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Vile Advance
A fairly hard single techbase map. Requires a modern boom compatable port. Brief story: A company of Arch Viles have lead an assault on a UAC base! Wipe them out before they summon something worse!...Date:03/01/13
Size:208 KB

DooM Vacation
This is a conversion of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on "Duke Caribbean - Life's a Beach" by Wizard Works that is no longer being sold. The Win-Duke3Ds have no client/server support and I always wanted to play this online. So I made a conversion of it for...Date:08/27/11
Size:6153 KB
Author:Joseph Otey (Doorhenge)

Size:423 KB
Author:Lee Wallis

Valafar's Fortress
I'm gonna keep this brief. This is my first map. I went for a wooden theme to it, until it gets to the hellish area. I also went for a modern approach, like if this happened today. So, you will not find any rocket launchers (never seen a rocket launc...Date:06/15/09
Size:24365 KB
Author:Raptor Llama

I wanted to make Doom fun and adorable! <3 2 short levels with lots of barrels!...Date:11/21/10
Size:334 KB
Author:Valerie Sindunna

Valley of the damned
-A kind of hellish abbey in the mountains....Date:05/13/07
Size:1314 KB

Addon map for Doom2, using Valve's textures from Half-Life. Requires a Boom compatible source port to play!...Date:08/22/99
Size:976 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk AKA Mr. Chris

12 Boom format levels for PrBoom+, ZDoom, or Eternity. A bonus 13th level is included for laughs. Inspired by Speed of Doom, Scythe 2, Alien Vendetta, and Plutonia. Originally Vanguard was intended to be a 32-level speedmapped megawad inspired by S...Date:05/11/11
Size:9678 KB
Author:Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)

Vanilla Sky
Winner map of the "12th Cabro's Map Tournament" of The rules of this tournament were: Only doom classic format, but could exceed the limits of vanilla. Texture / Flat mix also permitted No new textures, can only change the SKY textur...Date:07/01/13
Size:2689 KB

You are specialist Wilson with the UAC, tasked with the retrieval of a weapons vault in a now overrun UAC base on Mars. You are to go through the 3 areas and get the keys for the designated area, then open the vault with them. Basically it's just a...Date:07/05/14
Size:3872 KB

The original name of this wad was Illuminator, but due to archive rules I had to rename it to something shorter. So this wad is now Venom. Standard single player map. Enjoy....Date:10/06/05
Size:37 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Size:305 KB
Author:Robby DeCandia aka: r_rr

VooDoo Guns
Two levels for 'advanced' MBF compatible ports. YOU HAVE TO USE "-COMPLEVEL 11" WITH GLBOOM-PLUS. DO NOT TRY IT WITH "-COMPLEVEL 9". You need a MBF compatible OpenGL port with support of hi-res textures in wads, MUSINFO lump, tall patches, and mu...Date:11/25/11
Size:138352 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Vile Flesh (demo version)
This is a set of levels from the full version of Vile Flesh, which is nearing completion. They're not meant to be placed one after the other, and as such, the story makes little sense. And who cares that much anyways......Date:01/05/03
Size:832 KB
Author:Gwyn Williams

This awe-inspiring WAD features more slopes, bridges, unique environments, unprecedented surprises, action, blood, violence, intelligent monster placement and DECORATE features than any WAD ever before! Come walk through windswept valleys, clear out ...Date:09/14/10
Size:153 KB

Six EXCELLENT maps for Doom 2, ranging from Romero-esque E1MX levels to very unique hellish levels, ending in an exhilarating and intense battle with a new boss monster, created by me in DECORATE. A sure contender for best WAD of the year....Date:07/15/10
Size:116 KB

Castle of the Dead
A very large and very trap-filled gothic-style map filled with surprises. Since I spent so much time on it, I'm too tired to write a detailed description, but do you really need one? Enjoy!...Date:06/26/03
Size:995 KB
Author:Reverend Maynard

Cry of the Poseidon
In an effort to combat the problem of declining energy sources, GEO(Global Energy Operations) was created to research a blossoming field of study: Harnessing the planet's own geothermal energy. Fifty years after it's formation, GEO opened the doors t...Date:08/13/03
Size:932 KB
Author:Reverend Maynard

