Shades, but modified for work with the mega-awesome port BOOM, by TeamTNT!! It really rocks!!! There's no story, the levels have a kind of continuity but only you need is enter, kill and surviv...Date:06/03/98
Size:714 KB

I wanted to make a simple WAD with only one monster, the newbie dudes (noobs) It takes some time till you grab your first weapon, so it's all about pistol action and hopefully some challenging or fun gameplay. Yep, the soldier humans are the only mon...Date:07/06/08
Size:156 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

One level for GZDoom (standart light recommended)...Date:12/06/07
Size:1079 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Horror in the North Sea
An island with monsters it's my level #31 Note: 1) At the begining, don't swim arround the island, is useless. 2) You will need to jump in this level 3) When you are in the river, look near the first temple, there is a shel box that will be usefull...Date:03/13/06
Size:175 KB

My first attempt at a doom map and I created it as a tribute to the psx master levels....Date:05/29/09
Size:31 KB
Author:Josh Blake aka steelbread

Nostril Caverns
This is a limit-removing map designed for Boom compatibility (-complevel 9). Play Doom in my nose....Date:05/28/10
Size:1004 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

bee hive 3D GOTY editon
bee hive 3d GOTY editon has new features including - new allies to fight of the bee invasion - less bugs - a more fortfied and larger base - better looking -actualy beatable without cheats ( i did it in 31 minutes on hurt me plenty)...Date:07/18/13
Size:177 KB

Not Over
Levels for Doom2, tested with Doomsday and gzDoom. These are the only first 5, I need some feedback before going further. The idea is to go from a spaceport on invaded Earth straight into Hell....Date:05/01/13
Size:469 KB

Not a Terry WAD
I decided to upload a WAD that is not a Terry WAD. It's not a Terry WAD, because I wanted this to get 5 stars. Also, I know the community LOOOOOOOVES speedmaps, so I made all of them in less than 30 minutes. Have a great Australia Day!...Date:01/25/15
Size:13 KB

A level from my upcoming project, It Only Gets Worse, released as a teaser for the full wad. Is to IOGW as singles are to full albums....Date:05/19/07
Size:31 KB

massage your triggerfinger you are in for a treat. Blisters on your finger!...Date:05/09/01
Size:64 KB

Noob Project Part 2- Courtyard dash
The quest for the BFG continues.... but unfortunately you still haven't escaped the base...Date:11/05/06
Size:42 KB

Noob Project Part 3- Chase in the cold
The quest for the BFG continues.... you wake up after the attack from author's pet cyb...Date:11/22/06
Size:2065 KB

Noob Project Part 4- Space Station Vrack
The quest for the BFG continues.... Read the story below if you want to understand...Date:01/07/07
Size:671 KB

Noob Project Part 5- Digital Highway
The quest for the BFG continues.... into a bright and colorful virtual world, where even ordinary laws of physics may be bent a little at times. Several textures were used from hacx, but due to the limited amount of virtual reality textures Hacx had ...Date:03/15/08
Size:18657 KB
Author:Lupinx-ressurected aka. Lupinx-Kassman

Nashville, Tennessee
A simple map for the ill-fated Secret Santa project. I completed this in November 2012 according to the file's time stamp, but I never released it. Music is from Requiem - "Reason for Nothing" by Mark Klem....Date:08/09/15
Size:82 KB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation #1
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in NiGHTMARE's first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to create a human base set in an Arctic environment, using at...Date:01/27/02
Size:470 KB

NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation #2
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in NiGHTMARE's first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to create a single player AND deathmatch map using the textur...Date:01/27/02
Size:325 KB

NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation #3
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in NiGHTMARE's third speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to design a tribute to (not a remake of) participants' favour...Date:01/27/02
Size:310 KB

NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation #4
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in NiGHTMARE's fourthspeedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to create a dark and spooky tech base, but there was a twist....Date:01/27/02
Size:73 KB

NiGHTMARE Speedmapping Compilation #5
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in NiGHTMARE's fourthspeedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to create a hellish base based on the following story: 'Sev...Date:01/27/02
Size:62 KB

