A1 Stud Muffin's Sniper Wad  Filename:a1-snipe.zip
Set in a snipers haven, you and your Fragpals must fight it out in buildings surrounded by water, connected by passages. There are so many windows and look-out spots in this level, that you'll never be safe. Oh no... never! NEVER! MUHUUHHAHAHAHAHAHAH...Date:07/15/98
Size:69 KB
Author:A1 Stud Muffin and Kowalski

A1 SNiPE DELUXE rev 2  Filename:a1-snpd2.zip
Size:155 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (aka Kowalski), plus Michael Davies (A1 Stud Muffin) email: Michaelh@wire.net.au

A1 Stud Muffin's SPACE  Filename:a1-space.zip
A1-SPACE.WAD is a huge abandoned space-ship, with four major levels, all connected by a central elevator. Each level contains large areas, filled with various hazards, objects and weapons. The best bit: All the rooms etc. are connected by futuristic ...Date:01/09/96
Size:233 KB
Author:A1 Stud Muffin

A1  Filename:a1.zip
The Second Best Wad Ever -=)See Above(=-...Date:03/29/96
Size:32 KB
Author:Eric Brandel -=(Funny3)=-

The best wads I play alot  Filename:a1best.zip
4 Fun deathmatch levels for 2-4 players. Lev1: WEAPON DEN: The only way to get back to one of the four weapon rooms is to wait for someone to die, and then go in the teleport in the middle of the room that reveals itself briefly. Lev2: BLOOD PIT II: ...Date:11/05/95
Size:160 KB
Author:Unhappy Man productions Australia (all 4 maps)

a2  Filename:a2.zip
pretty good d-match wad...Date:10/31/97
Size:27 KB

AARDVARK  Filename:aardvark.zip
An excellent (however large) deathmatch level (3-4 player net games work best.)...Date:07/07/95
Size:132 KB
Author:Andrew Wallmeyer

AARGH_2.WAD  Filename:aargh_2.zip
This is an EXCELLENT Deathmatch wad, great for two, better for 3, unbelievable for 4! A central tower surrounded by open area and ringed by a ledge. Switches on the ledge control tower's lights and vice versa! Keep moving or snipe from the tower! Is ...Date:07/26/08
Size:34 KB
Author:Bruce Day and Brian Easton

ABATTOIR  Filename:abattrd2.zip
DEATHMATCH ONLY!!! Abattoir was originally designed for DOOM1, it was based on a version of CROSS.WAD I always enjoyed "The Cross" as a good warm up level, so I cleaned up the textures and added a bit on to it. If you've never played "The Cross" or "...Date:07/06/05
Size:8 KB
Author:Zen Psychosis (Wayne Conner)

(none)  Filename:abb2.zip
Big "Staduim of Death"!!! You just go around after you get the armour and blow the crap out of other people....Date:03/13/96
Size:138 KB
Author:Toby Spitalnick

abbsdth2.zip  Filename:abbsdth2.zip
Size:1284 KB

A Bunch of Stupid Little Deathmatch Maps  Filename:abosldm.zip
A Bunch of Stupid Little Deathmatch Maps...Date:02/14/01
Size:64 KB
Author:Cast Draling

abraxas.zip  Filename:abraxas.zip
Size:25 KB

ACD3A for ACD Computers' 3rd DOOM ][ Tournament  Filename:acd3a.zip
One main area containing a poison elevator that raises up to a poison platform where the BFG sits. Stairwells and hallways lead to areas surrounding the main area. The platform where the BFG sits can be shot at from these other areas....Date:05/21/95
Size:188 KB
Author:Scott Armatti

ACIDTICK  Filename:acidtick.zip
My very first wad. It is manely made up of 3 rooms each connect with a bridge. The middle room has a pit for that extra touch. Its a great wad for 3-4 player, I have played it 2 player also and it was fine. There is a two player exit...for those who ...Date:08/14/95
Size:144 KB
Author:Steve Silvester

Acropolis  Filename:acrpolis.zip
Size:53 KB
Author:Scott Giesking

The Grid, or the Warehouse ** DEATHMATCH WAD **  Filename:adamdm1.zip
You steal quickly through the shadows. Ahead, you can see a shotgun gleaming in the glaring brightness of an overhead light. You race straight for it and an eternity seems to pass before you feel the cold hard metal in your hands. Suddenly you spin a...Date:08/31/96
Size:13 KB
Author:Adam Berry (initial concept and design) Peter Ruderman (construction)

The absolute baddest Deathmatch level you'll ever see!! Addicted.wad!!! Hours of fraggin'...  Filename:addicted.zip
Size:34 KB
Author:Patrick Saville

ADDICTIV.WAD Addictive Deathmatch Series for Doom ][, parts 1-8 (Doom ][ v1.9 required for demos) Ex  Filename:addictiv.zip
Kill your friends, laughing sadistically on their hopeless efforts when they try to escape you. Oh, almost forgot: These places look good, too! There's three demos we recorded after 4am, when the fragfest had been going on for 8 hours or so... Ther...Date:10/06/96
Size:548 KB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Kernen

The Ad Mortem DM Series for Doom2  Filename:admortem.zip
These levels are designed especially for DeathMatch. They are all completely designed by me from scratch using Waded. They all are good for 1 on 1 as well as 4 players. All of theses levels are designed for fast, hard-core fraggin'....Date:12/25/97
Size:724 KB
Author:Bobby Pavlock (aka "Xcalibur)

Adolf Experience  Filename:adolf.zip
A Nazi Outpost, complete with Hitler Face, status \ bar, and covered with Hitler Accessories. \ SYSOP: XDU - 510-886-6513...Date:05/18/96
Size:104 KB

Doomed Sportsman's ad  Filename:ad_4_ds.zip
2-4 Player Deathmatch ONLY Layout of two connected rooms with a Temple in the main room filled with the goodies(BFG9000, MegaSphere). The Temple has a tricky, push the button and run sequence to get in. This wad contains only a few of each WeApOn & h...Date:05/03/95
Size:114 KB
Author:Megadeath Land'r

Aerox  Filename:aerox.zip
It's a duel map frag the other player. I also remembered to add in an exit to this one, so it definitely is vanilla compatible this time....Date:10/08/13
Size:14 KB
Author:David "Springy" Spring

The Ultimate Power Struggle  Filename:ae_tups.zip
32 levels of DEATHMATCH frenzy, all levels have been tested in 2,3 and 4 player games. Levels 1-14,25 don't have the BFG2000 in them and the rest do. Levels 23-30 are best suited for large 4 player games. We also tested all the levels in both deathma...Date:03/17/96
Size:545 KB
Author:Eric Sambach

The Ultimate Power Struggle ][  Filename:ae_tups2.zip
32 deathmatch levels... This is my BEST collection of maps yet, well i believe so anyway :) 12 of the maps came from ae_sfl.wad and ae_bt.wad and one came from the original ae_tups.wad, and 3 others I have released as teasers for this PWAD. So there ...Date:06/16/96
Size:562 KB
Author:Eric Sambach

After Doom ][  Filename:afterdm2.zip
This is the first .WAD I've decided to try and distribute properly, although I have done others in the past and some are almost as good. (So read on knowing that this is not one of those ones with a severe case of Tutti-Fruity (There is a tiny amount...Date:07/02/96
Size:27 KB
Author:James SML

After Life - no rest for the wicked  Filename:afterlfe.zip
Rest in peace? Hah! Not here... >=) Small layout that absolutely goes off in a 4 player game. 2 player is just as cool. Stay on your toes and dont go deaf or you may miss that vital welp of pain from the lava. If you run out of ammo then your d...Date:12/16/97
Size:5 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

ageo.zip  Filename:ageo.zip
-Deathmatch- Very intense!...Date:10/28/97
Size:19 KB
Author:Harq aka Paul

American Gludiators Assault - DeathMatch  Filename:agmax.zip
Like AG Assault, one guy on platform, other guy hides behind barriers, lotsa weapons and stuff. Nice cool music to set the tone. Sometimes both guys end up on the same level. This is really fun - chasing the other guy around the 'arena', like a wild ...Date:01/30/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Max Smolens

AGONISM.WAD  Filename:agonism.zip
Very small deathmatch only wad. Only 7 sectors!...Date:10/07/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

Agonism2.WAD  Filename:agonism2.zip
This is the follow up level for agonism.wad. It is a much more complicated deathmatch wad, consisting of an arena with four towers and a lot of teleportation. It is a medium sized level, and three or four players are recommended. All weapons (except ...Date:01/27/96
Size:28 KB
Author:Guy Shelton (aka Bane on Ifrag)

AGONISM3.WAD  Filename:agonism3.zip
Very small deathmatch level with a cave motif. All weapons available except the BFG....Date:01/27/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM4.WAD  Filename:agonism4.zip
Deatchmatch wad for level 4 of DOOM II. Very small, contains all weapons save for the BFG. Items are level-dependent, expect for weaponry....Date:01/27/96
Size:15 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM5.WAD  Filename:agonism5.zip
Small deathmatch level, containing all weapons, some ammo, and a little health. There is a trick to getting the plasma gun and BFG in the center of the level. The pattern to the lift in the center changes every time you play, sometimes its easy, most...Date:01/27/96
Size:15 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM6.WAD  Filename:agonism6.zip
Very small deathmatch wad, great for high frag count games....Date:02/28/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM7.WAD  Filename:agonism7.zip
Very small deathmatch wad, great for high frag count games. All Weapons available....Date:03/13/04
Size:12 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM8.WAD  Filename:agonism8.zip
Very small deathmatch wad, great for high frag count games. All Weapons available....Date:03/13/04
Size:14 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONISM9.WAD  Filename:agonism9.zip
A medium sized deathmatch wad with an outdoor setting. All weapons available, although the BFG and Plasma gun are more difficult to get....Date:03/13/04
Size:16 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

AGONSM10.WAD  Filename:agonsm10.zip
Small outdoor deathmatch wad, contains all weapons and new music. Skill level alters monster place- ment....Date:03/13/04
Size:21 KB
Author:Guy Shelton

The Agora, center of Latrobe University Australia. A Deathmatch WAD Series designed for 4 player. (D  Filename:agora.zip
Really just a map of LTU, includes: the Library, ELT (lecture theatre), SRC and of course the agora. Alot of the tricks are like those in the vort series. Just a damn good fun 4 player WAD, lotsa fun to be had!...Date:01/26/96
Size:25 KB
Author:Shane Arnott

Agent X (AGX22.WAD)  Filename:agx22.zip
Size:15 KB
Author:Dr Bombay

ahell  Filename:ahell.zip
Size:218 KB
Author:Adam Ward & Todd Starling

Aimless.wad  Filename:aimless.zip
Original doom2 deathmatch wad 2 to 4 players probably better with 4. 8 deathmatch starts so you won't know where the one you just killed will come back to life at....Date:01/26/96
Size:267 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

air.zip  Filename:air.zip
Size:95 KB

Alien DeathMatch  Filename:aliendm.zip
The level is set in a UAC's nuclear plant, occupied by aliens....Date:08/12/04
Size:47 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

ALLSKILL.WAD (All Skills Required Deathmatch)  Filename:allskill.zip
This level was designed for a good deathmatch game where you can expirence fragging more often than just once in a while. I added a few monsters incase you would like to play Deathmatch w/monsters on skill 5 so they would respawn (for a lil' twist) T...Date:10/29/04
Size:55 KB
Author:The Immortal

Allwrong.wad  Filename:allwrong.zip
this is just a deathmatch wad. i play it on altdeath, but im sure it would work without it.......Date:01/24/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Patch Cupka

Another DM map by Mr. Chris  Filename:alphadm.zip
A slightly better looking map for DM created by Doom Builder....Date:08/27/03
Size:15 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk AKA Mr. Chris

Satan's Altar  Filename:altar.zip
Its a very open deathmatch arena....Date:01/25/96
Size:50 KB
Author:Patrick Fox

"ALTAR"  Filename:altar2.zip
ALTAR for DOOM ][ is a deathmatch only level....Date:02/20/96
Size:149 KB
Author:Julian Gu(Gu Quan)

Alxdeth I Fucking Snipers  Filename:alxdeth1.zip
A deathmatch wad with lots of easy to find sniper points. It is an arena style wad. It has a lot of texture alignment to be done but that really doesn't subtract from the play. It all takes place inside....Date:02/17/96
Size:31 KB
Author:Alex Nichols

Alxdeth II: Your Fucked  Filename:alxdeth2.zip
A great improvement over Alxdeth I. This time around, every person has equal oppurtunity. Also, there are more changed sounds. This one is a winner....Date:02/17/96
Size:89 KB
Author:Alex Nichols

Alxdeth III I Got A Woody  Filename:alxdeth3.zip
The third and best installment in the series; Alxdeth III has new sounds, new title screen (if you play 1-p), and a great setup. It is primarly a deathmatch wad and there is not much purpose in playing it single player or cooperatively unless you wan...Date:02/17/96
Size:101 KB
Author:Alex Nichols

Alxdeth VI Floyd's Resurrection  Filename:alxdeth6.zip
Outdoor wad with lots of buildings and sniper areas. New sounds and once again music by Nirvana (lithium). Great play atmosphere and few bugs....Date:03/15/96
Size:127 KB
Author:Alex Nichols

Amadeus II  Filename:amadeus2.zip
This Is Simply a REMAKE Of AMADEUS.WAD With Some Major changes In Location's, And Amounts of Ammo Health, And Monsters. This WAD File is DEATHMATCH Specific, However just for the Hell of it, I threw In Coop Start Points. (I have No Idea Why?!?)...Date:10/30/04
Size:27 KB
Author:Paul Johnson - Aka: Dr. Doom (Sysop Of DOOMania! BBS)