Occult Library v1.0
Small but challenging map taking place in a demon infested library....Date:02/07/14
Size:437 KB

two old level for zdoom gzdoom...Date:08/24/14
Size:8964 KB

Testae Virtus
Original idea was to create a 4-level megawad containing levels of absolutely different styles (medieval, hi-tech, hell, etc.). For numerous reasons I failed to create it. Testae Virtus (The Castle of Skull) is one level in medieval style. Mostly it ...Date:12/20/08
Size:6024 KB
Author:Jekyll Grim Payne aka zer0 aka Ashigaru

Those crates are full of staplers
sucking cock while mapping I guess....Date:07/29/10
Size:77 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

Voyage to Deimos map02
Made this like 7 years ago! One of my very first maps....Date:06/21/14
Size:426 KB

It's that old cliche'd Doom storyline where a bunch of scientists (even though they look like marines) are doing those damned gateway experiments again! Only this time you aren't pulled into Hell......Date:10/23/03
Size:2180 KB

V.O.L. (1000 Demons)
The Demon's Sanctuary is threatening to flood our world with evil beyond comprehension. They have built an altar of demonic summoning that when activated will give them a gateway into our world. Your mission Extermination. Enter the Sanctuary and s...Date:11/21/03
Size:240 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Senators of Volition
due to popular demand, i decided to do a design n' gameplay overhaul of my Mayhem2048 submission, which was MAP10, Sligenous. the map is now called Senators of Volition and has a red/tan color scheme throughout and gameplay is made to be more atmosph...Date:07/29/14
Size:236 KB
Author:Getsu Fune a.k.a. Hurricyclone

V.O.L. R2
This is a remake of V.O.L. (1000 Demons)....Date:02/20/04
Size:203 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Voodoo Veyor - Scrapped Portion
A scrapped portion I made to test out an idea for another currently in-progress WAD of mine. Here, you are placed into a 4-way conveyor belt intersection pit with no escape. Enemies, items, and other tricks and traps will appear on each of the convey...Date:05/21/09
Size:16 KB

Vordakk's Keep
READ THIS FIRST!!! First off, ZDoom/GZDoom is REQUIRED to play this level. The wad contains features that currently are only supported by ZDoom/GZDoom. Also, this level was NOT designed for jumping, crouching, or freelook. Using these features will...Date:09/08/10
Size:1256 KB

Size:238 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

Vrack 0 FILENAME Contains: vrack0.wad and vrack0.txt VERSION 1.0 RELEASE DATE 4th Septemb
Size:17 KB
Author:Fredrick Johnson EMAIL ADDRESSES <- serious messages vice.president@whiteho

Vrack 2
This is a giant space station in the gray and tech theme. It is crumbling with hellspawn and filled with deadly traps. This is a little more like I wanted to have the original Vrack. More detail, more metal, more big enemies, less linear. I have spen...Date:04/08/01
Size:589 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

Vrack 2
Size:667 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

Vrack 3
Single map, tech base, hellspawn, etc....Date:11/27/03
Size:922 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

One level for MAP16. Only runs with BOOM or BOOM-compatible ports. It is NOT a level that I made to play and look good, it is just a map I made to submit it to a mapping contest, so do NOT expect it to be as good as my other wads. I just released it ...Date:09/07/01
Size:82 KB
Author:Virgil the DOOM Poet

4 brand new singleplayer levels, simple scripted...Date:01/21/12
Size:1548 KB

Virtual 33
A virtual world. As you guess, is my level #33. I didn't pretend to make a masterpiece, is just a fun level I wanted to do. Story (short version): A computer virus is trying to destroy internet. You are send to the virtual world to fight it in its ...Date:02/09/09
Size:132 KB

Vengeance: SkyBase Sirius IV You can just call it "Sirius IV"
Size:190 KB
Author:Paul Fleschute

SlayeR's Vavoom Map 1
A small, short level to show off what Vavoom can do. It's kinda like a 'first level' thing, so I may make more levels for it......Date:10/12/02
Size:55 KB

Void Terra Firma
A medium sized tech base zdoom map (in udmf format). It has the most detail of any of my maps (so far). (rustpoint map02 might be close though)...Date:01/29/11
Size:3008 KB
Author:Andrew "Malinku" Rehberger

Second finalist Map for the 13°Cabro's map tournament on
Size:673 KB
Author:Vincenzo VTM

