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007tower or James Bond tower or james bond casket
a tower. Mr Bond is on the crate box....Date:08/22/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Martin Champagne

AROUND THE SKYPORT (01arnd.wad) DeathMatch for Doom 2
DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify exit. Circular court yard. New type of windows, (never used before, to my knowledge!). Circular lift to obser- vation tower. Lots of teleporters. A few secret rooms, hidden pannels, and invis- ible walls...Date:07/20/96
Size:46 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

DOOM 2 DEATHMATCH WAD Small, circular fast paced wad, leading to VERY high frag counts. Equal weapons, and ammo are available to each player, (no king of the hill possible in this wad!!!!!!...). All starting points have at least the Super Shotgun. Th...Date:07/20/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

FRAGem (01fragem.wad) for Doom 2
DeathMatch wad, with good mix of open spaces, hallways, and lifts. Double-barrel shotgun close to all starting points; access to better weapons are at a higher-risk, depending on where your enemy is..... Watch your back! Skill level (1-2), only has...Date:07/20/96
Size:37 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

Gorry (01gorry.wad) DeathMatch for Doom 2
DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify co-op exit. Hallways and an arena to fight in. There are a couple of secret rooms, teleporters, and hidden pannels....Date:07/20/96
Size:22 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

Jump for it (01jmp4it.wad) for Doom 2
DeathMatch wad with a fast paced layout for high frag counts! Easy to identify exit. All weapons above the super shotgun are harder to get, with considerable risk involved. Hidden pannels and teleporters will hold your intrest!...Date:07/20/96
Size:22 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

Make a Stand (01mkstnd.wad) for Doom 2
This DeathMatch wad is small and fast paced, leading to very high frag counts. It has a building in a large circular yard; also a very unusual wall around the yard. The center of the building also contains a circular court yard. The Double-barrel s...Date:07/20/96
Size:31 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

MISSOURI RAT LIGHT (01mratlt.wad) for Doom 2
Good mix of open spaces, hallways, teleporters and lifts. Lots of invisible walls, and traps. There are lights in the corners of the court yard, that tell you in what general part of the building to look for your enemy! Single-barrel shotgun close ...Date:07/20/96
Size:75 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

Phobos Anomaly Wars, DeathMatch for DOOM 2
DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify exit. Two highth levels to fight on simultaneously, (frag fest!). Very loosely, based on the original Phobos Anomly; but highly improved with many, many, extras!. All weapons with lots of ammo are availa...Date:07/20/96
Size:86 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

Badness: The fight for the frag
Theres a new marine guy that is kinda grey and dark.. so he can hide stay hidden pretty well in darker areas. The only thing that gives him away is his red eyes.. The levels are all pretty much cool.....Date:09/23/95
Size:257 KB
Author:Graphx Andy Kendall (Moi)

Levels Andy Kendall Lachlan Stewart

The DANDY Deathmatch series NO.1
The first of the DANDY Deathmatch series. Don't ask me how many are going to be in it... I am not sure!! 5-10 my guess. Anyway when I have finished the series I will compile all of them into one WAD called DANDY!.WAD so be on the look out for 0DANDY!...Date:09/06/95
Size:22 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart --== S ==--

The DANDY Deathmatch series NO.2
The second of the DANDY Deathmatch series. Don't ask me how many are going to be in it... I am not sure!! 5-10 my guess. Anyway when I have finished the series I will compile all of them into one WAD called DANDY!.WAD so be on the look out for 0DANDY...Date:09/06/95
Size:25 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart --== S ==--

The DANDY Deathmatch series NO.3
The third of the DANDY Deathmatch series. Don't ask me how many are going to be in it... I am not sure!! 5-10 my guess. Anyway when I have finished the series I will compile all of them into one WAD called DANDY!.WAD so be on the look out for 0DANDY!...Date:09/14/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart --== S ==--

The DANDY Deathmatch series NO.4
The forth of the DANDY Deathmatch series for DOOM ][. Ok, I have decided that, since DOOM is going to be old news soon (with QUAKE comming out next year) I am gonning to make at least 10... hopefully more. Number 5 is already getting close. --=====...Date:12/05/95
Size:25 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart --== S ==--