Aftermath Oldschool Duel  Filename:amath.zip
A map pack containing 11 highly polished and thoroughly tested duel maps, made for the original "vanilla" doom2.exe. This WAD strives to create an oldschool dueling experience while pushing the vanilla engine to its limit. The end result is a map p...Date:01/05/14
Size:1693 KB
Author:Ian "Fragmare" McPherson

Amber Series (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amber01.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD. Both DeathMatch and AltDeath supported....Date:04/04/97
Size:25 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Amber Series (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amber02.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD. Both DeathMatch and AltDeath supported....Date:04/04/97
Size:14 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Amber Series (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amber03.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD. Both DeathMatch and AltDeath supported....Date:04/04/97
Size:15 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Amber Series (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amber04.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD. Both DeathMatch and AltDeath supported....Date:04/04/97
Size:20 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Amber Series (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amber05.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD. Both DeathMatch and AltDeath supported....Date:04/04/97
Size:25 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Thee Amber Series Amber MAP06 for DOOM2 DeathMatch.  Filename:amber06.zip
The first, last and only map created for Gothic3.WAD. Built for and tested with the stock DOOM2 executable....Date:06/29/01
Size:235 KB
Author:Matthew (aka Mattrim) Dixon - mattrim.curtis@home.com

Amber Extreme (for DOOM2 DeathMatch)  Filename:amberx1.zip
Small, fast, and furious DeathMatch PWAD, featuring five levels of nonstop, chaotic action. Support for both DeathMatch and AltDeath. Excellent weapons balance and play flow. Realistic designs and lighting effects. Custom graphics, music, and sound. ...Date:04/04/97
Size:388 KB
Author:Mattrim of Amber 䜟 dsRΌ

Ambush  Filename:ambush.zip
Deathmatch level with some cool visual effects....Date:04/04/96
Size:166 KB
Author:MrBlonde from Dallas

Ambush2  Filename:ambush2.zip
Deathmatch level with some cool visual effects and some Quake Sound FX....Date:06/10/96
Size:201 KB
Author:MrBlonde from Dallas

AMBUSHDM.WAD (Ambush Deathmatch)  Filename:ambushdm.zip
This level was designed to be used in deathmatch mode mainly, but I did throw a few monsters in to allow a user to lump up someone other then a human opponent. This WAD has some real nice defense features that I have not seen in any other WAD to date...Date:01/30/95
Size:55 KB

AM I EVIL  Filename:amievil.zip
medium sized medevial ,dungeon, castle feel deathmatch wad...Date:07/15/95
Size:23 KB

Anakin  Filename:anakin2.zip
A deathmatch wad-12 original levels I made myself coupled with new music and sounds for a pure fragfest....Date:02/24/96
Size:563 KB
Author:Anakin (Boston Dwango)

andr.zip  Filename:andr.zip
Size:16 KB
Author:andrei beliaev

Pain, Fear, and Anxiety: 2 Player Deathmatch  Filename:angst.zip
Deathmatch level designed for 2 players. My recommendation is that this level is played with alt-death (respawning weapons), and monsters (there is only one). All the weapons are incorperated into this wad, however, ammo is somewhat limited. Getting ...Date:11/12/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Jason Angst

Ankh  Filename:ankh.zip
Kinda hard Doom2 Deathmatch Wad. It's not that big of a wad so, one on one should pretty fun also....Date:08/17/95
Size:134 KB

More for Nikki  Filename:antagon2.zip
Dedicated to Boston Dwango Players. A Deathmatch level with some intersting teleportation going on - sometimes, if you dont pay attention, into jail - In a nice viewable jail where you are easy fragbait -oh, and be careful what you wish for... Shou...Date:01/09/96
Size:229 KB

AOA.WAD "Architecture of Aggression!"  Filename:aoa.zip
Small and furious! Looks kinda like a tiny mansion complete with large den, fireplace, library, and various other niceties. Just has that homey, cozy feel to it. Don't mind the blood on the wall or the guns in plain sight of the kids. The courtyard m...Date:08/02/95
Size:25 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. JedaiYet

My Apartment!  Filename:apt.zip
My apartment, just like the title says! (DOOM ][) This is my first attempt at making a PWAD, so be kind. BTW, my apartment is in Tampa, FL, near the Univ. of South Florida, where I am a Mech. Engineering Grad. Student. I started with the intent of ma...Date:02/02/95
Size:11 KB
Author:C. S. Campbell

ARCAIC D-Match  Filename:arcaic.zip
Size:17 KB

Arch Arena  Filename:arcarena.zip
Pretty kewl arena style level....Date:08/27/96
Size:116 KB
Author:Adam Carpenter a.k.a. Archangel

The Arches Of Doom  Filename:arch3.zip
Size:95 KB

Archpit Multiplayer  Filename:archpitm.zip
Challenging level consisting of 3 main rooms....Date:02/26/01
Size:21 KB
Author:John Stoltenberg

Arena ][, the first DeathMatch WAD for DOOM ][  Filename:arena-ii.zip
After kicking some demonic butt and saving Earth from a fate worse than hell, it's time for some R&R. NOT !!! It's time to kick some Marine ass and see how good you *really* are....Date:10/07/94
Size:15 KB
Author:Geoff Coovert Chris Howse

arena-x.zip  Filename:arena-x.zip
Size:23 KB

Arena123: DeathMatch Wad  Filename:arena123.zip
small arena with walls that can be dropped via a lift switch. Weapons: all, BFG hardest to get....Date:04/01/95
Size:15 KB
Author:Joey Cato

Arena 51  Filename:arena51.zip
Well, simply put, this is an arena for the classics! This is not a Shotgun2 though, you will find weapons and powerups placed intelligently. If you have been a deathmatch nut for quite a while, you will see that this level can function as Shotgun2, D...Date:09/27/96
Size:60 KB
Author:Samuel Lock (aka Lord Unum, Marduk)

:The Deathmatch Arena  Filename:arena666.zip
:a deathmatch level with 2 large rooms. One has pillars in it, the other a crushing ceiling activated by the switch. this level is very fair. it is not just a fight to see who gets to the good spot first. you'll love this level if you like deathmatch...Date:01/05/96
Size:14 KB
Author::Rob Mosher

Arena99.wad  Filename:arena99.zip
Size:7 KB

Arena Ball  Filename:arenabal.zip
This wad consists of an outer ring with an arena in the center. There is ammoa for everything, I mean EVERYTHING. (but no BFG). The start points are rooms that you can't enter once you have left Each starting room has a rocket launcher, beserk , chai...Date:06/22/95
Size:9 KB
Author:Eric Harrison (PolluX)

arenaod2.zip  Filename:arenaod2.zip
Size:13 KB

Arenas of Death  Filename:arenas.zip
This wad is seperated into multiple arenas all of which have their own aspects. Some arenas actually look down/up at each other!...Date:12/27/95
Size:18 KB
Author:Dr. Detroit (AKA London)

ARENA_D2.WAD  Filename:arena_d2.zip
A large arena, with complex temple located in its centre, Surrounded by a tunnel network and grandstands. Major death on Ultra-Violence FEATURES: Specifically designed for Deathmatch but can be played in single and Co-operative modes as well. - T...Date:02/03/06
Size:74 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

ARES1.WAD  Filename:ares1.zip
This level is made for primarily deathmatch!!!!...Date:09/28/95
Size:333 KB
Author:Adam Hawley & Scott Stancliff (Damage Inc.)

ARES2.WAD  Filename:ares2.zip
This level is made for primarily deathmatch only, seeing how there is no monsters and all those weapons....Date:09/28/95
Size:18 KB
Author:Adam Hawley & Scott Stancliff

ARES3.WAD  Filename:ares3.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:09/28/95
Size:33 KB
Author:Adam Hawley

ARES4.WAD  Filename:ares4.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:09/28/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Scott Stancliff + Adam Hawley

ARES5.WAD  Filename:ares5.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:01/23/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Adam Hawley + Scott Stancliff

ARES6.WAD  Filename:ares6.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:01/23/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Adam Hawley

ARES7.WAD  Filename:ares7.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players. (Like the rest of the ares series!)...Date:09/04/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Adam Hawley

ARES8.WAD  Filename:ares8.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:09/04/96
Size:23 KB
Author:Ross Carlson

ARESF.WAD  Filename:aresf.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:09/04/96
Size:12 KB
Author:Adam Hawley

ARMAGEDDON  Filename:armaged.zip
The most simple of all DM constructions - a room with 4 columns and a super shotgun in the middle. The architecture isn't as simple and boring as you might think, though. Also included are new player gfx, a new status bar and new music....Date:07/01/96
Size:136 KB
Author:Matthias Worch

BLACKMOD.WAD  Filename:armhaus1.zip
My 1st attempt at a doom leve. (it's my house, like everyone elses)....Date:10/18/97
Size:135 KB
Author:Armitage (Troy Newman)

The Armory Deathmatch  Filename:armorydm.zip
A small but interesting DM level suitable for 2-3 players, directly inspired by a real-life armory....Date:09/21/98
Size:27 KB
Author:Michael Niggel

aRMUS.WAD  Filename:armus.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player. with new music and sounds. doom2....Date:09/29/95
Size:196 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Around  Filename:around.zip
This was my first attempt at a Death Match only wad. The overall design is basically a small central arena with interconnecting hallways surrounding it. It also features transparent walls, teleporters, including one in the center of the arena that ha...Date:05/16/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Jamie L McCutchen

ARROHEAD.WAD (for DOOM2) Arrowhead  Filename:arrohead.zip
A small map suitable for fragging. There is an exit. There are SS's, rockets, There are shotguns, SS's, rockets and plasma weapons. Intended for deathmatch. Please E-mail your reviews of this WAD. I'd like to know how I did!...Date:03/30/96
Size:103 KB
Author:Pete Tomlinson

Arsehole  Filename:arsehole.zip
It's a duel map frag the other player. I also remembered to add in an exit to this one, so it definitely is vanilla compatible this time....Date:10/08/13
Size:24 KB
Author:David "Springy" Spring

Arena Of Destruction  Filename:ar_dest.zip
This is a level which was ONLY made for DEATHMATCH !! A lot of other Deathmatch-levels are boring, because they are too big! So I made a small but exciting level, where you will see your Enemies very often. There is just one secret place, but a lot o...Date:07/22/95
Size:39 KB
Author:Rainer "Magic Eye" K.

The A.S. Wad  Filename:as7.zip
Do you like to spend all your online...Date:10/21/96
Size:195 KB
Author:Blind Panic aka-Jack Scurvy Captain Sam Hell aka-Neighbor Jim

ASHBURY for DOOM2 for DEATHMATCH  Filename:ashbury1.zip
A fun (hopefully) deathmatch level, not too big. I borrowed some textures from some DOOM1 WADS I had. The sky texture is a starry background, NOT like the starry sky in shover, I like it better. =) The only other new texture(s) is one of David Letter...Date:07/18/95
Size:184 KB
Author:John Emery (john@microsp.com)

A simple one, too  Filename:asimple2.zip
Just like the previous version, ASIMPLE1.WAD, but with a few changes. I added some self-building stairs in a couple of places as a possible escape from being trapped by your friend. It made the wad a lot better, giving everyone an even chance. By the...Date:04/01/96
Size:12 KB
Author:Byron Collins

ASNEW8  Filename:asnew8.zip
Fast, tight deathmatch level, originally made for Doom 1 (Asnew7.wad), now altered for Doom 2....Date:12/19/94
Size:20 KB
Author:Richard Cox & Alex Scott

ASYLUM.WAD  Filename:asylum.zip
This wad should provide hours of fun. You start off with at least one weapon and you can easily get others. Lot's of ways to ambush and lots of places to get killed :). This wad can only be exited with two or more players if you're not cheating....Date:10/26/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Erwen Tang

ATHEIST2  Filename:atheist2.zip
Just a Deathmatch WAD....Date:04/01/97
Size:12 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

attack.zip  Filename:attack.zip
Size:530 KB

Attacked  Filename:attacked.zip
A nice little 2-4 player Deathmatch level, with 4 players it should be insane. Neat trick: get plasma, hold down FIRE, and hold down RUN BACKWARDS while behind one of the faces (You teleport constantly while firing, and create a big plasma crossfire)...Date:11/18/96
Size:74 KB
Author:Peter Kasting, aka Dr. 0

SNiPER 0.1 Copyright @1998 by Nik Pilkington  Filename:attic.zip
Attic.wad is a deathmatch wad, pretyy Fun with 2 players Always better with 4. There is an attic type thing that you fight for to get the Plasma gun. And you knock the people that are trying to get up way down the stairs. Very Amusing!! Send any Comm...Date:07/30/98
Size:17 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington (aka Sniper sst_misery) for DOOM II

Augustus Caesar  Filename:august.zip
Pure deathmatch design. Well balanced placement of weapons and ammo. This level offers a real challenge to experienced deathmatch players. The more advanced weapons require some risk to obtain. Zip file includes a one player demo that shows where all...Date:04/02/95
Size:38 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