Vae Victus
A 7 level "episode" for Doom 2 utilizing new textures and music. For fans of Deus Vult and Alien Vendetta. There are only two difficulty settings: Normal (easy and medium) and hard.The most noticable areas of difficulty change is in key areas, such a...Date:01/19/05
Size:2534 KB
Author:Dittohead (Derek Braun)

Vae Victus 2
Vae Victus II is an all new level set for Doom 2 utilizing new graphics and music. The episode consists of 7 levels of varying themes and difficulty. The first Vae Victus was an attempt to honor the traditional gameplay of Alien Vendetta and other cl...Date:09/10/06
Size:1740 KB
Author:Derek Braun (Dittohead)

Doomed Apartment Building
A (reasonably) realistic apartment complex....Date:08/02/06
Size:391 KB

The Blood Of Virgins
It's a fairly non-linear level which is based on the song "A Sorceror's Pledge" by Candlemass. I may release a multi-level version which will explore the other tracks on the disk....Date:03/16/12
Size:424 KB
Author:zrrion the insect

Vel ficta: Tantibus.
After a stressful week, you decide to give a rest of your gruelling scientific work as archeologist. You begin to have nightmares about a place. A temple. Whose discovery will offer you the recognition you want. Or maybe not ......Date:07/04/13
Size:407 KB

Power Station
Reactivate a power station that was overthrown by demons....Date:08/02/06
Size:1216 KB

Weightlifter12 Showdown
This is one of best and favorite levels I have ever made. Experience the legendary showdown against Weightlifter12 with the same great challenge that I have represented in Doomguy's Warzone Gold Edition. Now he is one of the greatest characters in ...Date:05/11/12
Size:1900 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Wolfenshit Act 2: Das Terror Laboraterien dčr Fhurčr and the great sequal of dectective slug!
Sequal of mine crap Wolf3d level-style which contains also the (in)famous DECTSLG1.WAD whit newbie things inserted by me and some modifications. Contains also a lot of ZDoom special effects, like stealth enemies and teleport, MOD track, transulency e...Date:11/25/05
Size:422 KB
Author:Daimon aka Walter Confalonieri

Welcome to the maze! You are destined to wander into the jaws of thy enemies. You must find the three keys to escape, but each key is obtained only at great expense. This was a first attempt at making a level. The result: it is really hard. Saving is...Date:10/05/02
Size:75 KB
Author:2 anonymous authors

Warehouse of Evil!
Originally intended as an Episode II D:E map. One of the last maps I began in DoomCAD, reworked in DeepSEA, and finished in what was then the newly released Doom Builder....Date:07/23/04
Size:91 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Wart 04: Den of Evil
A large single player level....Date:04/03/08
Size:4537 KB
Author:Brad Carney (Carnevil)

Awash in Blood
Lots of blood... But you may have already gotten that. The story behind this wad (and all the others I mentioned earlier) is this: the foundations of these wads date back to 1996 (the levels will reflect that, I'm sure). That was the year a friend an...Date:07/13/09
Size:130 KB
Author:Varant Yessayan
Size:185 KB

Wasted Temple
You came back to your home-temple from religious mission and you found it ambushed by hordes of demonic creatures. Draw your Shotgun monk! I made it really quick and easy so it is totally symmetrical (maybe lack of idea :) )and I used Copy+Paste qu...Date:04/25/06
Size:128 KB
Author:Vasek "Damned" Havranek

this began as an idea: find red key but do explore, jumping and crouching required! you escaped the town, are the spider death squads still there? you need firepower as your arsenal only consists of your trusty hunting shotgun and your sidearm (/rifl...Date:03/07/13
Size:193 KB

The Ocean Base
Under water on an alien world...lots of ZDoom tricks...Date:12/26/03
Size:196 KB
Author:Paul D. Disney

The way to pain
A large temple style level using a load of brick textures with a lot of dark area and large outdoor areas....Date:10/20/03
Size:265 KB

The Wicked City
I've had the design for this level sitting in the back of my mind for a while. This isn't my first Doom level although I haven't made doom levels for about 5 years so its my getting back on the horse level. But don't let that worry you. This wad take...Date:01/19/04
Size:2226 KB