Nucking Futs!!
*insert description here* is so cliche, yno....Date:01/02/07
Size:247 KB

The Nucleus
Another month, another release: this time, a very sketchy (and I admit, ugly) original idea left to lie on my hard drive for 13 years (now 14, happy new year!) has gotten a new lease on life as a bloody, brutal self-contained level. Geared for less s...Date:02/27/11
Size:102 KB
Author:Varant Yessayan

Nukage Processing
Single Player level for ZDoom...Date:06/29/15
Size:327 KB
Author:Michał "dejzen" Tomczyk

Nukage refinery.
Size:3009 KB
Author:John Cartwright.

Nuclear Halls
After saving the planet from demonic invasion, you took a job as a security guard at a nuclear waste management facility. You just wanted a nice, quiet job and to forget about Hell for a while. Unfortunately, Hell has not forgotten You. REQUIRES CC...Date:05/02/15
Size:104 KB
Author:Adam Windsor / Capellan

Nuke Sewer
Dark flickering sewer. Built from 10 sectors....Date:01/04/05
Size:38 KB

Null Space Junior
A small single player level for most limit removing doom ports. Originally built for the Congestion 1024 project....Date:03/19/06
Size:401 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away... NUTS.WAD!!!! THE STORY SO FAR... You are assigned to destroy the final Hellspawn army on Litrivin IV. The government sends you all alone becuase you got drunk at the General's Birthday party last year...Date:11/14/01
Size:47 KB

NUTS2 - 2nd and/or 1st Anniversary Gold Plated Plutonic Aloy Coated Eight volume Nuclear Donkey Edit
3 big battle rooms, to test your Doom ability. Only once you pass these 3 obsticles, then and ONLY then, can you claim the 'DOOM GOD' Trophy and exit the wad and get on with your lives. I actually took out hundreds of enemies so the FPS shouldn't go ...Date:06/04/03
Size:150 KB

NUTS3.WAD - Triple the Nut, Double the Mongoose.
NUTS3.WAD, The story continues... You buy a single black balloon with white stars on it for your grandmother's birthday. As you walk out of the balloon store, something happens. The balloon starts to grow in size. Bigger and bigger. Until it's so big...Date:06/28/03
Size:508 KB

This wad was whipped up after learning about IF / ELSE statements unlike most NuTs installments this one wont kill your computer... AND THERE IS A SLOW CPU OPTION!!! (it took me a while to write it :p )...Date:08/24/03
Size:91 KB
Author:Bio Hazard
Size:38 KB
Author:Bejiitas_Wrath -

The Enterprise NX-01 is investigating a space anomaly. Demons suddenly begin to teleport themselves on the starship and the MACOs start a cruel battle against the invaders while the crew is evacuated on a Vulcan starship. The demons gain the upper ha...Date:02/03/10
Size:2348 KB

Nym v1.0
This map features a game known as Nym, you usually would play with matches, but here you play with demons instead. ;) For detailed rules of the Nym game, see bellow! It also features 54 keys, 13 secrets, some jokes and a lot of nice ZDoom features. F...Date:05/24/04
Size:90 KB

Object "34": Sonar
This map is a last from trilogy called "Objects" (Object ''32'', Object "33"). This time, main character (marine, main hero) was sent to underwater station, where the main communication is conn....Date:12/31/11
Size:6195 KB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

An Obambirthday - Platinum Deluxe Director's Cut DX Battle Edition
I originally created this as a birthday gift for some DoomWorld user... forgot who it was, sorry. There was a thread in the Wads&Mods section and the title said "happy birthday, Mr. President", so I assumed it was a mod featuring Obama. It wasn't, bu...Date:11/23/14
Size:1403 KB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Non linear level with medieval/hellish theme with some decadent touches. A bit similar to tekloniton and the black lands....Date:03/10/15
Size:487 KB

Path to Oblivion
Another oldie from 1996 that I polished up for the modern era (though it's still more or less vanilla in persuasion). This one's been sitting on the shelf for a while -- it's been ready since early this year, but I chose to playtest it some more and ...Date:12/09/10
Size:168 KB
Author:Varant Yessayan