SATAN's Library
You've always hated your local librian. She makes even Rossanne look small and undernourished. Apart from the fact that she is well, some what large she also is very mean and horrible . However, during one of your visits you notice a stran...Date:09/06/95
Size:61 KB
Author:Lachlan Stewart --== S ==--

The only level that I have designed purely for DM. This is my 11th level. Nocturnal, Circular island, Fragfest. This level has monsters and dificulty level, you can decrease the number of monsters by playing in an easier dificulty level. If you find ...Date:09/10/02
Size:105 KB

It's a wad. Waddaya think?...Date:12/02/05
Size:28 KB
Author:Ken Nichols

10,000 Year Night Light
Size:132 KB

10-Pak 2 Death-Match Wad
A major new version of my popular 10PAK Wad....Date:01/07/96
Size:337 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

Size:39 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

11 levels of frags
Size:105 KB
Author:Bob Lindemann

The Tunnel of Chaos
A large tunnel with goodies and lights. Nothing very special....Date:11/07/00
Size:9 KB
Author:De Zeurkous

13.wad has many differnet textures... kinda clashes but looks cool....Date:07/18/96
Size:40 KB

This deathmatch, in my opinion, is the best deathmatch PWAD you'll ever find. This is like no other PWAD in the sense that it is complex, well thought out and creative. Not to say that there aren't good PWADS floating around on BBS's, but norma...Date:08/14/95
Size:37 KB
Author:Sean Birkel

#1dwango.wad (legalized version)
A bunch of great deathmatch levels....Date:12/18/06
Size:429 KB
Author:Tom Mustaine (a.k.a.: Paradox), Dracos, LONESTAR and some unknown authors Compiled by PARADOX for DW

This deathmatch package has everything that you will need for hours of fraggin fun. Included is 6 killer deathmatch levels that will keep you and and your friends blasting each other all night. Included are new graphics, sounds and music all by METAL...Date:11/11/95
Size:428 KB
Author:Eric Young

1K_DM2.wad, a DeathMatch wad for DOOM2
This is a wad designed for deathmatch 2 (-Altdeath) direct conervsion of 1KDEATHS.wad for DOOM 1, with slight modifications for more enjoyment. One large arena with a hall going around it. Elevators and Megasphere in center! lots of ammo!! Frag every...Date:06/21/95
Size:44 KB
Author:Blackadder and The Chairman

Nukeage Plant
An abandoned (and relatively small) UAC Nukage Processing Facility....Date:12/09/02
Size:121 KB

The Underground Base
A base embeded in a cavern. Perhaps it was created to study magma from a vein inside the mountain?...Date:12/30/02
Size:114 KB
Size:14 KB

TRIO DeathMatch for DooM II
TRIO - an ultimate DooM II DM experience! The game begins at a medium pace with "Fragging", where hunting down your enemy is THE key to success. All weapons are present, but the bigger guns are harder to find! The DeathMatch then proceeds to a franti...Date:10/31/95
Size:51 KB

A larger offering than what I've been making of late. Mostly outdoors with RL and Plasma at opposite ends once again. The layout flows well despite its odd, non-conventional and slightly chaotic design....Date:11/21/03
Size:17 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

One smaller Deathmatch arena and one larger one... Interesting use of wall textures, etc... Cooperative exits on both levels... secrets can be found... The first level is a small room with transporters in each corner... the BFG can be taken, but at...Date:03/16/96
Size:61 KB
Author:Steve Ryder and Paul Bowen
Size:39 KB
Author:Name: Jonathon J. Resnick

Place of 2 DOOM Deaths
This was one of my "i'm bored, what can I do?" levels. So, I decided to make a deathmatch level based on my favorite Quake 2 DM level. This level is not meant to be EXACTLY like QDM1, you will notice differences, but it is VERY similar. It's good fun...Date:05/24/98
Size:48 KB
Author:Tommie Quick

These are my ABSOLUTE favourite DeathMatch Levels ever played! There are 2 levels contained in this 1 wad file, they replace MAP1 & MAP2 in DOOM ][. The first is titled "MadMax2", sort of from the movie, but it's like a big Arena and theres already t...Date:12/02/05
Size:69 KB
Author:Ryan Feltrin