What can you Doom?
It's my second map for Doom and therefore it's so big))) There is some kind of story also. Just several short messages here and there. And you can choose what man you are: a cool man or a wise one....Date:04/27/15
Size:6119 KB
Author:Arkady Yaborev

Worm Digestion
A single player wad for Doom 2. Medium-sized difficulty. Multiplayer is supported. I have done a better job in this wad of aligning every texture and eliminating the HOM effects. The color selection is better as well. Hope you like it!...Date:12/14/08
Size:762 KB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

We are 183!
Somenthing better than my last release... Aniway a medieval style level in E2M9 Style...Date:03/01/06
Size:204 KB
Author:Daimon aka Walter Confalonieri

R&R (Rest and Relaxation)
What? The screwy warp terminal has sent you to hell instead of Earth for a long awaited R&R, no ammo, no armor, no friends; so what else is new? Mission: recon the area, stay alive, and report your findings to the COC(Combat Operations Center). BTW.....Date:09/20/98
Size:64 KB
Author:Hardy Davis

Weirdo Bizarre, or: An Acid Trip Through Time
A spiritual sequel to The Archives Are Doomed, which was in itself a spiritual sequel to Untitled. So does that mean this is a sub-spiritual sequel or something? Or is it just some kind of pathetic attempt at humor? Or am I just trying to make up som...Date:11/11/06
Size:980 KB

Designed for Deathmatch, but as usual I have put a few monsters in. A Hi-Tec sci-fi style level. Features include deep water and real 3D floors etc....Date:08/06/01
Size:147 KB

Wheat Thin Fortress (All the good names were taken)
This one is not designed for one single port, but you'll need one that can load flats from a PWAD....Date:10/25/02
Size:23 KB

UAC Research Vessel #1024
I wanted to make an entry for Lutrov's 1024x1024 wad and came up with this awesome idea and started making it, but found out that the 244 linetype, which my level revolves around the use of, wasn't kosher for the project. So, I took the level and dec...Date:02/02/05
Size:135 KB
Author:Will Hackney AKA Kid Airbag AKA Archvile46

Somehwat Evil
Another large map using lots of brown textures, mostly brick and wood, and Legacy teleport trickery. Probably goingto be my last wad for a long time, a year at least. :(...Date:04/17/04
Size:372 KB

White 0
Think faster!...Date:09/29/06
Size:118 KB

Megawad, based on "winter" theme from Russian Doom Community. The demons have decided to ruin the winter's fun of Christmas and New Year's celebrations to people, so your task is prove those stupid bastards wrong. The base of this megawad are 12 impr...Date:01/19/11
Size:10224 KB
Author:Russian Doom Community (see below)

WhoDunIt: The Art of Deception
Lies. Deception. Murder. "Who is the murderer? Some never find out, if he is cunning enough to elude them for long enough. He is normal just like the rest of us, if not a little bit too normal. He is you, and he is me. He is inside the walls, and h...Date:11/29/12
Size:84830 KB
Author:Conflagrated, Theshooter7, TheMisterCat, Peanut, Zeberpal, et al.

Why Did it Have to be Snakes?
An entry for the Doom Republic Editing Contest. The theme is a dungeon and the amount of time given is a week, but I slacked off a bit and made it in about 4 days, so don't expect anything great. The map is 'supposed' to be a dungeon set in Hell but ...Date:04/09/05
Size:131 KB

A map made for Speed of Doom's second birthday. It replaces map 01 of Speed of Doom, and is supposed to resemble both map 01 and 04 from this megawad. [Update - 2nd of March, 2013] I've finally taken some time to update the map ( a Rocket Launcher ...Date:03/02/13
Size:172 KB
Author:William Huber ( [WH]-Wilou84 )

Whisper In Time
One simple "strange" map....Date:01/23/11
Size:2133 KB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

Wish You Were Here?
Old and bad wad from like 1999 or something. I can do better!...Date:04/27/05
Size:225 KB
Author:Jonathan "Jon" Rimmer

dark wispers
dark wispers is a 1 map demo showing off most of vavoom's features:Static lighting and 3d floors....Date:10/17/02
Size:1049 KB
Author:kevin robinson

You are a space marine. You are stuck in a nightmare. You must escape from this nightmare. Yes, this is somewhat inspired by Alice and Wonderland. So what. The point is its a a 6 level mapset that tries to be dreamlike and mysterious, so I hope you l...Date:12/15/11
Size:2938 KB