These levels are moderately small and use the voodoo doll bug. Also this is VERY linear! OCD-Doom: You must join the obsession to defeat the obsession. Made-up Story: The Obsessive Compulsive Demon is enslaving the human race in destructi...Date:07/01/15
Size:2072 KB
Author:Peter Hawes

The Deep Blue Ocean Base
After crashing into what is several traps of the sick-minded UAC officials' bases where they have been caught bringing in the demons themselves on purpose, you manage to escape these abominable traps and are led into what appears to be the ocean. You...Date:08/09/13
Size:18439 KB
Author:Jim Flannigan

Ocean House
After you have defeated Weightlifter12 in an epic showdown, you somehow get teleported to somewhere familiar. You look outside the window to find out that this specific house has been submerged at the bottom of the ocean. You must find a way to escap...Date:11/17/12
Size:3663 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

A 6 level Doom 2 mapset comprised of levels made for Doomworlders whose birthdays were in October...Date:12/14/11
Size:290 KB
Author:NoneeLlama, purist & valkiriforce

You have been dragged kicking and screaming into the Octagram, the local fighting arena in this patch of Hell. It's one of the ones that lets you have a weapon, at least. And you spotted the door into the offices on your way in......Date:07/17/14
Size:38 KB
Author:Chris Scott

Option - Denied
These are my 2 maps I've made in the past for a project that died.. Sad, they are decent enough to be played by the mass, so I release them :) Have fun! Both have intriguing architecture and texturing, inspired by Chris Hansen's maps....Date:08/16/04
Size:168 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski aka NMN

Ode of Resurrection COOP EDITION
Size:138 KB

Ode of Resurrection
Oldsk00lish techbase. Challenging. Not a huge map, but takes some time. Semi-nonlinear (wtf?)....Date:01/09/07
Size:138 KB

One Doomed Marine
The lone marine up on Phobos wasn't the only one in trouble the day the invasion started. Another lone marine, who had just transferred into the Arizona Space Marine Starport, also found himself alone and overrun with demons....Date:04/04/10
Size:1069 KB
Author:Andrew Jones-Gonzales

OGRE Labs (version 2)
A steaming pile of dung masquerading as a single player and co-op map....Date:07/10/06
Size:987 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Oh my gwad!
I made a wad for fun, inspired from Ksutra.wad and some 1-level wads from memfis....Date:06/05/15
Size:5598 KB
Author:Ilya "Joe" Lazarev

Seaside Cottage aka OH NOES
Some idiot turned up at your door and offered you your own seaside cottage, of course you accepted like the idiot you are, and the guy teleported you into some kind of doom level place in which you have to fight your way out of in order to earn the c...Date:10/29/04
Size:226 KB

Oil Plant
Just another WAD I made for you to play. Enjoy it....Date:04/01/15
Size:2053 KB

Mount Olympus
Replaces map11 of doom2, teaser map from episode 2 of 'The Underworld'...Date:08/12/02
Size:893 KB

Map 01 - Compound: You are working as an engineer for a major company. Suddenly the base goes silent. You pull out your handy pistol and attempt to blast your way out of the compound. Map 02 - Haunted Mines: As you are leaving the compound via wate...Date:06/27/06
Size:251 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Omega 01
This was originally a map for prowers project. But that project did die. Because no interest with it :(...Date:02/24/00
Size:45 KB
Author:`s Tomi Rajala

Omega Invasion
Created by the former Omega Editors, Omega Invasion is a 10 map wad created for the Skulltag Invasion gametype, which will take you from graveyards to the deep space, and through the guts of hell. This wad also includes some new graphics, like liquid...Date:01/26/09
Size:2917 KB
Author:Marcello, TheMaharadja (a.k.a. Rob) and Mazu

A Zdoom map showing off my use of slopes...Date:05/02/04
Size:300 KB

OMG!!! NOT Another Map By PuMpKiNsMaShEr
Bricks/ Hell themed level...Date:08/02/05
Size:159 KB

OMG!!!! WHY is PuMpKiNsMaShEr still Mapping? (OMGPump2)
Bricks/ Hell/ Tech themed level This is a sequal to OMGPump.Wad...Date:02/21/06
Size:390 KB