August02.wad  Filename:august02.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. It's small and is therefore intense with 2 players... 3 and 4-way is MAD! It's for DEATHMATCH 1 (OLD DEATHMATCH) note: * skill 1/2/3: All weapons available except the BFG * * skill 4/5 all weapons available INCLUDING the ...Date:06/22/96
Size:15 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August03.wad  Filename:august03.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. It's sort of an "arena-style" level and even though it's big, it's quite simple so you still can get some action going with 2 players only. I recommend 3 or 4 players for a good game though. In my opinion, DEATHMATCH 2....Date:06/18/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August04.wad  Filename:august04.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. hehe...the BFG is quite crushing! This is another level in the August-series and it's made for DEATHMATCH 1. Note: * skill 1/2/3 All weapons available except the BFG * * skill 4/5 all weapons available INCLUDING the BFG...Date:06/18/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August05.wad  Filename:august05.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. This one's very tight so if you play it with more than 2 players your ass is history...! :) It's for DEATHMATCH 1 because of the level's size. Note: * skill 1/2/3 All weapons available except the BFG * * skill 4/5 all w...Date:06/18/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August06.wad  Filename:august06.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. This level is for DEATHMATCH 2.0...please play it that way! It's bigger than my previous August wads, so DEATHMATCH 2 is best for this level... Play this level *strategilly* and it'll be a blast! Note: * skill 1/2/3 All w...Date:06/18/96
Size:30 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August07.wad  Filename:august07.zip
A level for Deathmatch only. This (maybe the last?) August wad is a VERY tight level you may compare it to level 07 of DOOM2...just smaller. Call it "Dead Simple 2" if you like! :) It's made with the thought that everyone should have a fair chance......Date:06/18/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August08.wad  Filename:august08.zip
This level is a bit diff compared to the previous August levels: it's fully optimized for TEAM play! You can play it with the normal DEATHMATCH rules if you like, but it'll definetely work best with 2 vs 2= 4 players are therefore needed! As mentione...Date:06/18/96
Size:42 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August09.wad  Filename:august09.zip
Another DEATHMATCH lv in the August-series...Just can't stop! *This one's a bit spicy; it contains monsters!* The lv is not crammed with 'em, i've just placed a few to make the game more interesting... so please play August09.wad with monsters ON and...Date:06/18/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August10.wad  Filename:august10.zip
A level for DEATHMATCH only! Lots o'mazes is the keyword for this level! Play it with DEATHMATCH 1.0 or DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules... that's up to you. All weapons are available on skill 3/4/5, no BFG on skill 1/2. It's quite dark and sinister so be carefu...Date:06/18/96
Size:18 KB
Author:Kenneth Jacobsen (TheAugustMan)

August11.wad  Filename:august11.zip
A level for DEATHMATCH only! Based on the wood textures with a dim light most places. In this level you'll find it useful to jump...snipe... jump...snipe...they're alot of different highs in this level and the big weapons are placed so you must jump ...Date:06/18/96
Size:20 KB

Avatar Collection #1  Filename:avatar1.zip
5 great Deathmatch specific levels, each well tested and including not only great technique but great amounts of texture alignment, too....Date:05/19/95
Size:222 KB
Author:Mackey McCandlish

Avatar Collection #2  Filename:avatar2.zip
5 great Deathmatch specific levels, each well tested and including not only great technique but great amounts of texture alignment, too (and with the coming of Avatar2, new floors and walls). Be aware, however, that the Avatar2 levels are more comple...Date:06/30/95
Size:456 KB
Author:Mackey McCandlish

awesmdth.zip  Filename:awesmdth.zip
Size:14 KB

A Taste of Things To Come  Filename:a_taste.zip
This is the first level in my upcoming wad, chukker1.wad. This...Date:04/08/96
Size:19 KB
Author:Charles DePalmo, A.K.A. Chux, The Chukker, Dude

Building 3  Filename:b3.zip
This level is equipped with one of my favorite surprises. It's the most amazing lighting trick ever done in a wad so far (to my knowledge). Now if you get bored of the normal hunt/find/kill you can turn it into a strobe match: find your enemy by catc...Date:08/24/95
Size:34 KB
Author:Marc R. Bublitz

baal4.zip  Filename:baal4.zip
Size:17 KB

BAB DeathMatch for Doom2  Filename:babdm.zip
Replacement for DOOM2 @ levels 1 - 04 Great for solo play or multi player. Deathmatch! Excellent has been updated and tested now. Allows for plenty of ammo and health. You are not overpowered by more monsters than you can handle (well, most of the ti...Date:06/16/98
Size:115 KB
Author:Bruce A. Benko

BaC: Ship Of Fools  Filename:bac01.zip
Primarily a deathmatch. We tried to keep it as in-theme as possible. It takes place in the engine room and bridge of a starship. Complete with a working airlock!...Date:08/19/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Jim Davis and Kevin O'Mara

WELCOME TO THE BACARDI SERIES!  Filename:bacardi1.zip
Ahem, here goez......Date:04/29/96
Size:397 KB
Author:LORDUNUM (Samuel Lock)

BACKHOME.WAD  Filename:backhome.zip
DeathMatch: Finally after beating the hell out of the Spider Demon you enter the gateway that appeared in front of you. Emerging from the gateway on the other side you notice that it has brought you back to your home on Earth. Entering the front door...Date:05/29/96
Size:94 KB
Author:Tim Butler

HELL'S BACKYARD  Filename:backyard.zip
DOOM II map 01 replacement, developed specifically for Deathmatch play. (Good luck getting the rocket launcher!!)...Date:02/02/96
Size:30 KB
Author:Colin Roberts

bad3.WAD  Filename:bad3.zip
our favorite deathmatch wad yet (out of all that we've come accross). It was originally made from Doom's E1M1 and then converted to work with Doom ][. This level has many surprises and it's really easy to ambush and backtrack on your opponent! :)...Date:02/08/95
Size:38 KB
Author:Jack Linn, Eric Kloss

BADARENA.WAD (for DOOM II)  Filename:badarena.zip
The Deathmatch Arena! Purely designed for the ultimate deathmatch battle! There are winding hallways, secret alcoves, traps, and of course, the Arena itself. Every weapon is avail- able on the level so if you can't find one keep looking. The level is...Date:12/02/94
Size:274 KB
Author:Joe Liccel

Badlands.wad  Filename:badlands.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player. Better played with music volume down and SFX volume up in your options setup screen....Date:10/04/95
Size:251 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Badmans for Doom II  Filename:badmans.zip
This level was made specifically for DEATHMATCH. There are several (Hiding Places). If you see marks on the wall or somethin on the floor, its a good chance you can walk thru it. All weapons are in this level with plenty of ammo. There is one green a...Date:09/25/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Pierre A. DeSeve

Bahdko1 for Doom II  Filename:bahdko1.zip
This is the final version of my first public release deathmatch map. Its file information is: BAHDKO1 WAD 46,992 03-28-03 3:27a. I had originally intended it as only for 4 or more players, but playtesting has shown it to work reasonably well as a lar...Date:04/14/03
Size:19 KB

balance.wad  Filename:balance.zip
A deathmatch level that takes place in a dark storeroom. Players must dance on crate tops without falling off to eliminate the enemy. No worries though, there is no penalty for falling. Actually, just the weapons are on the boxes, and most of your ba...Date:11/26/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

"Balance" for DOOM ][ <06-01-1997>  Filename:balance2.zip
Size:14 KB
Author:Martin Dunst

Balcony  Filename:balcony2.zip
Size:102 KB
Author:Tim Tracey

Ball Buster! (Baseball that is!)  Filename:ballbust.zip
Two players DM wad, several rooms, cool ambush spots (a little thought required) great for killing your best bud. It's Got It All!! Sorry no ATM....Date:12/12/95
Size:471 KB
Author:Eddie Hausknecht

BarBell: DeathMatch Wad  Filename:barbell.zip
Features: Barbell-shaped arena that forces players to charge at each other across a narrow ledge, also includes a pit of archviles ( fun to watch the other player get blasted into the air by them ) Weapons: Plasma gun & rocket launcher....Date:04/01/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Joey Cato

Barbell2  Filename:barbell2.zip
Single room deathmatch with archvile popping gimmick. Exploits this Doom gimmick well. Play this one when you're in a good mood :.)....Date:09/25/97
Size:5 KB
Author:Joey Cato(orig. wad altered by Derek Merrill)

Baro3.wad  Filename:baro3.zip
This is a deathmatch -=only=- wad that is made just for deathmatch....Date:04/30/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Baron (irc=Baroban)

Baro5.wad  Filename:baro5.zip
This is a deathmatch -=only=- wad that is made just for deathmatch....Date:04/30/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Baron (irc=Baroban)

BAROPAK.WAD  Filename:baropak.zip
14 brand NEW doom 2 levels, never been released I made them primarily for deathmatch with my buds and have never had the oppurtunity to release them to the general public until now, these levels are all original, every texture is aligned :)...Date:09/06/95
Size:216 KB
Author:Aaron Desilet (baroban on irc)

Barracks  Filename:barracks.zip
A deathmatch buidling surrounded by large castle walls. Lot's of windows, and funny frags. Also, there is a cool secret, it's the only one, but it's easy to keep everybody else out..with the goggles, you are the only one that can see!...Date:06/14/96
Size:197 KB
Author:Gamer's Alliance Team Matt Rowell

None. (oh well)  Filename:bars.zip
Want to deathmatch? This level is small, well- balanced, has no bugs or annoying non-aligned textures, and is a hell of a lot of fun to play. features just enough weapons/ammo, a few extra tricks to surprise you (you WON'T have seen these) and lots o...Date:03/02/96
Size:9 KB
Author:Carl Brennan

Bartdke.wad  Filename:bartdke.zip
They haven't released Duke Nukem yet and we can only play two player over the modem so I decided to make this wad. It is as close as I could come to the first level of Duke Nukem with the doom2 engine. Those of you that Know what you can and can't do...Date:04/14/96
Size:53 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartdm2.wad  Filename:bartdm2.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player...Date:08/14/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartdm3.wad  Filename:bartdm3.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player...Date:04/28/96
Size:22 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartdm4.wad  Filename:bartdm4.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player. W/No BFG. Better play without it....Date:02/02/96
Size:37 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartdm5.wad  Filename:bartdm5.zip
Great Deathmatch wad 2-4 player...Date:04/28/96
Size:45 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartfx.wad  Filename:bartfx.zip
Original doom2 deathmatch wad 2 to 4 players probably better with 4. 8 deathmatch starts so you won't know where the one you just killed will come back to life at....Date:01/07/96
Size:156 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Bartfx3.wad  Filename:bartfx3.zip
Original doom2 deathmatch wad 2 to 4 player wad probably better w/2. It's small for a great two player game. The size is big cause of the added textuers....Date:04/28/96
Size:38 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Base.wad (for Doom 2)  Filename:base.zip
This Deathmatch-only level was created with the intention of one player have a huge...Date:03/23/96
Size:51 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Base.wad (for Doom 2)  Filename:base1.zip
This Deathmatch-only level was created with the intention of one player have a huge...Date:04/22/97
Size:42 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Base of Deathmatch  Filename:baseofdm.zip
Small deathmatch level (size similar to Map07)...Date:04/30/98
Size:15 KB
Author:David Gevert

bash1.zip  Filename:bash1.zip
Size:9 KB
Author:. I ask, however that you wait until the release of BASH2.WAD

Bastard.wad Copyright @1998 by Nik Pilkington  Filename:bastard.zip
Bastard.wad is a Deathmatch level with a central Mayan Hut. Opinions, comments, suggestions to grizzlebrach@hotmail.com!...Date:07/30/98
Size:13 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington (aka Sniper sst_misery) for DOOM II

Baboons' Pleasure Pak I  Filename:bbnzpak1.zip
Size:128 KB

bbnzplz5.zip  Filename:bbnzplz5.zip
Size:102 KB
Author:may use this level as a base to build additional levels. But just give me credit '][urrachi' or 'SP

A really really really big hole  Filename:bc_dm_01.zip
A deathmatch thingy around a big hole...Date:06/21/01
Size:36 KB
Author:Busted Corpse

Best Deathmatch Level (BDL)  Filename:bdl.zip
Size:35 KB
Author:David Schaeling

BDM2_F.WAD (aka brian's death match wad for doom][)  Filename:bdm2_f.zip
This is a wad designed for death match but it seems more fun in single player. It is a half outside, half inside level. I think it came out pretty damn good, Give it a look! All the weapons are there but not keys. In single player there are gobs of b...Date:06/28/95
Size:35 KB
Author:Brian Martin

BEATLE.WAD for DOOM II!  Filename:beatle.zip
BEATLE.WAD is a single level deathmatch wad. I tried to incorporate the things that make deathmatch fun (and left out the stuff that sucks, i.e. chaingun vs. BFG, beserker boxes, etc.)....Date:05/22/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Marc Howell

Beauhole.wad  Filename:beauhole.zip
Size:32 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Belch's Deathmatch  Filename:belch01a.zip
It is a nice sized dm level with plety of ammo and health, it also has all the guns. The energy weapons and the Rocket Launcher are in harder places to get than others....Date:06/16/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Jonathan Elly (belch- on IRC)

Belch's Deathmatch2  Filename:belch02a.zip
It is a nice sized dm level with plety of ammo and health, it also has all the guns. The energy weapons and the Rocket Launcher are in harder places to get than others....Date:06/16/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Jonathan Elly (belch- on IRC)

Belch's Deathmatch3  Filename:belch03.zip
It is a nice sized dm level with plenty of ammo and health, it also has all the guns. The energy weapons and the Rocket Launcher are in harder places to get than others....Date:06/24/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Jonathan Elly (belch- on IRC)

Belch's Deathmatch4  Filename:belch04.zip
In this level i was trying to be more clean about it so i spent more time on texture alignment. And in belch03 i sorta rushed through it and it didnt turn out the way i wanted so this wad is much nicer and cleaner looking. It has All the guns in neat...Date:07/06/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Jonathan Elly (belch on IRC, #doom)

BERESITH Deathmatch Levels  Filename:beresith.zip
Four dynamic levels with common themes, primarily designed for head-to-head duels, old-deathmatch. Take a look at the demos! Map 01: 'Royal Flush' Map 02: 'Never Again' Map 03: 'Bridge Between' (peviously released for Boom) Map 04: 'The Court's Gra...Date:04/01/00
Size:198 KB
Author:Albert Valls 'AVJ Vrooomer'

Berzerk  Filename:berzerk.zip
Don't you just love the feeling of killing your enemies with your bare hands. Well then, this wad's for you! NO rocket-launcher, No, BFG's, No weapons at all! Except a few chainsaws. Use them if your knuckles are bruized. This wad is made for death-m...Date:08/07/95
Size:9 KB

DeathMatch in Cloud City  Filename:bespin.zip
Stuck in Cloud City. Explore, kill monsters, and make your way to the Carbonite chamber....Date:04/01/95
Size:50 KB
Author:Jeff Ross

The Best Deathmatch Levels 1  Filename:bestdml1.zip
Size:271 KB
Author:J. Fraser(Perseus)/J. Morton(Hazzie)

(Once Again) MAP01 The BloodFalls  Filename:bfalls.zip
Size:41 KB
Author:The Dark Lord!