A wad made by Ruben Revised
Some redesign of the maps... Nothing major....Date:10/14/14
Size:605 KB
Author:Ruben F. Duarte aka BennyD

Schreienwolf Fortress
A Wolfdoom map with some ZDoom/Boom features like colored lighting, scripted actions, etc....Date:06/27/03
Size:119 KB

This Wad is one of my best Wads! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:353 KB

The Sewage Works (release 13)
A sewage works in your hometown has fallen prey to the demons that invaded planet Earth. Having been parachuted into the heart of the complex, it is your job to clean up. There is a disgusting odour in the air, and it isn't just the smell of unproces...Date:03/03/14
Size:243 KB
Author:Christopher Bazley & John Tardrew

W0257 #U8!!!
The worst hub in existence. Also the sequal to Lost Soulsphere (both editions)....Date:07/17/04
Size:1773 KB

The green mareng sold ear to the cyberdeMon and now he wants the wHale head into his bed dead. The mareng sat for a mOment. ... "Legendary Necrophiles!" You heard the scream! Th3n the maReng is head Felt fuzzy... BuzzZ... BEEP! What's this!!!...Date:12/19/05
Size:14 KB

World of Winter
LOAD WITH CC4 TEXTURES AND PLAY WITH GZDOOM. ALLOW JUMPING AND CROUCHING. "World of Winter" is a single-player map originally disguised as a "wow.wad" joke. The goal was to trick the player into assuming that this wad/map was a regularly playing ma...Date:03/08/13
Size:289 KB

THIS MAP IS DIFFICULT. Extremely. I find it fun, some may find it too hard, I find it challenging. Enjoy....Date:10/09/05
Size:72 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Warehouse 18
My first official wad to be released, it follows a classic map style with some advance zdoom features....Date:10/26/13
Size:73 KB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

Waste Site
The story of this wad is pretty unusual. It all started with a very ambitious project "Fear The Shrill" (some screenshots were shown to public on "The Doomer's Reccess" ( The main goal of the project was to create an 11 level ...Date:06/07/04
Size:322 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski aka NMN

Waste Processing Station
Waste Processing Station is a base-themed map that's made in the ZDoom (UDMF) mapping format. The map only uses stock resources provided with Doom 2 so no new things or textures are included. This wad looks best in OpenGL mode, so GZDoom or Zandron...Date:09/13/13
Size:192 KB

What The F*ck!
Just another couple of levels by me. nothin too was supposed to be 1 level, but seeing as i put in a bunch of new weapons i tried to make more then one, but when i found out that i couldnt even get a multi map zdoom wad going i just kept it ...Date:09/09/03
Size:504 KB
Author:Derrick A. Allen -BloodSplatter inc.

Water Treatment Facility #17
Water Treatment Facility #17 went dark several days ago. You've been sent in to find out why and, if possible, fix the problem....Date:04/27/07
Size:282 KB
Author:Edward Dassmesser

World trade Federation missions time travel
You are a super b4dass soldier marine man for the World trade Federation! you get a call one day saying that the demons have come and stolen Mario and Master Chief. they plans are to take them back in time to the beginning of the universe and destroy...Date:03/17/14
Size:4734 KB
Author:HELL Eater

Water Treatment Plant
This is an old building somewhere in a derelict town, but that's not important, the truth is its a front for a teleport station... sneaky UAC... this is my first vanilla map, I am quite proud of what it is now, its not all polished or detailed full...Date:03/21/13
Size:40 KB

No Rockets For You
My first attempt at a map, using a few Boom features and a few experiments in detailing. Gameplay is simple mow-em-down, I suppose you could call it a slaughter map because I don't throw a lot of big monsters at you. And, true to my word, there is NO...Date:07/21/09
Size:108 KB

This is a little map pack I created....Date:05/27/15
Size:87 KB

One Boom-compatible map made on the 31st of October in the space of 24 hours....Date:12/29/13
Size:286 KB

(gimp) im an attic...Date:06/21/14
Size:79 KB

I made this map based on an automap picture that was posted on the forums of a map by Fellowzdoomer. Read this thread -
Size:145 KB