D.G. Deathmatch #1
A good (imo) dm level for 4 players or 2 players......Date:05/02/98
Size:20 KB
Author:David Gevert

2 Die
An incredible 2 player deathmatch wad! If you like a great 3D layout and architecture, this level is for you. Extensively playtested in both 2 and 3 player mode. Also, supports single and cooperative play!...Date:05/07/95
Size:94 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

Multiplayer Deathmatch Cooperative PWAD
This one's made for cooperative deathmatch, meaning that you will have to play two on two to reach some of the items. It also shows some, well, somewhat "advanced" techniques, i.e. the possibilities that come with the use of "dummy sectors". Go look ...Date:12/08/95
Size:442 KB
Author:Bonsai (a man like a tree)

MAP01 for Doom II has been replaced. There are many secrets, but nearly all are visible on the map. All weapons are out there and lots of ammo for an action packed deathmatch. Can be played normally and also as co-op, but it's not as good because the...Date:07/21/08
Size:33 KB
Author:Red Dragon / Moon Blade (aka: Anthony Symons)

The Second Blood
It's been awhile since I released a wad, and here it is, the Awesome sequel to 1stblood.wad (or 1stbl2.wad for DOOM2). This one took about 20 hours to complete, and was tested thoroughly in single player 2 player, and 4 player. This was has ...Date:05/17/95
Size:31 KB
Author:Chris Sobotkiewicz All new DoomII wad for single and dethmatch! New Textures and Screens. Watch the demo! Written by Doug Erickson. -dethtwer.wad: Completely original DoomII wad DethMatch only! New Textures and screens, new sounds an...Date:06/20/95
Size:638 KB
Author:Doug Erickson, D.Rhodd

Spooky Doom The Deathmatch 3.5
31 small deathmatch wads, main idea was to create a set of levels for fast, but skilled, action....Date:09/26/95
Size:702 KB
Author:Adam Williamson

To The Death
A medium sized level that is not one of my best by far....Date:03/18/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Jeremiah Bean

Two Wood Fortresses
This is my first time making a DM wad....Date:01/17/14
Size:5 KB

Size:32 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]
Size:415 KB
Author:Matt Guerrero

30 Small DOOM II Deathmatch Wads!
I have downloaded ninety of the smallest deathmatch wads I could find and combined them into three separate combo wads -- 30WADS1.WAD, 30WADS2.WAD AND 30WADS3.WAD. Here was my criteria for determining if a wad made the final cut: 1. The wad was p...Date:07/31/95
Size:371 KB
Author:Dave Gates

30 Small DOOM II Deathmatch Wads!
I have downloaded ninety of the smallest deathmatch wads I could find and combined them into three separate combo wads -- 30WADS1.WAD, 30WADS2.WAD AND 30WADS3.WAD. Here was my criteria for determining if a wad made the final cut: 1. The wad was p...Date:07/31/95
Size:383 KB
Author:Dave Gates
A small sized Deathmatch wad. A lot of fragging for those that like the small Wads....Date:06/16/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Joe A. Leonard

3-pits Death Match Plus
Special new-version of 3-Pits wad made especially for Deathmatch, but also good for solo play. Less linear than earlier version to allow more flow. All switches must be found and thrown to exit the level and don't forget the BFG platform....Date:07/21/08
Size:34 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

3 Ring Circus (3ring.wad,
3 large octagon rooms attached by some hallways, etc. Each room has lots to keep you busy. Ledges, pits, windows. No hiding places for you cowards who rather hide than learn. Wad is good for 3 and best with 4. No Co-op starts, monsters or exit. Feel ...Date:11/18/95
Size:25 KB
A deathmatch level. Construction...Date:01/16/98
Size:122 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,

Three small deathmatch levels
This is a collection of three deathmatch WADs. These levels were made specifically for deathmatch, and primarily for two-player deathmatch. They are small and simple so it runs quickly with modem play; none of that damned slowdown that occurs with so...Date:07/31/95
Size:32 KB
Author:Mark Anderson AKA Boogeyman

A fun deathmatch wad! Very good with 2 players. A fragfest with 4!...Date:10/26/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Maurizio Serra (Fizban)

(Once Again) For The Frags
Size:20 KB
Author:Warlock from Cosmic Chaos.