Big Funny Gun Fun  Filename:bfgfun.zip
This WAD was inspired by the BFG FAQ by Tony Fabris. It is a deathmatch WAD designed to help you exercise the deathmatch BFG techniques described therein. Everyone should read it for their safety and protection :)....Date:10/21/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Chris Somers

BFG 9000 Hell v. 2.0 - DeathMatch  Filename:bfghell2.zip
This level is write for good players in the BFG fire tecnique, but is also good to play with conventional weapon Features: - Secure start rooms for deathmatch, to prevent born/death - Exit need 2 players, a button in a room open a door in another far...Date:04/29/96
Size:41 KB
Author:ANDREA GATTO - Bologna, ITALY

bfghunt.wad  Filename:bfghunt.zip
Basically this is one large room with a number of columns, plus four lifts. There is a BFG gun in each corner,with ammo and on the center lift there is guns,ammo,armor,and a globe. When you start the game grab a BFG and max out on ammo and you are re...Date:05/18/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Steve Mrozinski

BFG SPAZ (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD)  Filename:bfgspaz.zip
I hate the BFG. No skill involved with it. Some players like the mass destruction it causes, so I created this level with those players in mind, and it's actually quite fun. This level was designed to be small, fast and furious. Non-stop fraggin acti...Date:03/20/95
Size:60 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TIMinator)

BFG Trap v1.0  Filename:bfgtrap.zip
Here is my very first level. Tested to be quite fun with 3 or more players in a deathmatch game. Features: teleports, long staircases, imbedded crushing ceilings, dark "sniper" positions, and a very interesting "one-way" wall, that lets you fire at s...Date:02/03/96
Size:26 KB
Author:Scott Balay (Vertigo)

Battle Field and Hill Fun  Filename:bfield.zip
This is a DEATHMATCH level. There are *NO* monsters so if your expecting to play this alone you'll get bored. This is an mostly an open area playing area. It includes 1 fort and 1 bunker. This is best played with two teams of two. Just remember who y...Date:10/17/98
Size:48 KB

Bluegill's Arena of Death  Filename:bgarena.zip
This level is basically one big room. Its meant to be played with monsters (for some sounds), don't worry you'll never see them. :) It's totally a deathmatch level. All weapons are present but some extract a price to retrieve. There is no armor and v...Date:08/12/95
Size:142 KB
Author:Bluegill Saucerhead

Untitled (or bictoan. "Blah, I Can't Think Of A Name")  Filename:bictoan.zip
My Second DM Level that I released. Basicly like my first, just diffrent! Less weapons/ammo, has textures this time (few problems), and looks better! OH WAIT! I forgot something! I put an exit in this one! I'm thinking about making a MegaWad with lev...Date:09/05/00
Size:7 KB
Author:Rob 'Fonz' LoFaso

BIGBASE for DOOM ][  Filename:bigbase.zip
pure Deathmatch fun !!!...Date:08/15/96
Size:213 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars

The big, bad 'n ugly one  Filename:bigbnu.zip
Guess what; a big, bad and ugly map. The only catch is that it took me under 16 hours to make, which is a record time for me at least. Minimum amount of players to have some fun would be around 5 or 6. 10 would be recommended, but to be honest I wo...Date:06/11/03
Size:62 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Big and Dumb  Filename:bigdumb.zip
A big room filled with Cyberdemons. There are a few Imps and Pain Elementals and halls around the 'arena'. There are a few secrets, such as hidden walls, teleporters, and elevators. Exit is readily available in the middle. I added two new sounds to m...Date:08/26/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Eric Wilkinson

Bigfight DeathMatch  Filename:bigfight.zip
Boxing wad for Doom2 1.9 Bit of a larf really........Date:04/01/95
Size:116 KB
Author:Steve Lamb

Big City  Filename:biggcity.zip
Yet another deathmatch PWAD for doom2. Complete with a baseball park (but the players are on strike). This new PWAD comes equipped with 3 HUGE buildings, and the newest hangout for MLB players while in Biggcity. Yes, a new ballpark, Launcher Field,...Date:05/30/05
Size:63 KB
Author:Matt Simmon

bigger32.zip  Filename:bigger32.zip
21 levels of fire-eating deathmatch. You won't get tired of this. By the way if you're one of those who plays the first 2 maps and says, "Eh..", start on 12 so you can see the really good ones. Many of these maps will look like other maps... Well, my...Date:06/14/96
Size:852 KB

bigmap.zip  Filename:bigmap.zip
Size:8 KB

Big Sky -- Just another frag-fest.  Filename:bigsky.zip
A death-match only level utilizing all weapons. The playing field is semi-open using multiple heights and nukeage to spice things up....Date:10/28/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Walt Armour

BILL2  Filename:bill2.zip
Single deathmatch level designed for close quarters combat. Takes a little bit of brains but not for the mensa group. Just remember that if you must have that BFG (BFG Queens take note), then go ahead and take the risk....Date:06/24/95
Size:107 KB
Author:Bill Reynolds (Dallas DWANGO Senior Moderator)

BioDeath  Filename:biodeath.zip
BioDeath! For your DeathMatch Pleasure! A wide open space with trenchs, pits, hills, and such so you can hide, jump, and kill your opponents!...Date:03/31/97
Size:60 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

BIOHAZRD, an excellent Doom ][ Deathmatch Level  Filename:biohazrd.zip
A lot of intersecting hallways that all lead to a large central room with a pit. This is a Deathmatch level. No monsters, traps or anything else that would steal a frag from another player. Also has one exit (not hidden) so that you can see the frag ...Date:03/07/95
Size:68 KB
Author:Brian Craig

Bite Me!  Filename:bite_me.zip
Deathmatch level, suitable for 2-3 players, may be too crowded with four....Date:11/22/95
Size:31 KB
Author:Matt Hindle (TRIGGER)

Bryan J's Room of DM (Conversion of BSMAZE from MapEdit on Blood)  Filename:bjroomdm.zip
Just a 1-level map conversion made in Hand using Doom Builder 2, BSMAZE.map from Blood (Monolith) Its a very-small map for Deathmatches This is my first map...Date:03/07/14
Size:11 KB

Be Knight  Filename:bk.zip
pure deathmatch2.0 arena level...Date:10/31/95
Size:5 KB
Author:CHAN Lancelot the Jedi DOOMINATOR the DARKSIDER

BKW3 Deathmatch  Filename:bkw3.zip
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:07/19/96
Size:44 KB
Author:Little Red

Black  Filename:black.zip
Single-Level Deathmatch for Doom ][. Players compete in a large room with two control room bunkers to inflict bad things upon others. The title comes from the dark wall textures used....Date:01/27/96
Size:43 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

BLACKMOD.WAD  Filename:blackmod.zip
Black modular designed deathmatch arena-style level....Date:11/12/96
Size:205 KB
Author:Armitage (Troy Newman)

Blake Wad  Filename:blake.zip
The ultimate deathmatch! And I mean ultimate!. This wad has has everything a deathmatch should. It has a chainsaw room(where players use just chainsaws!) A rocket room (I think you know where I'm coming from) Plasma room, rifle room, barrel room, cha...Date:08/19/96
Size:888 KB
Author:Blake McCorkle

Blastem  Filename:blastem.zip
Umm...Hehe, I tried to make this level kind of like the Danzig wads. I dont think i did that good of a job...Still, hope you like it....Date:05/17/95
Size:101 KB
Author:Will Pendleton

Blast 'em  Filename:blastem2.zip
Blasting bad guys out the windows of a tall building....Date:05/17/96
Size:7 KB
Author:Rob Gill

BLASTEM  Filename:blastema.zip
Two level deathmatch for Doom 2. First level is a large open area with buildings, many weapons, sniper spots, ect. Second level is similar to a large arena, and has ledges....Date:11/20/04
Size:119 KB
Author:Bill Spratt

blazing.zip  Filename:blazing.zip
Clean symmetrical levels for good dm multi-player play. Rockets and Plasma only. First level has 4 giant lifts with staggered openings....Date:09/25/97
Size:43 KB
Author:David Merrill

Blood letting.  Filename:bldletng.zip
Yet another Deathmatch level, Only for Deathmatch....Date:11/21/04
Size:25 KB
Author:Matt Simmon

Blood Thirst  Filename:bldthrst.zip
Welcome to Blood Thirst, a gore-spattered arena of senseless violence and death. Grab your SSG and get fragging! This is a medium-sized deathmatch map ideal for 4+ players....Date:02/05/14
Size:67 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

BLINDSIDE  Filename:blindsde.zip
of the Wad * Blindside is a compact, fast-paced, beautifully designed Deathmatch level with incredible new sounds and textures. It's been playtested on the Dwango server, and the frag-count just kept spinning higher and higher like the wheels on slot...Date:04/29/96
Size:242 KB
Author:Dan McAleese

blister.zip  Filename:blister.zip
Size:54 KB

Blister 21: Halls of Blood  Filename:blistr21.zip
Strictly a Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 21....Date:06/29/95
Size:46 KB
Author:Kurt Dillard

BLITZ!!!  Filename:blitz.zip
This is a new level i made specificaly for deathmatch. It all the gun except BFG. It also has all new sounds and a NIN song. I also spent alot of time on new graphics. There is now a target on your opponents back. The rockets have smiles on the tip. ...Date:07/31/95
Size:338 KB
Author:Michael White aka. OSAKA!!

Blitzkrieg!  Filename:blitz2.zip
This is undoubtedly the fastest paced level ever made! You cannot rest a second without being fragged! So load the level and get ready for adren- aline pumping action. WHO NEEDS CAFFEINE?!...Date:09/27/96
Size:34 KB
Author:Samuel Lock (aka Lord Unum, Marduk)

Blitzkrieg (Lightning War!)  Filename:blitzkrg.zip
An 8 level deathmatch fest of all original DOOM II levels (I've been hoarding them!). I feel all the aforementioned wads I created suck, and these are 1000% better! To give you an idea of what I like (and what you should be playing!) here is a list o...Date:07/29/95
Size:165 KB
Author:Jason Kirby

Block 'o Frags  Filename:block.zip
This deathmatch level turned out really well: it has got to be one of the fastest levels ever. Anti-hording methods have been employed: such as over-abundance of weapons. All four big dm weapons are used: chain gun, double barrel, rocket launcher and...Date:09/22/96
Size:18 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Arena of Blood  Filename:blood.zip
This is an arena style Deathmatch level. I have never exactly had the chance to play Deathmatch with someone when I designed this but I have set it up to where I think it would be a good chalenge. There are a few weapons spread out but only one perso...Date:08/10/95
Size:5 KB
Author:Jordan Sindelar

Feild of Blood (blood1.wad)  Filename:blood1_d.zip
This level was designed to be used in deathmatch. This is an ultra cool level. You can play with it by yourself, but just to look around...,...Date:07/22/99
Size:6 KB
Author:Naplam Man (Keith)

blowaway.zip  Filename:blowaway.zip
Size:404 KB
Author:Stud Muffin & Blackhawk Of Carolina Chat(www.cchat.com)

BLOW_A.wad (Pardon the pun)  Filename:blow_a.zip
This is a great small, multi-frag level with a few spots to hide (don't stay too long though or KERSPLAT!). Great for two player... haven't tried multi.... let me know! Make sure you use the altdeath parameter for this level (-altdeath) and make sure...Date:10/08/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Darren Cummings

BLUDBATH.WAD  Filename:bludba.zip
This level is designed to be a fast paced deathmatch level with a Doom ][ feel. The only obsticals in the level are the weapons. All weapons are present, but each weapon has a certain degree of consequence. The plasma being one of the favorite weapon...Date:11/30/04
Size:31 KB
Author:John "Doominator" Ehde

bloodbath  Filename:bludbath.zip
a bath for deathmatch only, where you got enough frag to make B.B.Q...Date:07/19/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Martin Champagne

BLUDBTH3.WAD  Filename:bludbth3.zip
This level is designed to be a fast paced deathmatch level with a Doom ][ feel. The level is very smooth flowing. You'll find yourself covering all of the level. The weapon layout was well thought out, so that certain weapons are more desirable to ob...Date:03/20/97
Size:25 KB
Author:John "Doominator" Ehde

Bloodlust  Filename:bludlust.zip
A large Deathmatch designed with 3 or 4 players in mind, but 2 players will have a blast too. Single play mode has monsters, but not many; this wad was constructed primarily for Deathmatches. Take a GOOD, LONG look around before Deathmatch play becau...Date:12/28/98
Size:37 KB

BludSport  Filename:bludsprt.zip
Primarily a Deathmatch level, but single player and cooperative games are supported. Imagine each player (in Deathmatch) is dropped into a WORLD of pain before turning on each other. If you and your buddies want to run around an underground, multi-le...Date:02/25/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Glenn Storm

BLUE-UP  Filename:blue-up.zip
I was inspired to make a "Ledges" type of deathmatch level with the secret areas in blue....Date:05/28/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Jame-Paul Omens