Xen Level Pack!
This was the longest I ever worked on anything ever, other than that one time I built a watergun to shoot my sister with when I was six. Hmph. Well, the first 2 levels were made to make fun of 90s wads, which explains the 90s sounds and HUD. Map03 i ...Date:02/17/14
Size:1385 KB

Xenus:Lost base
This is my first E1 attempt it's old map like my previous 1024 maps...Date:10/01/06
Size:61 KB

Xenus 2: The new Nightmare
A project that could'nt be realised through many concepts (It went through three concepts already, they all failed from 2006 to 2007), however this time it suceeded by using most simple, most fastest concept in a form of CLASSIC BOOM WAD...Date:05/28/08
Size:2747 KB
Author:Alter (The leader of old nexus team)

Hell-themed floating fortress of pain, anguish, and other not-so-friendly things....Date:07/06/06
Size:575 KB
Author:Matt "Mista_T" Tropiano

Escape from UAC
You must escape from UAC. Simple....Date:06/24/08
Size:297 KB

Xmas 2004
Size:1575 KB

Level One
REQUIRES CC4-TEX. Short (15 minutes) map in classic tech-base style. Not tested with ZDoom....Date:03/31/14
Size:268 KB

Xorg 1
It's just a basic brick-themed level with some acs scripting. Not very big. You'll need to use jumping in this level....Date:09/27/99
Size:116 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)

Xorg 2: Mesusah
You'll need to use jumping in this level....Date:10/05/99
Size:151 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)

Xorg 3: Technophobia
Metal-themed level inside a tower. Unfortunately (for you), there is some ACS in this level. And yes, you can jump *anywhere*....Date:12/15/99
Size:196 KB
Author:Stian Skjöndal (zsignal)

Xorg 4: The Fear Factory
Techno-themed, suitable both for SP and deathmatch. If the MOD music gets annoying or slows you PC down, you can turn it off of course. Remember, you'll need to use jumping in some places....Date:01/13/00
Size:304 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal (zsignal)

A map with a classic vibe, inspired by STRAIN MAP17, Vile Flesh MAP06 and others....Date:09/09/13
Size:311 KB

Explorer: Ruins of Baevon
During the events of Doom-II, a marine (not Doomguy) got trapped in hell....Date:03/16/15
Size:137 KB

Metro 2034 Redux (Lite Edition)
A loose parody of Metro 2034 originally made as a joke gift, updated and improved for 2015. Though intended as a joke, this is a complete, fully playable partial conversion. This is a size-reduced "Lite" version for those with limited internet connec...Date:08/24/15
Size:3569 KB

Christmas Tree
You have to kill all the monsters on the Xmas tree in order to end the level....Date:12/19/11
Size:15 KB

Yet Another Claustrophobia Styled Boss
Read the title. I just made this to see what I could do with ACS....Date:06/27/15
Size:4313 KB

Year 21 -The Vanishing Point-
At last, you've found the warp gate facility your superiors said was abandoned 21 years ago. Thank God they put you on leave, or else you'd have /never/ be able to find it! Stumbling over something on your way in, you open your way into a well-lit ro...Date:02/16/08
Size:75 KB
Author:Eric "The Green Herring" Baker

Year 22 -A Rock and a Hard Place-
No wonder that warp facility was abandoned; it was overrun by the dead and the damned! With your fists, armor and helmet covered in demonic blood, you spy the structure in the center of the base. The description of the base by your superiors included...Date:12/28/09
Size:227 KB
Author:Eric "The Green Herring" Baker

Year 23 -The Belly of the Beast-
Good God! After that struggle in the canyon, it feels like a year's gone by! You stand over the corpses of five zombies, drenched in the blood and guts of all who opposed you. In that tiny, cavernous room, the only other opening you see is a tunnel t...Date:12/22/10
Size:1124 KB
Author:Eric "The Green Herring" Baker

You'll need A friend! B1
Hope You like Coop, 'cause this WAD is Detected especially to coop...Date:11/04/04
Size:128 KB

Epic Battles demo
Fight an epic battle of demons and marines, WIN!...Date:06/23/05
Size:121 KB
Author:Your Name Is
this is just a simple 10 map episode for zdoom. the levels are inspired by the level design of doom2, so the maps are simple and linear to very linear levels. jumping was disabled, in case you wonder why you cant jump. if you use a zdoom launcher, ...Date:08/22/07
Size:1586 KB
Author:Tobias Münch - Pablo Dictter

