HADES.WAD  Filename:hades.zip
A DeathMatch wad that takes place in a fiery hell....Date:09/21/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Zeb Shultz a.k.a. DeathMonger

of Game HEXALOT.WAD  Filename:hexalot.zip
Size:7 KB

hexarena.zip  Filename:hexarena.zip
Size:7 KB

HEXBAL1.WAD  Filename:hexbal1.zip
HEXEN DEATHMATCH WAD. Mirrored after my famous Hairbal1. wad for doom2 real battlefest....Date:03/22/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

HEXBART1.WAD  Filename:hexbart1.zip
HEXEN DEATHMATCH WAD. Mirrored after my famous Bartman4 Heretic wad. With new and exciting areas....Date:11/09/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

Batman Forever  Filename:hexbat.zip
Batman lives forever in Hexen. Awesome deathmatch level with a Batman theme. This wad has it all! New batman music, all weapons and artifacts are available all over. Transporters will take you into either the Batcave or the Wayne Manor. Watch out for...Date:12/04/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Alex Rivero

The Blizzard Deathmatch for Hexen  Filename:hexblizz.zip
A cool deathmatch wad for Hexen inspired by a snow storm on January 7, 1995. My friends and I have tried it in deathmatch, and it rules! It is the perfect size for deathmatch and the number of artifacts is perfectly balanced throughout the level. The...Date:01/07/96
Size:15 KB
Author:Shad Williams Doom2Shad@aol.com IRC: ShAd0wZ

The Canyon Deathmatch for Hexen  Filename:hexcanyn.zip
A combat arena carved out of stone filled with weapons, artifacts, pits, and ledges. This awesome wad has several drone players that are controlled by Hexen's AI. It makes for a great deathmatch. This wad rules, so download it! It just takes 30 secon...Date:01/12/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Shad Williams Doom2Shad@aol.com IRC: ShAd0wZ

Hexen Cave  Filename:hexcave.zip
Ever play MajorMud? Well, heres a make of the forest cave in it... into a Hexen wad!?...Date:11/22/95
Size:33 KB
Author:Danny Miller

Hexen Chicken  Filename:hexchick.zip
Remember Chicken for Doom? How about Doom2? And how about when we shocked you with Heretic Chicken? Well, now... its Hexen's turn! 1 brige. Two ravines. Two happy-go-lucky players.... one trip to hell!...Date:11/13/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Danny Miller

Church of Korax 1.1  Filename:hexcok2.zip
Hexen deathmatch from scratch. This is an open large building in the center of a courtyard, a cemetary and crypt are off of the courtyard as well. Currently this is basically DM only. As soon as the final editors come out with the mods to the linedef...Date:11/09/95
Size:43 KB
Author:Stuart Presley (Vovin)

Hexen Is Cool.. Hey.. you try to think up one for this one..  Filename:hexcoo.zip
A small level for Hexen that's just plain cool.. heh.. I tried to make it look like it says iD.. cuz Id helped Raven with this awesome game.....Date:10/27/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Andy Kendall

The Crater Deathmatch for Hexen  Filename:hexcratr.zip
A combat arena carved out of stone filled with weapons, artifacts, pits, and ledges. This awesome wad has several drone players that are controlled by Hexen's AI. It makes for a great deathmatch. This wad rules, so download it! It just takes 30 secon...Date:01/12/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Shad Williams Doom2Shad@aol.com IRC: ShAd0wZ

hexdm.zip  Filename:hexdm.zip
Size:86 KB

DWARF1  Filename:hexdwarf.zip
If you are looking for a hard level to finish, well you got the wrong one here, this level is made strictly for playing Deathmatch! Sure there are monsters, but for a veteran, this level will be cake! Although there are a few good secrets with some g...Date:12/19/95
Size:20 KB
Author:Michael Giles

Hexen DeathMatching DOH Wad (You Know, Homer Simpson..)  Filename:hexendoh.zip
MAP 5 !! HUMONGOUSLY Big Room, With ALMOST All Weapons. Better Get Those Mega Weapons 'For Your Partner Do.....Date:12/14/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Paul "DM God" Rice

Pit of Freedom  Filename:hexenpof.zip
Hexen deathmatch from scratch. This was originally my Pit of Freedom for Heretic. I revamped it a little for Hexen and added some extra steps This makes a good Single Player and a good DeathMatch. No, it's not just a little pit to play in. Matter of ...Date:11/24/95
Size:48 KB
Author:Stuart Presley (Vovin)