BLUE  Filename:blue.zip
A two-player Doom 2 DeathMatch, extensively playtested. Used in Tournaments....Date:04/16/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Harv and Elf

The Running Man  Filename:blue01.zip
This is another small intense deathmatch level. Best suited for altdeath, It contains all of the weapons, a little of health, and no armor. This level features a couple of neat weapon placements (including my own personal favorite, the disarming BFG)...Date:01/25/96
Size:9 KB
Author:Stephen Heaslip

The Iron Cross  Filename:blue02.zip
This is a small intense deathmatch level. It contains all of the weapons but the BFG, little health, and no armor. Named "The Iron Cross" for its shape, this level features fast action in close quarters and an elegant design. A great break from t...Date:02/01/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Stephen Heaslip (blue)

blue1.zip  Filename:blue1.zip
Level one has Revenants on middle BFG lift. Level two has two large rooms with a large pyramid in the middle of each. Teleporters to a symmetrical snipe spot between the two rooms. There is a cyberdemon in each of the two large rooms-added for additi...Date:09/25/97
Size:27 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

BLUEDETH  Filename:bluedeth.zip
Very cool looking deathmatch for Doom 2. You don't see many that look this good. :)...Date:10/02/95
Size:30 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

BM Death Match  Filename:bmdeathm.zip
Ok its 1 in the mourning and Dave(who is not here) pissed you off last night so you call him up and frag his but....Date:10/25/96
Size:13 KB
Author:Bri Madore

BORIS's Death Chasm for DOOM II!  Filename:bnew.zip
This is my first all out wad. I only put one level in it because this is all I have completed as yet. Basicly it's a big tube with adjoining rooms. You have to find all the keys to get into the Art Museum which contains many of Boris Valleho's works ...Date:02/20/95
Size:487 KB
Author:Arlo Aude

Boner's Birthday Wad  Filename:boner.zip
A birthday tribute to a Deathmatch buddy of mine. It's not very fancy, so it's not slowed down by unnecessary graphics. Just a good deathmatch level. Lots of powerups and weapons, and more than one way into every room and area. Several teleporters Date:06/05/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Adam Rich

Boo  Filename:boo.zip
Purpose built for DEATHMATCH (4 player). It is a relatively simple design, but I figure deathmatch is about killing people - not admiring the scenery....Date:04/17/97
Size:8 KB
Author:John Watt

Book safety zone  Filename:books.zip
This is a deathmatch level. A cabin holding a Super Shotgun, a BFG 9000, a plasma rifle, a medikit, and lots of ammo lies in the center of the level. There are eight more weapons spread throughout the wad. Hot earth makes the cabin even harder to acc...Date:08/17/99
Size:17 KB

BOOTHILL -- Complete Western Conversion for DOOM2  Filename:boothill.zip
The Boothill project was a joint effort by myself and several other DOOM fanatics to put together a complete Western conversion for DOOM2, as we did not believe at the time that there were any quality western style levels out there. Boothill includes...Date:06/09/95
Size:1045 KB
Author:Tim (Timinator) Ash (asht@cadvision.com) Jason Kirby (jakirby@cyberstore.ca) Dave King (dking@awinc.

BOThered: Series01 (2 Maps)  Filename:bothered.zip
2 Maps for 4+ Players and optimized for BOT play Deathmatch only, No CTF here, not yet at least. Employs GothicDM(2) texture resources......Date:04/03/99
Size:843 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka (a.k.a. Adelusion)

Boxes  Filename:boxes.zip
Boxes is a small level with beserk packs and super shotguns. It was inspired by comp map5, smiley. Thanx for the inspiration, and get comp!...Date:05/07/95
Size:50 KB
Author:Mark Cooke (Apollo on DWANGO)

boxing.zip  Filename:boxing.zip
Size:3 KB

BOXING.WAD  Filename:boxingc.zip
This wad really isn' a big deal. I pretty much just made it for fun. Dont expect alot of replay value from this one. (sorry) But I do hope you enjoy it all the same! OK heres the description, This is a Deathmatch boxing game (please no guns allowed) ...Date:12/03/04
Size:21 KB
Author:Mal Blackwell

Blood Pit V1.0 DEATHMATCH  Filename:bp10d.zip
This is the Deathmatch version of Blood Pit V1.0. The head is still there as the switch. Two rockets at it will set off all those explosins and end the game. It won't produce creatures though. Some stuff has been removed so it won't be so choppy. Mor...Date:05/15/96
Size:19 KB

BPC.wad  Filename:bpc.zip
Deathmatch wad for DoomII...Date:06/03/96
Size:93 KB

Attack on Outpost 7  Filename:bpodm001.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a central outdoor area with lurker spots all around. Many windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. All weapons can be found but the BFG is tricky....Date:04/10/97
Size:26 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

The Villa  Filename:bpodm002.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a large outdoor area with building on all sides. Many windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. All weapons can be found but the BFG is tricky....Date:04/10/97
Size:36 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

The Nuke Processing Plant  Filename:bpodm003.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a central indoor nuke pit with the plasma rifle in the center with lurker spots all around. Many windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. All weapons can ...Date:04/10/97
Size:30 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

Run for your Life  Filename:bpodm004.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a central outdoor area with towers on three sides. The Plasma rifle has been placed in three locations to make it the primary waepon on the level. This level is not for the waek of heart...Date:04/10/97
Size:21 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

Down at the Docks  Filename:bpodm005.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a wharf theme and has a centeral river running down the center of the level. Many building and places to hide but only one medium sized area creates a level that snipers will enjoy. Many...Date:04/10/97
Size:24 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

BattleField Chicago  Filename:bpodm006.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a section of downtown chicago complete with the "EL" overhead. Many windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. Shotguns, TommyGuns and Rocket launchers are ...Date:04/10/97
Size:35 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

Threate of Blood  Filename:bpodm007.zip
A totally new level for Deathmatch play. This level consists of a section of downtown chicago complete with the "EL" overhead. Many windows for pot shots. Visual detail was a high concern during creation. Shotguns, TommyGuns and Rocket launchers are ...Date:04/10/97
Size:27 KB
Author:Bruce Oberleitner

Brad & Company2  Filename:bradco2.zip
One Basic Word. Brown. Hope you like the color. There is an additional wad that will enable you to make all the players blue, except for a little patch on their shoulder's that will keep there original color in case you want to make it intresting and...Date:01/20/96
Size:722 KB
Author:Brad Edgeworth

Brain Pain  Filename:brains.zip
A trip thru the brain....Date:09/12/98
Size:56 KB
Author:Jeff DeBlasiis

Branched1  Filename:branched1.zip
Size:6 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Breaker 2  Filename:breaker2.zip
An outdoor wad sort of separated by an interesting middle section with a ledge on one side and platform on the other. Hard to get BFG and well placed plasma and rocket launcher at opposing ends of this longitu- dinally oriented map make for some inte...Date:11/21/03
Size:14 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

breedmap.zip  Filename:breedmap.zip
Size:59 KB

BRIAN for MAP01 DOOM2  Filename:brian.zip
DOOM2 DEATHMATCH...Date:10/18/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Brian Keffer

BRIANS.WAD  Filename:brians.zip
DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH WAD After playing many, many, good Deathmatch PWADS, I decided to build a killer DeathMatch wad. It has a couple of nice, open 'arenas' to battle in, some strategically placed darkness, and NO shortage of weapons or ammo. There is ...Date:02/02/95
Size:14 KB
Author:Brian Strough

BRICHTON.WAD  Filename:brichton.zip
Small level, the main structure being a relatively small wooden fortress, complete with battlements and a deep moat (so is the water), and surrounded by a high wall of metal and stone....Date:08/02/95
Size:33 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. JedaiYet

Brick Death Match: Skin and Heat version 1.1 (An internal demo is now included)  Filename:brickdm.zip
This level uses mostly brown textures ( don't worry, it's not ugly.:)) There is a lava pit in the center of the structure. You can use this to damage your enemies if you can shoot him or her in there. Another feature is a series of teleports. there...Date:01/01/00
Size:49 KB

Brick War Deathmatch  Filename:brickwar.zip
This is a new direction in wad creation for me. This time, there are human sergeants, wolfenstein soldiers and chaingunners to get in your way and to wear down your armor and health, as well as deplete your precious inventory. Try this level with mon...Date:01/26/96
Size:188 KB
Author:Michael R. Myers

bricks deathmatch  Filename:briks_dm.zip
a deathmatch wad. It has all of the weapons except the BFG, and as you can probably guess, most of the textures are bricks.It also has NO health, to make it as fast as possible....Date:08/06/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Brian Glines

The Brick Yard  Filename:brikyard.zip
This is a DOOM II-only deathmatch wad. If you like the arena type deathmatch wad, then you'll like this one. I've spent alot of time making sure the textures line up, that doors aren't chopped in half, and you don't see the tootie-fruity effect all o...Date:01/30/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Alan R. Johns

"British WADpack Season 11"  Filename:brit11.zip
Size:996 KB
Author:Danny "Flat Cap, Whippet Walking, Chips & Gravy" Lancashire

The Big Brother Level  Filename:brother.zip
This level is designed with control in mind. Like the movie 1984, big brother is watching, you have the control of everything. You see all, you know all. Included with this level if a gif format picture of the level with directions for entrance to th...Date:02/10/96
Size:101 KB
Author:J. King `Yengkko'

Brownie  Filename:brownie.zip
BOEMBOEM great deathmatch-fun...Date:09/05/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Marcello (MAG) Millonzi

Brownie1  Filename:brownie1.zip
This is a wad for the whole family to enjoy. Even the Dog! Dont be fooled by the name! It doesnt mean your going to start off on a dessert table or something! This wad has everything a good deathmatch should have! Now go give my Brownie a try!!!!!!!!...Date:06/10/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Chris Zuehlke

BRUJO'S ARENA  Filename:brujo.zip
Brujo.wad is my favorite level to date. It is very simple by design but has a nice look and plays great (an older version is included in 6pack). An arena style wad that is designed for DEATHMATCH. If you asked me... I'd say that it has the feel of a ...Date:02/09/96
Size:9 KB
Author:Ric San Nicholas (a.k.a. brujo, a.k.a. rooster)

Brutal Deathmatch  Filename:brutaldm.zip
Another new level for Doom ][ made explicitly for Deathmatch. Small but very fast and very fun, a must have for any serious D-matcher....Date:01/30/96
Size:19 KB
Author:Shaft (Ben Cureton)

Bastard! 1.1 for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:bstrd11.zip
Bastard! is exactly what you will be calling me after playing this level. The most secrets, tricks, and traps that could be crammed into a little this big. And a Mancubus to boot. Watch your back. I mean it. This is a minor revision of bastard.wad...Date:03/28/95
Size:36 KB
Author:Sean Crystal

btlroyal.wad  Filename:btlroyal.zip
Battle it out in the center arena or fight mono y mono in the tight corridors along the side. Either way you can take out your anger or just have some fun on this intense level of action....Date:01/28/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Brad Shuber

Bucket DM  Filename:bucketdm.zip
BucketDM - a mapset for Doom II. This is my homage to the days of playing Deathmatch on Episode 1 shareware over a serial connection. It took hours to get the PCs to "see" each other, and the framerate on the old 486 laptop was horrendous-- but man...Date:10/07/07
Size:258 KB

Buddy Space Station  Filename:buddy.zip
You're stationed at the newest VAC Mars outpost. Life is going pretty easy, until a message from Earth HQ reaches you: There's a spy hiding somewhere around in the place, possibly in disguise. So now you, as the pro killer, have to eliminate this guy...Date:10/04/96
Size:19 KB
Author:Ole J. Kielland jr.

BULL1.WAD  Filename:bull1.zip
High frag deathmatch wad for 4 player DOOM 2, and yes there are ways to get to the outer rim :)...Date:04/29/95
Size:7 KB

BULL2.WAD  Filename:bull2.zip
Pentagon shaped outline, with most of the health in the center room, so you must fight over who gets it for there is a limited ammount of it. The higher the skill level the more abundance of better weapons....Date:05/17/95
Size:7 KB

BULL3.WAD  Filename:bull3.zip
Smaller level, with a few good sniping spots....Date:05/17/95
Size:9 KB

2 Player Deathmatch  Filename:bum.zip
This is ONE of the best 2-player deathmatch boards created for DOOM2. All the weapons except for the BFG 2001 are present, and there is armour and a health sphere (which is difficult to get, without actually get'en IT!!) This board is fairly small,...Date:05/17/96
Size:25 KB
Author:Jason Angst

Bung for Doom2  Filename:bung.zip
Deathmatch for Doom2; no BFG or chainsaw. Nine symetcrical rooms equally stocked with a backpack and shotgun, surrounded by long hallway. The exit is along the outside wall in a secret room....Date:04/02/95
Size:9 KB
Author:M. Franz Seidelhuber

Bungalow  Filename:bungalow.zip
This Deathmatch WAD has seen many variations of weapon placement. The heavy weapons and ammo are inside the bungalow to encourage you to enter. If you rebuild this level you may need to up the split level to 12 to cope with the WC! (In my experience ...Date:06/15/96
Size:19 KB
Author:Dick Ruck

The Bunker  Filename:bunker.zip
An inner arena and outer arena, both outdoors, with a building between them, and four different sets of tunnels in the building. All the weapons, etc. are in the tunnels, The "feature" is a bunker-type building in the outer arena, which you can lock ...Date:10/17/98
Size:46 KB
Author:The Amazing Kojak!