You Dig v1.7
This is a map with a very unusual twist on the doom experience. No spoilers here, other than the name. You've just gotta see it for yourself! ;) If you find any bugs, or record any demos, feel free to send them over. Warning: Skill 4 is not recom...Date:07/02/14
Size:869 KB

gggmork posted a drawing in this thread: and I made a map based on the drawing. No offence intended, honest!...Date:08/29/10
Size:79 KB
Author:gggmork, TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

A techno-style WAD - UAC base on a far planet Yuggot. This WAD was made for First-Demo Contest š 5 which was going on August, 9th, 2008, on An essence of that contest was that the unfamiliar map is given to participants and by the command o...Date:09/12/08
Size:569 KB

Zaero: Episode 1
The first episode of a 4 wad mission pack. Created in the style of Quake 2, with unique textures, ZDoom Features and Monsters....Date:06/04/05
Size:15294 KB
Author:Steven Searle

ZanZan TC Pack
The ZanZan TC was missing from the /idgames archive, which I felt was something of a crime (why it was never uploaded I don't know) since it's such a great TC. For more info on the TC read the file ZanReadme.txt in the zip. This pack includes ZDoom...Date:12/02/03
Size:4211 KB
Author:ZanZan is by Edmundo Bordeu ZDoomGL 0.66.2 is by Michaël Ryssen ZanZan TC Pack put together by Cyb

ZanZan - Gzdoom Version
This is a conversion of the excellent Total Convesion for Doom by Edmundo Bordeau named Zanzan, where you play an immortal (not anymore) ruler of your planet. You plan on destroying a planet, that, as you believe, will lead to a war in the future. On...Date:09/08/06
Size:3752 KB
Author:Edmundo Bordeau-Zanzan TC ; Kniggit-music; Michael Niggel and Michael Ryssen-special thanks; Pawel Z

Happy Birthday Zap610
zappy birfdaay...Date:06/10/10
Size:76 KB

Z-Dione Attack
This is Dione Attack's do-over remake with new levels full of hellspawn. If you played the original Dione Attack, play this to see the amazing difference between the two. PS: To beat level 7, just kill the mancubi and arachnotrons, the cyberdemon is ...Date:03/27/10
Size:883 KB

The [ZDoom Community Map] Project "Take 1"
One evening, just about 2 months ago, I had this idea of creating just one ZDoom map together with some other mappers and friends. Well, who else could be mor qualified as the community itself? :) That was the day, when I opened a new threa...Date:08/29/04
Size:6571 KB
Author:& Contributors BioHazard (mapping & credits) (in no special order) Giest118 (mapping & end boss) Xas

Zen Dynamics
One seemingly random day, I was sitting around doing nothing... when it hit me: The perfect way to make true reloading weapons in Zdoom. It worked like a charm in an example wad I put together, but I thought that a simple demo wad with a single test ...Date:11/18/06
Size:20529 KB
Author:Xaser "The Conqueror"

Doom Zephyr Demo
This is the demo of the future Zephyr Megawad. This WAD is for Legacy only....Date:12/13/03
Size:422 KB
Author:Wes "PumpkinSmasher"Rath

Zero Day (MP3 edition)
*Zero Day includes an original soundtrack. If you'd like the optimised mp3 version with realistic instruments, check out, which should be in the same place that you located this file. This was developed as a companion piece to a nove...Date:02/13/11
Size:1433 KB
Author:Kyle Towns

Zero Day (MP3 edition)
*This version of Zero Day includes an optimised, MP3 soundtrack with custom instruments. If you'd like the vanilla MUS-file edition, its in, which you should find in the same location. This was developed as a companion piece to a novel...Date:02/13/11
Size:41824 KB
Author:Kyle Towns

Zerox Lab
This is a very difficult tech lab map that replaces Map01 of Doom 2, and it will likely take you a long time to finish. I tried to create a sense that, while you can hear other people battling throughout the base, you still feel as if you're alone. T...Date:07/27/14
Size:435 KB

Speed Mapped Doom 2 level...Date:03/21/11
Size:84 KB
Author:Callum Guy Oliver

The Hell Factory beta 0.25
This is my first Boom/ZDoom project and Johannes`s first released project. It have 4 levels so far what are joined together....Date:11/10/99
Size:162 KB
Author:`s Tomi Rajala Johannes Rajala

