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Void Deathmatch Set (Preview Release 1)
Deathmatch map set inspired by Cyb's Void and American McGee's Alice. More maps are in development; map11 here is actually map12 in the final pack. At least 3 maps are missing from this release. This map pack is designed for new-school configuratio...Date:02/05/08
Size:4353 KB

Velocity CTF
12 maps of high-speed action-packed Capture the Flag maps by various individuals of the Mechanix Union. Map list: MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Dusk MAP04 - Industrial Nukage Minin...Date:03/10/12
Size:3369 KB
Author:The Mechanix Union

In the Vicinity of Death
This deathmatch map was made for my dntbleed.deh patch, but you can play it normally too....Date:03/07/03
Size:12 KB

Valkyrie Pack
This is a DosDoom Deathbot DM Pack specifically made for the Valkyrie DosDoom mod. My thanks to Captain Mellow for the good work on the Valkyrie mod....Date:04/03/99
Size:1069 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Watery Escape
My first attempt at making a map, and send it to the archives...Date:08/10/13
Size:73 KB
Author:Ruben F. Duarte aka BennyD

Where Am I?
Not really playable to any real extent. More of a "confuse the heck out of the player" map that continuously makes you wonder where you are unless you look at the automap or figure out the gimmick....Date:03/21/06
Size:1 KB
Author:Edward Dassmesser

Whirlwind Struggle
Size:301 KB

Wildman DM Pack
This is a compilation of previously maps. This pack is compatible with regular Doom2 weapons, ROKS, Breed DM and the Doombot....Date:04/24/99
Size:323 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The idea for this map comes from Q3CTF1, but I made it the way I prefer to see it for Doom. The fog is my own design using existing legacy features....Date:01/15/03
Size:229 KB
Author:Pascal "Gherkin" vd Heiden

Winter Themed Deathmatch
Size:655 KB
Author:Marcin Tyler Szot - MarchWhelp - BlueOasis

The Hidden Shrine
Deathmatch level set around a temple, using the gothic marble texture theme. Fairly small, and lots of weapons ensures plenty of action....Date:09/30/99
Size:43 KB

The Worst Death Match Map Ever!
Size:2 KB
Author:Josh Travis

Xacrir is a duel/small deathmatch map, inspired in UDM series, the map is perfect for OS games and NS as well, the player limit is 6 because there aren't enough spawns for more player, this work in Odamex, ZDaemon and Zandronum...Date:11/18/12
Size:40 KB

The Last Strike Extreme CTF Fixed Version 1.1
The first edition of the Tlsxctf series...Date:12/31/04
Size:6412 KB
Author:Sazabi, Jackass, and Chronohunter

It's Christmas Time, time of love. Outside, it's cold and the snow is falling. But now, itīs on you to make the cold winter more "Hell" Kill your Enemy with your Present Launcher or hit him with your Frozen Plasma Gun....Date:10/10/00
Size:2442 KB
Author:Tormentor667 Acidflash (some graphics)

XMas DM -98
It's a genuine snow castle! Paint it red. WITH BLOOD!...Date:12/24/98
Size:73 KB
Author:Sir Robin (aka Jani Saksa)

XMas DM 1999
Second part of my XMasDM series, has a big round hall-like cave and a small outside area. There is also one piece that you can see but not go into that should remain you about DooM's E1M1 but it's done all with snow and water instead of normal textur...Date:12/24/99
Size:135 KB
Author:Sir Robin (aka Jani Saksa)

Xenon Station Re-Release
This is a re-release of my first deathmatch wad. Some things that have been changed are a few visual fixes/touchups, and a few areas have been widened/expanded so they're easier to get through....Date:09/24/04
Size:181 KB
Author:Alex "Ion Blade" Adolphsen

X Two
A Single DM level. Designed for duels or FFA....Date:11/20/08
Size:2367 KB
Author:Julz D

X Two
A Single DM level. Designed for duels or FFA....Date:11/20/08
Size:2367 KB
Author:Julz D

YaKu Fast Dm 01
As the name says - Fast Deathmatch....Date:03/10/05
Size:30 KB
Author:Jan Pokrzywinski (YaKu)