The Bunker  Filename:bunker2.zip
Small map for fast-paced deahmatch...Date:03/17/03
Size:260 KB
Author:Pascal 'gherkin' vd Heiden

Bunker  Filename:bunker3.zip
Four rusty steel bunkers to hide from heavy shelling, chaingun fire and the occasional BFG or two......Date:08/15/03
Size:15 KB
Author:Tim Williams

BunkOFun  Filename:bunkofun.zip
deathmatch level...Date:03/31/95
Size:15 KB

Fuzzy Bunny Deathmatch  Filename:bunnydm.zip
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:05/26/96
Size:36 KB
Author:Michael Reed

butcher.zip  Filename:butcher.zip
Size:52 KB
Author:Info My brother and I have been creating WADS for more than a year and a half, we have also been pla

Buzzard's Arena level 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Filename:buzzdm01.zip
Replacement level for MAP01 for Doom II There is no particular theme or story for this wad, it is just a place where virtual people may get together and kill one another without getting any blood on their clothes. This wad is designed for a paticul...Date:05/18/95
Size:55 KB
Author:Paul Busby (aka: Buzzard)

Made By Azazel  Filename:byazfinl.zip
I made this for deathmatch... it's kinda pointless...Date:04/06/95
Size:13 KB

Beast's Cave 2  Filename:bystcve2.zip
Three tunnels connected to each other....Date:08/06/95
Size:32 KB

Close Kill  Filename:c-kill.zip
basic small deathmatch level...Date:10/22/00
Size:54 KB
Author:Russell DD Pearson

Cartelli 1v1  Filename:c1v1.zip
Size:77 KB

C4MAZE  Filename:c4maze.zip
Yet another deathmatch PWAD for doom2....Date:08/14/95
Size:32 KB
Author:Kris Steinhauer & Jacob Hendrix

C5Gold.wad  Filename:c5gold.zip
This was my first level and it incoporates many ideas for things that I would like to see in a deathmatch level. I wrote it about a year and a half ago and my friends and I have had hundreds of hours of fun on it. I thought that I would upload it and...Date:01/31/97
Size:156 KB
Author:James Snow

Cabala.Wad for doom2 by id software  Filename:cabala.zip
A fast paced arena deathmatch with an exit Simple in design. Makes for a great deathmatch Good layout of weapons. INCLUDES MUSIC BY METALLICA new sounds for pistol, singlebarrel shotgun, chaingun, missile Launcher, plasma gun, and a few new death sou...Date:12/02/95
Size:167 KB
Author:Zeppmaster.....(MOoOoNiE, dwango name)

CaCHoWaD   Filename:cachowad.zip
Size:298 KB
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; BLM ; FCToR

the cage of destiny v1.0  Filename:cage.zip
Well, check it out yourself. As you'll notice, there is a cage in this level. That means you can capture your opponent when he is trying to get the plasma riffle by pressing one of 4 buttons on the opposite side. There is still a way out when being c...Date:02/14/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Eike Kiltz

The Cage 1.0  Filename:cage1.zip
A nasty little Deathmatch WAD. For Deathmatch only. Simple, yet elegant. Sleek, yet intricate. Simple, yet deadly. Sweet, yet sour.. (oh wait) You'll see. *NOTE* Use it with the -timer option, as there is no exit....Date:12/21/94
Size:5 KB
Author:Liam Feldman & Brandon Fish

cage2.zip  Filename:cage2.zip
Size:11 KB

The Cage 3.0  Filename:cage3.zip
It's new! It's improved! It's the next in the Cage series! For Deathmatch only. A VERY NASTY Level with lots of opertunities for frags. Deadly (try it with four). This time there's more than one cage, and a very nasty Catwalk. *NOTE* Use it with the ...Date:07/06/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Brandon Fish & Liam Feldman

The Cage  Filename:cage4.zip
This wad has a main area with a raised platform called 'The Cage.' It has lots of goodies, but you are very exposed when you're in it. The only way out is through teleporters that are a little difficult to get to....Date:12/27/95
Size:20 KB

Circle of Caina  Filename:caina.zip
This is an icy deathmatch map I made where I tried to blend all of the good parts of regular Map02, Map03, and Map11, and end up with something the flowed better than any of the three. I think I succeeded pretty well in doing that. In 1-on-1 this map...Date:04/12/05
Size:190 KB
Author:FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)

A calm arena  Filename:calm.zip
A calm arena with calm music... Good for meditating ;) Nothing very special....Date:11/05/00
Size:7 KB
Author:De Zeurkous

Can-Can  Filename:cancan1.zip
A little arena wad with all weapons....Date:08/29/95
Size:13 KB

Cancer Dimension  Filename:cancer.zip
This is an oddball deathmatch map with strange...Date:07/19/08
Size:58 KB

You can't hide!  Filename:canthide.zip
(Oh man I love typing bullshit stories up) One time in the Land of Many Campers, a certain ZDaemoner was getting fed up with campers who would camp in his own creations, especially when he couldn't do anything about it. He decided to construct a bu...Date:07/05/03
Size:46 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

Deathmatch Canyon  Filename:canyondm.zip
A long canyon for deathmatch play....Date:03/15/97
Size:44 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz

Captured Base v1.0  Filename:capdbase.zip
This is my first released Deathmatch wad! It is a small, fast-action wad, with a lot of rockets but no energy weapons. Watch my demo to see how the wad works. (Although I forget to get the rocket launcher) But to see the whole demo, you must watch it...Date:10/29/95
Size:53 KB
Author:Topi Ylinen

Capfest, Deathmatch WAD for DOOM][  Filename:capfest.zip
Size:34 KB
Author:Kyle Ver Steeg

Capture the Flag  Filename:capflag.zip
A level designed specifically for emulating a game of capture the flag....Date:10/08/95
Size:121 KB
Author:\/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy)

CAPTIVE, another Doom ][ Deathmatch Level  Filename:captive.zip
Most deathmatch starts are in a single room filled with columns. This is a Deathmatch level. No monsters or anything else that would steal a frag from another player. Has one exit (not hidden) so that you can see the frag stats. Oh yeah, you might wa...Date:09/13/95
Size:154 KB
Author:Brian Craig

(Once Again) Captured!  Filename:captured.zip
Size:46 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

cardiac.wad  Filename:cardiac.zip
No fancy stories here, this is a Deathmatch WAD,...Date:08/10/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Marc Bissonnette

Carpodeathia  Filename:carpd.zip
An abandoned station, placed in a remote location somewhere in high hills. You may consider some corners quite tight, but let me explain. At the beggining I wanted to create a map suitable to play on symbian phones (where you don't have a option to r...Date:12/02/05
Size:32 KB
Author:Piotr 'Tomaha' Tomaszewski, and my bro for a fancy level title

Carrion I  Filename:carrion1.zip
Just another deathmatch level, one of my better maps I play in with my friends. The first of a series of 5 maps.. The other four are still in the works. This is the 23rd revision of this map. It is intended to be fast-paced, because you can see pract...Date:07/15/98
Size:17 KB

Carrion II  Filename:carrion2.zip
The second map in the carrion series. It is like the first in texture scheme and overall look, but is intended to be a completely different playstyle. I made this map targeted for those campers out there, who love hiding behind corners and ambushing ...Date:07/15/98
Size:14 KB

Cartellis kicking doom levels release1  Filename:cartell.zip
ur a kick ass pimp guy who changes color and you kick other pimp ass...Date:02/22/05
Size:55 KB

CASTLE OF DEATH  Filename:casldeth.zip
Welcome to the CASTLE of DEATH! Actually, more like the towers of death, I made this wad SPECIFICALY for DEATHMATCHING, so I kept the size down....Date:08/17/95
Size:130 KB
Author:By Kent the' Hacker.

Castle.wad  Filename:castle.zip
Duke it out in a midevil castle setting. Come and take on a friend in this deathmatch showdown of wits and cunning....Date:11/20/95
Size:15 KB
Author:Neil Berg

CASTLE3.WAD  Filename:castle3.zip
This is a sequel to my older castles (castle.wad in dmwads.zip collection and castle2.wad). The level is a castle with all the towers and things. You can unleash a cyberdemon or a revenant by pressing some buttons... This makes the level far more exc...Date:03/29/96
Size:58 KB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Kernen

castle4.zip  Filename:castle4.zip
Size:39 KB

Castle  Filename:castle5.zip
Like the name says...this is a castle. It's got lots of furniture, 2 towers, a throne room, a library, a dining hall, a king and queen's bedroom, 7 living quarters, a small dungeon, a secret chamber, a moat, and a neat fireplace (sort of)....Date:09/02/96
Size:128 KB
Author:Johnny Hsu

CASTLES.WAD  Filename:castles.zip
This is my first Multi-Player only Pwad (more to come). I feel that a single player Pwad is just that, and a multi-player Pwad should be designed differently. The over all set up is two castles (fortifications) that each player can control. [See full...Date:12/18/04
Size:20 KB
Author:Rob Whitney

The Castle  Filename:castle_c.zip
Designed for Deathmatch 2 for DOOM II Idelas from the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Level Weapons ----- ------- 1-3 Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Chaingun 4-5 BFG, Plasma Many hidden areas, traps, jail, cool fireplace......Date:10/23/05
Size:42 KB
Author:Mark Barry

Casualties of War Version 3.3 (3/14/96) (Sounds from the movie, Great deathmatch!)  Filename:caswar_g.zip
OK, OK here's the story for ya... Sgt. Meserve has just been released from serving his sentence of 10yrs hard labor. He may have paid his debt to society, but he hasn't wiped The Punisher's slate clean. He's about to step into another dimension; and ...Date:03/14/96
Size:675 KB
Author:Mike Breeden

Cataclys.wad for doom2 by id Software  Filename:cataclys.zip
This wad is one of the best 4 player deathmatch playing fields ever constructed. It was designed with 4 player games in mind but 2 player games also proved to be fun and challenging. Innovative in design allowing fun, action packed play no matter wha...Date:12/02/95
Size:143 KB
Author:Suicidal (member of the Oakland dwango server)

CATHEDRAL! for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:cathedrl.zip
I always dreamed of it: DEATHMATCH IN A CATHEDRAL ! I really don't know what made the success of this level: - the idea? firghting in a sacred place? - the music? organ music adds to the theme - the map? it's based on the plan of a real Cathedrale,...Date:11/15/97
Size:58 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

The Cathedral of Evry for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:cathevry.zip
Cathevry.wad is a medium-sized level designed for preferably four-player DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Supports 2 modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn)....Date:10/15/95
Size:114 KB
Author:S. Bacquet

CATWALK2.WAD  Filename:catwalk2.zip
An arena style deathmatch for two players. The centrepiece is a "fake 3D" double bridge. The map has a Quake-esque look and atmosphere. It is an updated design from the original catwalk.wad, and has a few new graphics. The map contains: Tons of sni...Date:08/16/98
Size:16 KB
Author:Sidearm Joe

Caverna DeathMatch  Filename:cave69p.zip
Size:645 KB
Author:Adrian Romero

caveod.wad  Filename:caveod.zip
Nice deathmatch level, lots of deathmatch starts, 2 teleporters, sorta tunnel-like thing, some switches, and the usual stuff. Nice and cool....Date:05/25/96
Size:14 KB

Cavern  Filename:cavern.zip
A very detailed atmosphere based hunting wad for DOOM2. Takes some exploring to get used to, but the depth is there....Date:05/29/95
Size:61 KB
Author:Mackey McCandlish

of level Caverns of Duh  Filename:cavern2.zip
One of the best Deathmatch boards we've ever played... the level was designed assuming there would be 3 other players besides you running around. This shows in that you cannot directly get the plasma gun or the soul sphere... someone else has to hit ...Date:02/27/96
Size:161 KB
Author:Scott Hamilton

CBLedges  Filename:cbledges.zip
This is one of the top rated levels of all time. I just fixed a few light levels, and spruced the textures up a bit. It consists of a large courtyard surrounded by - you guessed it - Ledges. Definitely a fine level....Date:10/15/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Unknown - renovated by Clint Bowick

cc3rdbld.zip  Filename:cc3rdbld.zip
Size:29 KB
Author:of: 1stblood, 2ndblood

CC_Doom (version 1.0)  Filename:cc_doom.zip
The CC team is proud to present our first WAD: CC_DOOM, these seven excellent high speed deathmatch levels....Date:03/26/03
Size:173 KB
Author:The CC Team. We are: Kevin Hanley "cc_two30eight" Melanie Hanlon "cc_melanie"

The CD's Maze.  Filename:cd_maze.zip
A little symmetrical maze, just to loose your head. This is an easy single player level. It's more interesting to play in deathmatch mode....Date:12/12/95
Size:50 KB
Author:Christophe DEMANGE

Cemetery  Filename:cemetery.zip
Cemetery is a simple, fairly fast Deathmatch level designed for 2 or 3 players. There is a Cyber in the middle to liven things up (if you like more excitement). The name is in reference to all the bodies that should be spread around after you (and th...Date:09/02/95
Size:13 KB
Author:Chris Roberson

CERBERU2.WAD for DOOM II Deathmatch  Filename:cerberu2.zip
Fast-paced, two-player shoot-em up deathmatch...Date:11/09/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

CESSPOOL.WAD  Filename:cesspool.zip
The goal is to get your opponent to fall off his pillar and into the cesspool below. This is a fairly fun level to deathmatch in, but not much else. I thought of this while watching the Joust on American Gladiators....Date:10/08/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Hammer Down

Cartelli FFA  Filename:cffa.zip
collection of my maps some good some bad...Date:04/29/05
Size:747 KB

Cave Fortress (Doom2)  Filename:cfortd2.zip
Deathmatch level. Loosly based on one of my unreleased Quake levels....Date:06/14/97
Size:33 KB
Author:Remy Horton