Doom Chronicles: Zodiac Base
After you escaped with the chopper from the Base 63, You got home, alive and well. They have a another mission for you, this time it is the Zodiac Base, this base was runned by a before fallen company called Texxus Zodiac Ltd, But now it is been used...Date:11/02/12
Size:6434 KB

This is Map 01 of a series of 12 Maps, each dedicated to a sign of the zodiac....Date:07/05/04
Size:297 KB

Zombi Outbreak
Defend your house from the living dead!...Date:10/16/07
Size:3021 KB

Zort 1
Spankity, spank, spank. This is a little ZDoom map of mine. It's pretty small, but that's okay. It's made in the style of episode 4(or 3 depending on how you look at it)....Date:03/27/99
Size:82 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Zort 2: Return of the Cricket
Yet another ZDoom map, although you may not know due to lack of polyobjects and colored lighting. It does require ZDoom though, rest assured. Just check out the SCRIPTS lump. Anyway, this one is in the theme like Chrog_G or Artica I guess. It's got a...Date:04/03/99
Size:136 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Zort 3
The third instalment in the series of maps...yeah. Once again I just went the way of scripts, although I did add some colored lighting for effect(isn't too distracting)and whatnot. The scripts are just the most fun part of making a ZDoom map though. ...Date:05/27/99
Size:292 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Zort 4
Fourth ZDoom map of mine. Damn this one's way different from not just the previous three but all others I've ever made. It's techno! Why is it techno? I have no idea, I was i the mood for a techno wad. Anyway, because of my over-active scripting it's...Date:06/18/99
Size:91 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Zort 5: Generic Subtitle
It's zort 5. Jumping can only help you. Also there's a few short-cuts of sorts that will help you. For an extra challenge try to get 100/100/100 (though your kills will most likely be over 100 anyway)....Date:08/02/99
Size:144 KB

Zort 6: Rip and Tear!
It's Zort 6. I added a few of the cheese quotes from the Doom Comic book that we've all come to know and love, just for fun. I do love ACS. There's also a level in there. Wow!...Date:12/22/99
Size:310 KB

Zort 7
Green rock and marble themed. Kinda like Artica. Easy sometimes and damn hard other times. So there....Date:12/14/99
Size:120 KB

Zort 8
Green rock and some caves and a damn pesky Cyberdemon. It uses a fair amount of neato ZDoom features too....Date:12/07/02
Size:448 KB

Zort 9
Really (really) dark hellish brick caves sorta map. It's really dark, so you may want to adjust the gamma. Ammo may be scarce at times, but remember that the chainsaw is more powerful for reasons you'll find out. It's very good at taking out things i...Date:01/16/03
Size:2184 KB

ZPong v1.0
I wrote this little example to test the possibilities of creating interactive environments in ZDoom maps, similar to those seen in Doom 3. Obviously nothing that complex is currently possible, but it is possible to...Date:10/03/04
Size:43 KB
Author:Jon Washburn (GrayLancer)

Zpong 2.0
ITS PONG! bind controls in controls menu...Date:09/25/04
Size:5 KB

ZPortal (ZDoom Portal Gun)
ZPortal is the extension of the ZDoom Portal Gun WAD....Date:05/29/08
Size:9047 KB

ZSuper Turbo Turkey Puncher 3
SUPER TURBO TURKEY PUNCHER Just walk up to it and press "use" to play...Date:04/17/06
Size:154 KB

ZCyberSweeper 2
It's like minesweeper for doom! Idea borrowed from eternal doom. use a crate to open it, shoot it to flag it. secondary fire switches between minimap, fullscreen, and none....Date:05/18/09
Size:406 KB

An alien type fortress including a 9 new weapons mod and some new monsters....Date:03/04/08
Size:832 KB

A Doom 2 conversion of Abandoned Chapel, originally for Hexen. Far from just a simple conversion, I removed several areas and added some new ones later on. The monster placement was redone from scratch. Seeing as only a handful of people will play ...Date:01/07/04
Size:258 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Another speed map, this time taking place in an infected base. This one is also a map that mains with the chaingun and rocket launcher. There's a secret super shotgun, making the only secret in this map, but without it you can't just gun wildly....Date:03/08/11
Size:63 KB

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