Omniversal Doom #1
As the marine, you mysteriously awaken in a cavern and find a bizarre laboratory where humans have been experimenting with hell's dark powers. Unfortunately, things have gone awry and the demons of hell are once again wreaking ha dditional Credits to...Date:11/04/01
Size:69 KB
Author:Omniverse [Shawn Huckabay]

One against hell
You alone, you lose yoself in hell, you One against hell!...Date:12/26/08
Size:482 KB
Author:Azamael (Kolybenko Misha)

+inter screen by Metabolist
A small industrial map with a metal theme and some nice slime areas. Not too hard, just blast away with the shotgun when you have enough shells. Some minor traps, the one with the sargeants teleporting behind you can hurt some on ultra violence. Nigh...Date:11/01/01
Size:914 KB
Author:for keeping me busy on my feet and for their (mostly)

You are having a nightmare. And nobody can wakes you up......Date:07/19/06
Size:300 KB

Oniria 2
You are having a nightmare (again) and nobody can wakes you up......Date:10/15/09
Size:1629 KB

10 maps with various styles...Date:08/01/12
Size:2253 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

Operation Destruction
If you looked at DTNC this may be familiar....Date:08/22/00
Size:499 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Ogro Power Facility
A power facility built into the side of a mountain. I included the (heavily modified) texture wad (ogrodtx2.wad) in case anyone wants to use it for their levels. Just please credit me in addition to the credited people below....Date:11/24/04
Size:1113 KB
Author:Stephen "SoM" McGranahan

Outpost Redux
A map I made over a year ago to play with friends via ST coop, there's some new monsters and stuff added, watch out for the kamakazi death cubes!...Date:03/02/09
Size:3628 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Nine anomaly's bug free edition
READ THIS!!!!!!!!! This is actually a second version of this WAD being submited to the /idgames because the first one suffered from missing textures during the first level. In addition the ending text that was only suppose to appear after the levels ...Date:07/14/09
Size:2790 KB

A better wad i pulled out of my ass
A few weeks before this wad came out, someone released an awful mod called "Doom Rampage Edition", which, if youre reading this in 2010 is probably long forgotten, but trust me, it was terrible, anyway, after playing it i said "I could pull a better ...Date:07/15/04
Size:1295 KB
Author:Michael Martin/Deathbringer on DW forums

See what happened in little outpost...Date:12/09/02
Size:135 KB
Author:Michal DCK Kaczor

Outpost of Hell 2 - The Fortress
This level is set in a fortress, composed by two parts: the first is its newest building, with offices, a little hospital, a cemetery; the second part is the real fortress, with a huge courtyard, battlements, towers, a big library, a first aid, some ...Date:06/18/03
Size:793 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Outpost of Hell (ver. 1.1)
Size:351 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Earth Outpost
A base set on Earth using quake2 textures. Hope you like it....Date:05/27/11
Size:270 KB
Author:John Cartwright

The Overcoming
This level can be somewhat tough, considering that if you don't find the (very well-hidden) single-barrel shotgun, you'll have to get around with just the pistol. Interesting things to note in this level are a drainable toxic waste pit, a conveyor ...Date:12/20/04
Size:44 KB
Author:Ian Chipman (riki)

Doxylamine Moon: Overdose
The map is in fact a reinterpretation and continuation of my map from Sacrament wad. Major differences: - The map became "playable", e.g. there are many monsters in it (this was the main goal of remaking the original). - New locations added. Hope t...Date:12/06/11
Size:5140 KB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

[2014-04-04 17:18:19] (juka) can some body make short easy lev normal mode please...Date:06/21/14
Size:152 KB

A medium sized map taking place on a space station being overrun by the forces of Hell, and parts of the station quickly being morphed by the abominations into their own environments....Date:01/26/15
Size:5293 KB

This is my last low-detailed map. Someone showed me what people meant by "detail" and I was too far along in this map to start over to make it to this week's /newstuff. So this is low-detailed I know that. Hope you enjoy it though....Date:08/06/05
Size:27 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

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