Chaingun Arena v 1.0  Filename:cgarena.zip
Chaingun Arena is basically what the name says. A chaingun arena. It is also a deathmatch wad for Doom II. Nothing out of the ordinary, just old-fashioned game play, reminiscent of KotH levels. It's best-suited for 4-6 players, though I'm sure more c...Date:03/11/03
Size:34 KB

CH  Filename:ch.zip
Size:87 KB
Author:Sbastien FAURE

ONLY CHAINSAWƂ̑  Filename:chain2.zip
Size:15 KB
Author:i z

Chains  Filename:chains.zip
Chainguns, Chainsaws, barrels and a dark room. Deathmatch doesn't get any better than this!...Date:09/14/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Martin Tallman

ONLY CHAINSAWƂ̑  Filename:chainsaw.zip
Size:31 KB
Author:i z

The Death Chamber (Doom 2)  Filename:chamber.zip
Just another Cheesy death match level, but fun and interesting none-the less. Makes a great filler for those mult- iple level wads....Date:02/18/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Bryan Murphy

Chaos (Doom 2)  Filename:chaos.zip
Ideal for 2 player deathmatch!!...Date:04/15/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Diego Garcia Lopez Carlos Irigaray

CHAOS 01  Filename:chaos01.zip
Size:13 KB
Author:Sergey Kuleshov

CHAOS 02  Filename:chaos02.zip
Size:15 KB
Author:Sergey Kuleshov

CHAOS 04  Filename:chaos04.zip
Size:11 KB
Author:Sergey Kuleshov

chaos2.zip  Filename:chaos2.zip
This is my 1st WAD that I have made from scratch, it is map 1. There are a couple of secrets, see if you can find them....Date:09/21/95
Size:63 KB
Author:Lord of Doom

Chaos  Filename:chaos3.zip
Small, extremely detailed, beautiful, cool, difficult level. This level contains only shotguns and chainsaws (and a chain- gun if you kill the heavy weapon dude). It was originally made for single player and cooperation, however it turned out to be e...Date:03/05/96
Size:19 KB
Author:Stian W. Sletner

chaotiX DM  Filename:chaotix.zip
Well, first off, it's a deathmatch. But if you need a description... UAC has decided that, since no demons have been coming in lately, to close down the corporation. A month afterwards, however, a demon portal opens, and puts you(and your opponents...Date:08/08/97
Size:95 KB
Author:Michael "Kcobain" Reid

TheChase for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:chaseum.zip
see *Imortant Notes* below...Date:06/28/95
Size:11 KB
Author:David Dworman

chasm.zip  Filename:chasm.zip
Size:18 KB

Chasms of Death  Filename:chasms.zip
4 rocking Deathmatch levels! These levs are small enough for two people and are great for a 3-4 player fragfest! All feature a chasm (hence the name) in the center of the level. 3 of the 4 levels have teleports in the chasm for great telefragging! Ot...Date:11/18/96
Size:30 KB
Author:Peter Kasting

Chckmate.wad  Filename:chckmate.zip
Original doom2 deathmatch wad 2 to 4 players probably better with 4. 8 deathmatch starts so you won't know where the one you just killed will come back to life at....Date:10/31/95
Size:310 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

cheeter.wad  Filename:cheeter.zip
Pwad for Doom2. 5 different rooms, designed for Deathmatch. No exit, fight 'till you can fight no more!...Date:04/02/01
Size:46 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Chemical Erosion 01  Filename:chem-01.zip
This WAD was originally Tyketto's idea for a Doom I level, but he couldn't get it to work multiplayer. It's been a year or two now and I've finally gotten around to learning how to make levels. So I tried to remember as mch as I can and replicate it....Date:07/20/95
Size:167 KB
Author:Chemical Erosion

The CHIA series  Filename:chia.zip
Size:273 KB
Author:Gunter Voelker

CHILLY  Filename:chilly.zip
This wad is the new version of Chill that many bugs have been eliminate and make it harder for sniper to takes advantage. This included new sounds FX which are the same one as Chill and the graphics is only for STBAR. This version also include more t...Date:04/18/95
Size:282 KB
Author:Edward Chuchaisri (Lazer in Dwango)

Cheapy Can't Map  Filename:chpdmlol.zip
It's some valley-based water pump facility...Date:03/07/06
Size:49 KB

Chris7  Filename:chris7.zip
4 levels, all made by Anti Christ....Date:04/12/96
Size:211 KB
Author:Anti Christ

Chris8  Filename:chris8.zip
6 Deathmatch only levels, all made by Anti Christ. Play with DM 1.0...Date:04/12/96
Size:248 KB
Author:Anti Christ

(Once Again) Circle of DEATH ][  Filename:circle2.zip
Size:28 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

CIRCLE2.WAD  Filename:circle2dg.zip
Designed to allow easy escape and ambushes, four main rooms connected by passages to each other surround a central room. Around this is a loop of dim tunnels dug into the earth. Secret doors and teleports. [This WAD has been] Specifically designed ...Date:02/03/06
Size:64 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

Circlus  Filename:circlus.zip
It's a circle...(Very very funny) with little room and a some funny traps... Try it ,you will not regret......Date:05/26/96
Size:19 KB

CITADEL OF POWER (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD)  Filename:citadel2.zip
Atop the mighty Mount Fragmore the best of the best gather to prove thier mettle in the Citadel of Power. Whoever reaches 100 Frags first will be crowned as the toughest marine on the mountain....Date:01/30/95
Size:123 KB
Author:Tim (The Timinator) Ash

The City o' Magic for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:city-dm8.zip
This is a very beautiful map featuring totally new textures, with a 'medeival' theme. The map is basically the same as 'immy-dm8', I have added some houses that you can enter into and find some supplies. Try all the doors! The weapons are dbl sho...Date:11/15/97
Size:145 KB
Author:Map08 - Fab, based on map 'immy-dm8' Map01 - Fab.

Catch'em and Kill'em I  Filename:ck1.zip
This DOOM II pwad was designed with 2/4-player deathmatch in mind. It's got no monsters UNLESS you use -SKILL 4 or 5. This will present you with a "Final Enemy" like the dude on level #32 (I'm to lazy to put monsters in, so this way, it'll randomize ...Date:05/14/95
Size:18 KB
Author:Geoff Symanczyk

CLAUSTROPHOBIA --- for DOOM ][ Deathmatch  Filename:claustro.zip
Imagine 4 guys into a 2x2 meters box with the ceiling just above the head, and feet covered by weapons. Well... sounds like crazy? It is! The CLAUSTROPHOBIA levels should be played ONLY ONE MINUTE PER LEVEL !!! and play the 8 levels in a row. ...Date:11/15/97
Size:65 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

CLAWSON7 (CLAWSON7.WAD, CLAWSON7.ZIP)  Filename:clawson7.zip
Plot? Who needs a plot? Ummm, you're dropped in the crater of a dead volcano and someone just happened to leave weapons and shit all over the place. Maybe you're in some futuristic combat training facility. Perhaps a religious cult was living in a se...Date:02/21/95
Size:47 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

clerdang.wad (Clear Danger)  Filename:clerdang.zip
This level is DEATHMATCH oriented with lots of weapons and health. Perfect size for non-stop fragging action! I have added a deliberate and obvious exit to this level to prevent any arguing over who had how many frags. The exit is clearly marked, so ...Date:02/28/95
Size:24 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson

Rite of Passage  Filename:clinto01.zip
For a first attempt this makes for a good 2 player DM level....Date:10/15/95
Size:32 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Lifts  Filename:clinto02.zip
Level was originally intended to be a 2 player DM level however it got a little out of hand and even though it can be used as a 2p DM lev. it is probably slightly too large and will more better accommodate a 3 player game....Date:10/16/95
Size:89 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Corridors of Pain (because texturing it was a pain)  Filename:clinto03.zip
Very good 2 player DM level. I came up with some interesting innovations with lifts in this one. PS- watch that exit greed....Date:10/16/95
Size:63 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Malice  Filename:clinto04.zip
An adequate 2 player DM level. To exit; shoot the barrels and all will be revealed....Date:10/17/95
Size:72 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Blam Blam  Filename:clinto05.zip
Well.....it has some rooms and some nice pillars and a few stairs that go up and down....Date:10/17/95
Size:67 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Section X  Filename:clinto06.zip
Ah, tis a nice little level with 2 secret doors and and nice roundabout type of feel to it....Date:11/16/95
Size:58 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Warwick  Filename:clinto07.zip
This level was originally called castle.wad. I took it, modified it, retextured it, and rereleased it as Warwick.wad...Date:11/16/95
Size:73 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

Bloody Hell  Filename:clinto08.zip
Designed as a 2 or 3 player lev. A few transporters with a couple of good hidey holes....Date:11/16/95
Size:60 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

VPlane  Filename:clinto09.zip
It's dark, scary, and is full of suprises....Date:11/16/95
Size:31 KB
Author:Clint Bowick

CLIPPER.WAD  Filename:clipper.zip
This is your standard castle-type WAD with a MAJOR twist. The major twist I'm talking about is the reason I named this wad "CLIPPER". One more thing: the walls and floors are GREEN everywhere to help out the green player a little. (Brown and Grey a...Date:09/25/95
Size:40 KB
Author:Dave Everett

Column Frag  Filename:clmnfrag.zip
Doom 2 PWAD A Deathmatch level for up to four players, revolving around a central column with tunnels and sniper's nests. Note: Unless you want imp shields to hide behind when being attacked, play this level with the -nomonsters switch....Date:02/04/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

CLOACE.WAD  Filename:cloace2.zip
Designed primarily as a deathmatch wad but also allows 1 player action with difficulty levels ================================================================...Date:08/15/95
Size:52 KB
Author:Stevie Milne

Moneyman's Close Combat  Filename:closecombat.zip
Bassically 4 levels of deathmatch designed levels ... Very fast paced ... recommened for a max of 8 players....Date:11/02/03
Size:141 KB

Entryway DM (For Doom 2)  Filename:cloud01.zip
This is a fairly large wad intended to take advan- tage of Doom Legacy's new capabilities (i.e. jump- ing and mouse look). It will be the first of a series of levels made specifically for Legacy. The series will be based on the names of the actual ...Date:04/23/98
Size:93 KB

CLOVER2.wad  Filename:clover2.zip
Size:31 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Cloverleaf - WAD for DOOM II  Filename:clvrleaf.zip
A Cloverleaf structure that has better stuff as you go along. A nice fighting arena as well. Designed for Deathmatch only, best for 3 to 4 players. Deathmatch2 (altdeath) is great for a total fragfest, lots of weapons and health. DM1 (Old Deathmatch)...Date:04/19/96
Size:412 KB
Author:Dan Silver - Sysop of The Game Server

CyberMatch  Filename:cm.zip
DeathMatch level, players appear as Cyberdemons; just start CM.BAT and begin a network/modem/serial game without changing the Map Warp and Misc Settings or adding other WADs. After you finish playing run DELCM.BAT to erase the level. Use CM.BAT eve...Date:07/03/01
Size:351 KB

Cat and Mice 2b  Filename:cm2b.zip
Great Deathmatch level. One player gets all the weapons and the other players get chainsaws and berserks (hence the name "Cat and Mouse"). Some of the problems that arose in the first version were fixed (e.g. cat camping). If anyone helps me test thi...Date:12/15/95
Size:47 KB
Author:Death (Death111 on Dwango)

Carnage Mines (CMINES.WAD)  Filename:cmines.zip
Your traped in an abandoned mine with 3 of your worst enemys and the only way out is to win the Death Match....Date:06/10/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Kevin Melby (WhiteWolf)

CNTRMSUR.WAD (Countermeasure)  Filename:cntr101.zip
A DEATHMATCH ONLY wad for Doom][. The general idea I had when designing this level was to keep it fair. Everyone starts in a similar area and gets a chance to pick up a shotgun before they enter the arena. Almost anything that one player may decide t...Date:02/07/96
Size:141 KB
Author:Ernie Miller

cochrans.zip  Filename:cochrans.zip
This is my 5th level and my best. I took everything I know about deathmatching and stuck it into this level. You will always have a weapon. Any time you re-appear you start in a separate room away from the lvl that has all weapons. So no more excuses...Date:05/28/95
Size:24 KB
Author:William Cochran

just "Coda", no particular reason  Filename:coda.zip
a Deathmatch PWAD for DOOM2. Quite small, but has several good ambush sites, every weapon except the BFG and a little bit of health lying around. Plenty of room to move in the main courtyard, with other areas more confined....Date:07/13/95
Size:24 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

Codead.wad  Filename:codead.zip
Ok, now this isn't your normal Deathmatch level. Yes, it's called "co"dead for a reason. You play on cooperative mode! Let me explain. This map is kinda like playing capture the flag, in teams of two. Basicly the whole point of the match is to get th...Date:05/12/97
Size:57 KB
Author:Emil Brundage

Colors II  Filename:color2.zip
A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. holes for each player to start in. Each person gets Nice, tight wad, high frag count, balanced weapon load at start points.. Wide open, color coded teleporters, best with 3 or 4 players.......Date:09/11/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

Colosseum  Filename:coloseum.zip
Size:453 KB
Author:Justin Cunningham

COLO_DM2.wad, a DeathMatch wad for DOOM2  Filename:colo_dm2.zip
This is a wad designed for deathmatch 2 (-Altdeath) direct conervsion of coloseum.wad for DOOM 1, with slight modifications for more enjoyment. One large room with 4 warps at center to 4 rooms with 4 warps each going back and forth. TELEFRAGS 'R' U...Date:06/21/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Blackadder and The Chairman

COLOR CODIFICATION  Filename:colrcode.zip
Initially, this edifice of hell was the source of torture and demoralizing anguish towards soldiers unfortunate enough to have been captured by the grasp of demons. With the intentions of producing nuclear based weapons, the demons designed their bas...Date:03/02/96
Size:170 KB
Author:Paul Belair