HexFall  Filename:hexfall.zip
A small level for Hexen that has a room with a bunch of pillars in it.. You gotta stay up on these pillars to stay alive..While trying to kill the other guy(s).....Date:10/27/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Andy Kendall

Fonti's Deathmatch (very inventive, eh?)  Filename:hexfodm.zip
A rather small level, designed for fast paced deathmatches. The bigger weapons should be difficult to get....Date:11/29/95
Size:43 KB
Author:Marc Fontaine

Hexen Graveyard  Filename:hexgrave.zip
A graveyard, and the undertakers house.. Has doors, a teleporter and some other stuff I hex edited in. This wad only works with the Registered Version of Hexen....Date:11/01/95
Size:18 KB
Author:Andy Kendall

HEXEN HAVOC  Filename:hexhavoc.zip
Hexen deathmatch from scratch. Conversion of havoc.wad for Doom 2 over to Hexen....Date:11/07/95
Size:18 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

Hexhell.wad('Hell' stands for HELL if I know what to name this!)  Filename:hexhell.zip
This is my first released HeXen wad. Strictly for Deathmatch! Takes place in a creepy fog covered forest controled by a evil, sadistic Bloodlusting ruler(me!) Lots of scripts, lots of weapons, lots of action, and lots of fun....Date:12/10/95
Size:42 KB
Author:Enahs or Shane which ever one you like better

HexHub for HEXEN  Filename:hexhub.zip
Size:14 KB
Author:Adam Piontek St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

HEXICU.WAD  Filename:hexicu.zip
Hexen version of my ICU Heretic dm wad....Date:02/08/96
Size:30 KB
Author:The Forever Man (aka Jason Still)

Pit Stakeout  Filename:hexjmpdm.zip
This level is mainly for Deathmatch (The Only Way To Play) but you can play single and Co-op if you have to. :-)...Date:01/24/96
Size:4 KB
Author:Jeff Patch

Hexen Minotaur  Filename:hexmino.zip
It's a Hexen DeathMatch level, great 2 way, goes better 3 or 4. Sort of the same style as map one...but it wasn't based on MAP01, it just feels a bit like it :). It's more fun than the levels in Hexen, since Hexen's levels lack some of that DM feel (...Date:01/27/96
Size:9 KB
Author:Minotaur from Montreal server. (DWANGO)

Hexen Nimble  Filename:hexnim2b.zip
A medium-sized HeXeN level, geared for people who can control their characters in a strategy deathmatch....Date:11/11/95
Size:37 KB
Author:Robert Alto (_BadCRC_)

PIT OF THE HEXEN  Filename:hexnpit.zip
Hexen deathmatch from scratch. Simple layout(I was limited to what I could to because at the moment there is not a good editor avaliable) But it's still pretty fun....Date:10/28/95
Size:10 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

Hexen SLAP YOUR ENEMY Wad  Filename:hexnslap.zip
HUGE Big Open Polygon Arena..MANY WEAPONS, EarthQuake SOunz in Hidden spots, So if you Like Many Heart Racing Fragz THIS WADS FOR YOU!!...Date:12/13/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Paul Rice (Handle Master)

hexnwads.zip  Filename:hexnwads.zip
Size:32 KB

HEXEN WARS  Filename:hexnwars.zip
A small level for Hexen that just plain rules in deathmatch...Date:12/23/95
Size:14 KB
Author:Shad Williams

HEXPAK  Filename:hexpak11.zip
HEXPAK is a collection of 5 WAD files featuring levels from HEATHEN2.zip....Date:04/22/96
Size:156 KB
Author:The Wadfather (a nickname my friends gave me)

HEXPHUK1  Filename:hexphuk1.zip
Deathmatch Hexen level....Date:12/31/95
Size:6 KB
Author:The Earth

HEXPHUK2  Filename:hexphuk2.zip
Deathmatch Hexen level....Date:12/31/95
Size:4 KB
Author:The Earth

HEXPHUK3  Filename:hexphuk3.zip
Deathmatch Hexen level....Date:12/31/95
Size:13 KB
Author:The Earth

HEXPHUK4  Filename:hexphuk4.zip
Deathmatch Hexen level....Date:01/06/96
Size:4 KB
Author:The Earth

HEXQUAKE START MAP  Filename:hexquak0.zip
Conversion of Quake start map to Hexen!...Date:07/26/96
Size:38 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

HexQuake for Hexen, DeathMatch Only  Filename:hexquake.zip
This is a Hexen version of map 2 of Quake. Taking full advantage of scripts and poly-objects to be as true to Quake map test 2. There are no monsters and the things will only appear in DeathMatch play. This version is set up for only 4 players....Date:04/03/96
Size:49 KB
Author:Scott McNutt author of SM Levels

