Abandoned Chapel  Filename:abanchpl.zip
A nice ZDoom Hexen map with alot of monsters :P...Date:12/29/03
Size:157 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

ABBEY.WAD  Filename:abbey.zip
The Abbey of Desecration. For generations the very mention of the Abbey has caused those living under its shadow to make Warding signs and gesture the speaker to silence himself. Now you, as a seasoned adventurer of many campaigns, have decided to ...Date:04/17/96
Size:135 KB
Author:Ralph Jenkin

Amokhex  Filename:amokhex.zip
Size:56 KB

ARCHMAGE  Filename:arch10.zip
Big map. Four keeps/dungeons to explore. Lots of colorful action. Puzzles too. Non-linear "plot". Based on my "Wizard Wars" HERETIC wad. (This HEXEN level is not, however, set up for deathmatch play. For that, you'll have to check out the original. I...Date:12/14/96
Size:64 KB
Author:Richard Dale Carlson

Quest Of The Avatar  Filename:avatar01.zip
This level will be the first of a few. I'm doing a trial thing. If you have any input, please help me out ;)...Date:11/06/97
Size:42 KB
Author:Roo Sleight

HEXEN BADLANDS  Filename:badland.zip
A detailed single player only level for Hexen. Some devious puzzles as well as loads of action. A huge outdoor desert area, with a fort, a castle, a well, a tower and lots of dungeons and cultist places. It would have been a staggering cripple on the...Date:09/25/97
Size:73 KB
Author:David Ottvall davo@.algonet.se

Bastion of Chaos  Filename:bast_cha.zip
My first HeXen level. This level's concept will probably be incorperated into one of the levels in my other current DOOM ][ project (as yet unnamed). This is the first time I've designed a level with both Single Player and Co-op / Deathmatch in mind,...Date:03/01/96
Size:36 KB
Author:Idries Hamadi

BIO2.WAD  Filename:bio2.zip
You better use your mind on this one. You'll have a hard time as you have to repeat some steps to get through....Date:09/07/96
Size:119 KB
Author:Tim Rodriguez (age 8), Robert Rodriguez

Undermountain  Filename:black.zip
Size:2084 KB
Author:Shane Paluski

BongoFur.WAD for Hexen  Filename:bongofur.zip
Bongo Fury!...Date:11/29/12
Size:73 KB
Author:Gary Mueller

Caldera ... 6 level adventure for Hexen  Filename:caldera.zip
Vaults was only a test. Now for the real thing. When you killed D'Sparil...Date:06/29/97
Size:1234 KB
Author:Chet Walters / WizWorks!

Cannons - 1/8/96  Filename:cannons.zip
This will take some explaining... This wad is not like any other wad you've ever played. You play it in COOP mode, but are trying to kill each other. You use the switches on the platform to aim your cannon at your target, and blast him! Over 1250 lin...Date:01/20/96
Size:42 KB
Author:Brit Willoughby

The Dark Castle  Filename:castle.zip
A very large castle with dungeon, courtyards, a sewer and lots of other nifty stuff....Date:03/04/97
Size:95 KB
Author:Jim Ritchey

TAKE FALL THE CASTLE  Filename:castle2.zip
THIS IS THE STORY: Your freind tells you that he herd of a castle where the Korax goes after he destors a world. When you here that your world is next you go and try to distory him by going to his castle to kill him first, so you go to a wizard and f...Date:07/23/96
Size:77 KB
Author:Jason Merkel

Castro  Filename:castro.zip
You wake up in the pit...looking around you see monsters...some doors.You realize that you are in Castro castle,and if you don`t escape there too fast,you are monster food!...Date:06/06/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Tero Kerttula

Undetermined, working title Centromere  Filename:cent092b.zip
Size:367 KB
Author:Philip Ward

The Ceren  Filename:ceren01.zip
A single player and multiplayer .wad for Hexen. You awaken alone (or with a friend) locked in a strange dungeon cell. You don't remember who you are or why you are here, but you do know that you must escape....Date:12/24/95
Size:62 KB
Author:Ben L. Brooks

The Chaos Fountain  Filename:chaosftn.zip
After the portal to the Chaos Realm was opened, the evil forces of Korax began pouring through, spreading terror, pain, and destruction throughout the world. Those who weren't killed outright were turned into monsters for the evil army, or just for s...Date:02/18/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Brian Waak

Chaos Rush v1.0  Filename:chaosrsh.zip
I created this back in 1997 as an experiment to learn the new features of Hexen. As you can tell by the rather square nature of the map, I started playing with Hexen right after I finished WATRCITY.WAD for Heretic. The map consists of a central ice...Date:05/16/99
Size:41 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

CHUXEN: Beyond Hexen (all right, maybe not --but definitely worth the download!)  Filename:chuxen.zip
HEXEN replacement hub (6 levels) designed for the single player...Date:07/27/96
Size:326 KB
Author:Chuck Grant

Hub of Pain v1.0  Filename:colin4.zip
A 3 level hub (including hub level) that is just downright awesome. :) Lots of fog to....Date:03/05/96
Size:280 KB
Author:Colin Caird

The Courtyard  Filename:court.zip
My first two levels. One large, one small. **New version: fixes NoSound bug** These levels form the first two in what will become a series of levels, interconnected by MASTER.WAD (see above). Play should start on level one, level two follows. NOT...Date:07/06/96
Size:123 KB
Author:Darren Prescott

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