Columns  Filename:columns.zip
It's a small wad, after playing countless...Date:04/29/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Tom Kozera

Comatose - Chamber of Torment  Filename:comatose.zip
Small chamber for insanely fast games. Small off-shoot contains the exit and for alt-death games a soul sphere... yummy...Date:02/21/98
Size:11 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

combov1.zip  Filename:combov1.zip
Size:86 KB

Comp 45  Filename:comp45.zip
A small vanilla DM map, first try at this genre. Feedback is greatly appreciated. It plays best with low respawn times like 10 or 15. Designed for up to four players....Date:03/26/03
Size:14 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Condo.WAD  Filename:condo.zip
A compact, fast-action deathmatch wad. Good ambush and sniping spots, but don't stay in one spot too long. This is a frag- a-second style wad. With 4 players on a net you will always be fragged or fraggin'someone. Not much "dead" time..ha ha .....Date:01/30/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Rick Kelly

Cons.wad  Filename:cons.zip
Doom][ deathmatch wad, arena style. No secrets, no BFG. You've just spent an hour in traffic, you hate your job, and finally got past the busy signals and got logged-on. Makes you want to shoot someone don't it?...Date:07/12/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Mark Orr

Control #1  Filename:control1.zip
This is my first WAD designed specifically for DM. The reason it's called control is because in this level, you have several ways to "control" the other player, or know where they are. ___ / \ _____ \ N / _____ | | | | | | | |s | | | | | |s__| |___| ...Date:01/26/97
Size:31 KB
Author:Ben Turner

" CooL CiTY "  Filename:coolcity.zip
CooL DooM ][ WaD originally made for DeathMatches.. however, there are some inhabitants.. >=)...Date:10/18/96
Size:363 KB

"WeLCoMe o ReaLiY"  Filename:coolcty2.zip
CooLCiTY sequel.. five new levels of chaos.. All made for DeathMatch. Contains new sounds, textures, and music.. Map 1 looks like a gun.. press TAB to see it! Map 5 is best played at DM2.. Quick frags guaranteed!!...Date:02/21/97
Size:497 KB

Gaming Outpost's Complimentary Deathmatch Level  Filename:cooley.zip
If you like this level in a two player deathmatch, imagine it with four people. This level is strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics. Sorry, no monsters and no exits.(use the -timer parameter)...Date:10/21/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo

The Cooling Tower  Filename:cooltowr.zip
Ok, it's pretty lame in it's not-very-tall- ness, but I can't go higher because of the way the "floating" bridge works. Another in the Nuclear Power Plant DM series....Date:08/15/03
Size:32 KB
Author:Tim Williams

COOLWAD1  Filename:coolwad1.zip
Five of the most brutal deathmatch levels in existence. You'll spend hours and hundreds of frags on each one. Here's a hint of what's to come. Map 01: "TINY" This first one is pretty much straightforward kill the other guy. Lots of dark corners, bu...Date:03/19/95
Size:1286 KB
Author:Delphin, Serpet Rider

COOLYARD.WAD  Filename:coolyard.zip
This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is centered around a central building, within a courtyard. There are two of each weapon available, except for the BFG. There is only one BFG! There are a few monsters here...Date:10/22/95
Size:53 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

CoreLess  Filename:coreless.zip
-DeathMatch: This level consists of three main areas linked with a pair of tunnels between each. All of the areas are easily accesible from all other areas via theese refueling tunnels and an intricate teleporter system (I know teleporters suck, but ...Date:10/03/95
Size:166 KB

cornered.wad  Filename:cornered.zip
Cornered wad is a fast paced deathmatch level where the players have a triangle room in each corner containing weapons, and a large center room containing power ups. Very fun, very simple....Date:11/26/95
Size:6 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

corp.zip  Filename:corp.zip
Size:134 KB

Corp3-B1.WAD for Doom II  Filename:corp3-b1.zip
Designed for 2 or 3 player Deathmatch. Suitable for original DM and Alt-death. Happy Fraggin'!!!...Date:03/09/96
Size:248 KB
Author:MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional

Corpse1.WAD for Doom II  Filename:corpse1.zip
Designed for 2 or 3 player Deathmatch. Happy Fraggin'!!!...Date:03/09/96
Size:228 KB
Author:MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional

Corpse2.WAD for Doom II  Filename:corpse2.zip
Designed for 2 or 3 player Deathmatch. Suitable for original DM and Alt-death. Happy Fraggin'!!!...Date:03/09/96
Size:191 KB
Author:MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional

Corridors -O- Death  Filename:corridor.zip
A 4 player Deathmatch for Doom II, works fairly well for 2 players also. Basically this WAD is a square with four corridors connecting it to a larger square corridor. There are four rooms containing the weapons. All weapons are present in this WAD. T...Date:01/30/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

corridor1.zip  Filename:corridor1.zip
Tableaux de deathmatch Fichier(s) Deux (Corridor1.wad, Corridor1.txt)...Date:05/07/96
Size:167 KB

Corrupted  Filename:corrupt.zip
Good/Fun DeathMatch...Date:10/24/97
Size:231 KB
Author:ShizDown - Edward Bobadilla

COSDeth1.WAD  Filename:cosdeth1.zip
My first 2 deathmatch WAD files. It's no use playing these in single player or Co-Operative 'cos they won't work....Date:02/24/96
Size:10 KB

Costa  Filename:costa01.zip
Doom II Deathmatch wad with some secrets. An hexagonal arena with many mazelike pillars, monsters and adjoining hallways....Date:07/22/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Michael Costa

Costa02  Filename:costa02.zip
Doom II Deathmatch wad with two main buildings and an outside courtyard. I think I placed the weapons well enough for there to be some balance. Monsters are only present on skill 4. Best with altdeath, can use respawn because there aren't a lot of mo...Date:08/03/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Michael Costa

Costa Level 3  Filename:costa03.zip
Doom II Deathmatch wad that is very small. It is ideally for two people. It is quick action with lots of frags. I even made an attempt this time to align the textures. There is no BFG....Date:08/07/95
Size:15 KB
Author:Michael Costa

The Courtyard "COURT.WAD" for DOOM ][  Filename:court.zip
The Courtyard is designed for multiplayer Deathmatch! There is no monsters to interupt you from crushing your opponent(s). There are a lot of places to shoot from and some one-way walls to hide behind. All the weapons (minus the shotgun, but who need...Date:03/22/95
Size:30 KB
Author:David Collier

COURTYRD.WAD  Filename:courtyrd.zip
Is a medium sized deathmatch level with a large open courtyard....Date:04/04/96
Size:12 KB
Author:Peter Meyer

CRATEr REvisiteD  Filename:cratered.zip
Deathmatch deathmatch everywhere, And all the blood did spill, Deathmatch deathmatch everywhere, And lots of rooks to kill. This wad is based off of my own masterpiece (uh huh) CRATER.WAD. It's a larger deathmatch level, though. But you should see...Date:11/08/95
Size:63 KB
Author:Time Traveler

Crate Warz  Filename:cratewar.zip
A level for Doom 2 that is just the right size for a deathmatch. It takes place in a warehouse where you jump from crate to crate to get to sniper spots and weapons....Date:12/26/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Shad Williams

Crazy Motherfucker  Filename:crazy.zip
A Mini arena with a lot of motherfucker in the center. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS....Date:01/05/97
Size:8 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Cross Connection  Filename:crosscon.zip
Made for DeathMatch with any number of players!...Date:08/01/97
Size:23 KB
Author:Tobias Andersson

Cross Fire  Filename:crossfir.zip
This is a new Doom2 wad built from scratch primarly for Deathmatch. Allthough it has several monsters I feel these are integral to the level. If you don't like monsters in your Deathmatch wads use the no monsters option. All the weapons are hidden on...Date:09/25/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Muskie Mckay

The Crush  Filename:crossing.zip
A fast-paced deathmatch level for Doom ][. Just when you think it's safe to cross the intersection .... WHAM! You get nailed with a double action crusher....Date:06/21/99
Size:10 KB
Author:Matthew Parrish and Rick Lewis

Crucify Series (Beginning of the series)  Filename:crucify6.zip
It's very straight-forward and to the point in this level. I believe there is a good distribution of weapons. I've also included the BFG for all you "silent BFG" gurus out there. There is a strong possibility of a few telefrags in this level! You can...Date:06/17/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Dale Harris (Cadaver) Doom2 Grandmaster

Crunch2  Filename:crunch2.zip
Excellent DeathMatch.... If you don't Have anyone to play with. Try the Monsters and have some fun....Date:04/09/96
Size:24 KB
Author:Mike Potter

The Crusade  Filename:crusade2.zip
A point scoring wad! Get five points and ring the bell to win....Date:11/12/95
Size:424 KB
Author:The Giggler

2 Player Deathmatch  Filename:crush.zip
A two player deathmatch which has a re-usable crusher. One switch to trap your opponent, another to crush him. There are a few secret passages and a completely black room with a floor which lights up when you approach the weapon, which makes it inter...Date:03/09/96
Size:53 KB
Author:Jason Angst & Andrew Donen

Crux  Filename:crux.zip
This is a cross-shaped deathmatch level best experienced...Date:07/19/08
Size:33 KB

Crypt.wod (spooky, huh?)  Filename:crypt.zip
Tied of playing badly constructed pwads with boring graphics, I've come up with this luvverly level. It's deathmatch only and centres around a church at night. I think the setting is quite atmospheric; hope you like it....Date:12/20/96
Size:36 KB
Author:Jake Locke, October '96

Chainsaw's Evil Death Match v3.0  Filename:csedmv3.zip
This is yet another upgrade in the CSEVIL series, and it is the best, so far... Lots of new places to go and explore. VERY awesome Death Match. Every room links into the main room, plus another room, so there are NO dead ends, which greatly enhances ...Date:08/06/95
Size:102 KB

Chainsaw's Tubes  Filename:cstube.zip
You are 3 tubes going in circles, with dark tunnels crossing through the center of it. Great for Deathmatch....Date:08/06/95
Size:38 KB

Control Station KGx/57  Filename:cs_57dm.zip
Control Station KGx/57 is the sister installation of Attack Station KGx/57. There are no monsters, no exit and things only appear in network games...Date:10/11/95
Size:151 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

CASTLE RUINS  Filename:ctlruins.zip
This level was made for 2 to 4 player deathmatch. Three to four players are ideal whereas two players may find it difficult for frequently running into each other. I originally designed this level to allow as much freedom of movement for all player...Date:04/09/96
Size:285 KB
Author:David Wrong

Cub  Filename:cub.zip
Just three neat DM levels for DooM ][...Date:07/10/95
Size:96 KB
Author:Marc Fontaine

CUINHELL.WAD  Filename:cuinhell.zip
DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH WAD This my first wad, it's really your basic deathmatch wad. There are couple of open arena's to battle out in. Has a darkened pit for those who like that. There are a few surprises in this wad which is very easy to figure, with a...Date:03/30/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Greg Krzycki

customs2.zip  Filename:customs2.zip
This Doom II Deathmatch PWAD simulates a customs warehouse. It is a very small, -altdeath fragfest for 2-4 players. It's not for single players and has no monsters....Date:05/18/96
Size:11 KB
Author:James Montgomery

Chris's Wad Collection I ----- | These are early Wad 1 of Volume 1 ---------- | alpha versions.  Filename:cwad1_1a.zip
Deathmatch mode. You tell me what the mood is!...Date:07/10/95
Size:9 KB
Author:Chris Voveris

Hate Doors  Filename:cwdmhd.zip
This is a recent speedmapped Death match level utilizing marble textures, and a few bits of things I picked up from a FFA Session on ZDaemon. This is my second wad I have ever completed, and more than likely the first to be successfully uploaded to /...Date:04/03/13
Size:9 KB

CW's Nifty WAD  Filename:cw_nifty.zip
Yet Another Nifty little WAD by CW. Pretty small, but lots of places to go. New sounds, new music....Date:08/15/95
Size:179 KB

CyberFun  Filename:cyberfun.zip
One room Courtyard with a secret. Behind the platforms there are warp pads to get onto the platforms. And when you get the BFG you are warped into the center cage. Oh by the way, since the level is small there are a lot of frags, so I added a cyber-d...Date:06/03/95
Size:144 KB
Author:Vik Anand

Cybergio.wad  Filename:cybergio.zip
Garden of pillars, cyber demon, a fun zoo to visit, fairly small....Date:02/09/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Ryan Giordano

Cyclone (CYCLONE.WAD FROM CYCLONE.ZIP)  Filename:cyclone.zip
The Ultimate Deathmatch level. Play single or co-op if you want, too; there are plenty 'O monsters. (Demons, Spectres, etc.) If you make it thru this on your own in U.V.with no cheats, please e-mail me so I can put you in the Cyclone HoFame! This lev...Date:10/02/97
Size:48 KB
Author:Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)

CYCLOPS  Filename:cyclops.zip
Arena type of Deathmatch WAD. Its not very complicated and there is plenty of ammo and weapons. Try difficulty settngs for some hidden monsters....Date:02/23/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Mark Ryan

CZPSYCHO.WAD VERSION 1.1  Filename:czpsyc11.zip
An awsome small level for DOOM ][ with a Peace sign and a Ying-Yang on the floor. (Just thought I would be different) Designed for DEATHMATH. Their is no end to level so don't look for it. I did that to to keep the snoops from accidentally passing th...Date:06/19/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Chris Zahrt

c_chaos3.zip  Filename:c_chaos3.zip
Size:1162 KB

Crackdown  Filename:c_down.zip
It's a duel map frag the other player....Date:10/21/13
Size:4718 KB
Author:David "Springy" Spring

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