Four Destroy
I got motivated in making this wad after looking at DANZIG1.WAD (a VERY good deathmatch wad). This wad is very small and encounters between players are very quick. Every weapon with the exception of the beserk pack is available. Also you start right ...Date:08/13/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Erwen Tang

The setting is 75% out in the open, however, there are a few passage ways outside of the large open area. A few secret places, but no official secrets where you get credit for them. Happy Dooming!...Date:10/29/04
Size:15 KB
Author:Jason Boche, W. St. Paul, MN

4 player deathmatch wad for ultimate killing!!!!...Date:12/23/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Sir Death

(Once Again) The 4 Seats of Judgement
Size:38 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

Four Square
This is one of most played WADS around. This was made for BFG lovers and haters. Just play it and see what I mean. *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:125 KB

4 Stars for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
see *Imortant Notes* below...Date:08/14/95
Size:11 KB

The 4 towers
Size:166 KB
Author:Emmanuel D. and Sebastien C.

4 Towers Revision 2
Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 1....Date:06/25/96
Size:182 KB
Author:Jeff Larson

4 Towers
Strictly a Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 1....Date:01/23/97
Size:64 KB
Author:Jeff Larson

Forward Deathmatch
A deathmatch level based on some houses on my street. In one of the basements is Stargate Command from the Sci-fi show "SG-1"....Date:08/08/08
Size:193 KB
Author:Jim Brannen

This is an updated Shotgun2 level, I made it because i thought...Date:01/01/96
Size:23 KB
Author:Jerms a.k.a King Lamah, Alarm, Hitler

Sic Doom][ Levels
Size:66 KB
Author:Bob Lindemann

Size:136 KB
Author:RIC SAN NICHOLAS (a.k.a. brujo, a.k.a. rooster)

of Game 6PACK Deathmatch attck
Size:702 KB

Six Skulls - Part One
Three clean deathmatch levels. -Tried my best to make them play AND look okay....Date:10/24/95
Size:103 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari

Six Skulls - Part Two
Four clean deathmatch levels, probably the best you'll ever play ;-)...Date:12/18/95
Size:191 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari

Six Skulls X
Ten wonderful Deathmatch levels....Date:02/18/96
Size:349 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - Kandyman on IRC

This is a THEME wad. Gee, I wonder if you can figure out the theme by it's name. Or maybe you'll get it by looking at the map. Either way, you 'might' enjoy the tapestries. I humbly apologize to anyone who is offended by the tapestries. (There are 4 ...Date:11/20/95
Size:70 KB
Author:Dave Everett

7 Deathmatch wads by Derrick McKay
This is a 7 level Deathmatch wad. A couple are (very) loosely based on others I've seen, but are for the most part strictly original. In short: 1) Square, *everything* is a lift. 2) Arena type with walkways around, and pillars scattered around the ce...Date:04/30/96
Size:80 KB
Author:Derrick McKay

This is a THEME wad. Gee, I wonder if you can figure out the theme by it's name. It's kinda tight for 4-player, but it's a neat layout. There should be plenty of ammo and weapons to please anyone....Date:11/20/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Dave Everett

99 Ways to Die v3.0a!
A four tower deathmatch arena. Big open spaces. and some sniper shot areas....Date:06/24/97
Size:25 KB

9DMDETH - legalized version
Great deathmatch wads for Doom 1 & 2, [created with] V. 1.666 Designed primarily for two player deathmatchs (but the more opponents, the more FUN)!...Date:04/13/07
Size:232 KB
Author:David Davidson

TriO 9 DeathMatch for DooM II
TriO 9... Bring your friends along to Camp TriO - the ultimate DeathMatch retreat! In this scenic alpine setting, you'll experience terror and exhilaration previously unknown! Features: * Support for DM v1/2, with 2-4 players! * 25 new SFX, includi...Date:04/12/96
Size:544 KB

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