Your Stick
A void type level, fighting on multi level platforms...Date:11/26/01
Size:186 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

This is the low-lag version of zboat3.wad. Seems I got a little carried away with the fireball effect at the volcano, and some of the connections on DoomServ could not handle it without the game slowing to a crawl. I hope that eliminating the particl...Date:08/27/99
Size:628 KB
Author:Mike Blakely (Biff on DoomServ and [nd]Biff in Quake2 clan nd

Circle DM
It`s not so much big, There`s is no BFG 9000 :( But this is the ZDoom version....Date:10/08/99
Size:21 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala

ZDaemon Contest Map
Well, it's a bit symmetrical (someone is going to kill me now for saying that), but it's still good nonetheless. It has that strong E1-ish feeling to it, mixed with a bit of E1M8. EDIT: I tested this wad in Doom v1.1 and it works perfectly, so I de...Date:06/05/03
Size:48 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

ZDoom Catch The Chicken v4.0
ZCTC is a Zdoom mod to try and capture the popular Quake 2 and 3 mod Catch the chicken....Date:09/24/06
Size:404 KB
Author:Cutmanmike and HotWax

ZDaemon CTF
A set of ten maps for ZDaemon Capture the Flag...Date:03/23/04
Size:1000 KB
Author:AlexMax, Ralphis, Exl, Washu, Bloodlust, ATG_Death, Rellik

ZDaemon CTF
A set of ten more maps for ZDaemon Capture the Flag...Date:06/09/04
Size:1710 KB
Author:AlexMax, Exl, Nestea, EarthQuake, SirTimberWolf, Snowbro

ZDaemon CTF Map Pack 3
The 3rd and last set of 10 CTF maps for ZDaemon. Designed to add on to the existing 2 map packs....Date:12/04/05
Size:2396 KB
Author:AlexMax, EarthQuake, Exl, Ralphis, Washu, Rellik, Bloodlust, ATG_Death, Nestea, SirTimberWolf, Izm,

Zmatch 2013
10 levels, designed for Deathmatch, Duel or LMS....Date:03/26/13
Size:549 KB
Author:Doomkid [aka Faceplant92]

ZMatch: 3rd STRIKE!
Z-Match: 3rd Strike is a collection of 14 maps with a hellish, almost medieval theme. Inspiration is taken from several great WADs, but this pack has a unique identity that it brings to the table. Gameplay and detail were top priority while designing...Date:11/02/14
Size:1842 KB
Author:Doomkid, The_Miano, Captain Toenail, Mr.Crispy, DoomRenegade, Joe Pallai, Springy, Matt Guerrero

The best of De Zeurkous Compilation
A compilation of most of my released DooM/DooM2 Levels....Date:08/04/01
Size:68 KB

I'm not able to do deathmatch maps but i still made it
You want to see great details, interessing maps, beatiful textures, impressive archittetonic works, fabolous music you wrong map, white trash. If you just want to blast all you're fucking opponents inside cramped rooms can sometimes you bellieve that...Date:10/07/06
Size:323 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The ZODIAC Deathmatch, 2nd edition
zodiac2e.wad contains two cycles of 12 maps each, plus a bonus map. They are for Deathmatch only and need ZDoom/ Zdaemon for some special effects. Each map is dedicated to one zodiac sign. I tried to make visible the element (fire, water, earth or ai...Date:02/26/06
Size:2296 KB

The ZODIAC Deathmatch
zodiacdm.wad is a series of 12 maps. They are for Deathmatch only and need ZDoom for some special effects. Each map is dedicated to one zodiac sign. I tried to make visible the element (fire, water, earth or air) each sign belongs to. And by the way,...Date:05/17/04
Size:562 KB
Author:Milian Moritz

Compact Refinery
A Deathmatch map set in a small, symmetrical refinery. Features automated (walkover) doors, three weapons, single exit. 2-4 players (1v1 is IDEAL)....Date:09/14/12
Size:19 KB

Zdoom SpinSpyder Collection
A collection of 11 old and new dm maps for zdoom, from me....Date:08/10/02
Size:109 KB
Author:Dan Crowley (SpinSpyder)

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