Ring Of Doom  Filename:hexring.zip
This a cool little wad with lotsa stuff but not too big. basically one big ring with all weapons and all puzzle weapons in a little area in the middle which is hard to get to without FALLING TO YOUR DOOM!...Date:11/19/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Joe Sola [DaeDoLoN]

-= Deadsoul for Hexen =- v1.2

Filename Hexsoul.wad

Author Seth Williams

This is a small castle in an open field. Around the castle there is a moat which in it are some moat monsters. This level is Intended for Deathmatches. Other wads by author V_Rage.wad(11 levels), Plague.wad(20 levels) Plague 2.wad(15 levels), Phant...Date:12/20/95
Size:63 KB
Author:Seth Williams

Email Address seth@server.iadfw.net

Description This is a small castle

Undertaker's Venture  Filename:hexstep.zip
Map01 for Hexen....Date:12/08/95
Size:13 KB
Author:Kevin "Undertaker" Farley

HEXEN TUNNELS  Filename:hextun.zip
A deathmatch wad with lots of items and weapons....Date:11/25/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Joe Fuchs

HEXUS.WAD  Filename:hexus.zip
Size:20 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

The Connect-The-Dot Series  Filename:hex_ctd.zip
A rather odd set of deathmatch levels. Created by drawing random dots on graph paper, and then connecting the dots. The levels might actually prove to be fun, as there are several areas in each map which are kind of hidden. Each level has a 5 minut...Date:05/03/98
Size:15 KB
Author:The Quietust

Hexen: The Mentally Declined Level  Filename:hex_tmdl.zip
Do you want a level that is easy to play and fun for deathmatch? Well, you've got your wish: <<<<>>>> Two wads are included: HX0_TMDL.WAD - for Hexen v1.0 HX1_TMDL.WAD - for Hexen v1.1 I'll leave it to you to fig...Date:09/14/96
Size:43 KB
Author:The Quietust

Gore Fest? (For them maybe)  Filename:hi.zip
Um, not really a description but I might warn you to TURN ON GOD MODE! YOU CANNOT SURVIVE! YOU ARE TOO WEAK! YOU SUCK TOO MUCH TO BEST THESE VILE FIENDS!...Date:03/31/96
Size:37 KB
Author:Jester Calhone

Hexen Deathmatch Arena  Filename:hxarena.zip
A very simple deathmatch level. Has all weapons, many items, no Icons of Defender. An eight-sided arena with a room on each wall. The only healing is in the middle of the arena....Date:11/11/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Jack Hartman

HEXEN'S EVIL MINIONS  Filename:hxevil.zip
Idaknow. Just keep running! ;)...Date:12/18/95
Size:33 KB
Author:Paul A. Thureen

HEXEN FRAG_YOU  Filename:hxfrag_u.zip
Hexen deathmatch based on my classic frag_you.wad. For the uninformed the puzzle weapons are behind a secret door north of the platform where the krater of might and health potion is....Date:11/24/95
Size:16 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

The Keep (for Hexen) "FunHouse might be more correct!"  Filename:hxkeep.zip
A Hexen PWAD that makes use of EVERYTHING Hexen has to offer including polyobjects and scripts. It was just a quick make, I didn't bother aligning the textures, but this level is still COOL. Just remember the asprin... You'll see why, too. What I'm t...Date:11/24/95
Size:25 KB
Author:David Russell

hxledsmp.zip  Filename:hxledsmp.zip
Size:25 KB

Hexen Pig Arena  Filename:hxpgarna.zip
An arena with 4 sections, 1 per class and 1 containing a few goodies and a few badies. This wad only works with the Registered Version of Hexen. If you wonder why this is called the Pig Arena, then play for an hour and then watch the floor you will u...Date:11/03/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Sylvain Massicotte

hxskate.zip  Filename:hxskate.zip
Size:16 KB

The Bar (for Hexen)  Filename:hxthebar.zip
You're tired after a hard day's adventuring, so you decided to pop into a bar to have a nice sloshing. Suddenly, an Ettin from a table across from you perks his drunken head up from his mead and says "Gruffnlggg." You take it as a drunken slobber, bu...Date:02/10/96
Size:43 KB
Author:Shaun Clayton (aka DOCTOR)

It's a PIG!  Filename:itsapig.zip
Small DeathMatch wad, plenty of weapons and stuff, should be pretty fast paced....Date:10/22/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Mac Hulslander

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