Kalrac's First Hexen Level  Filename:kalhex.zip
It's my first Hexen level. Rather than being a detailed level with lots of puzzles and having an actual point to existing, this is more of an engine test. There are a lot of jumps, magic steps, really fast elevators, transporters, moving floors, deep...Date:04/03/96
Size:48 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

kicking.wad  Filename:kicking.zip
I've made alot of levels for Doom][, but these are the first ones I've ever made for Hexen. They're badass!!! A collection of four deathmatch levels and a few graphics. This is great for hours of play, because all levels are in ONE wad and you can si...Date:01/04/97
Size:551 KB
Author:Eric Pearson ( http://www.flash.net/~eric )

Lasher's Ledges For Hexen Beta  Filename:lashxled.zip
Here it is....for all you scum bags who cant wait to DM in Hexen...This wad is a hack of the awesome hxmorgue.wad by Eric Duprey and Mark Summers. I left some things the same but overall, it is ALOT different. October 21, 1995...Date:10/21/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Lasher, something on compuserve :)

The Original HxMorgue.WAD: Eric Duprey (eric@rmii.com) {I

The Leaf Well..  Filename:leafwell.zip
Once upon a time there existed an amazing little well know as the Leaf Well. Every Autumn, magical little elves, who lived at the bottom of the well, would start making millions of little autumn leaves, and throw them up out of the well. The leaves w...Date:11/14/95
Size:31 KB
Author:Jonathan Eyles ( Masked Snail )

The Hexen Lighthouse  Filename:litehaus.zip
This is my first level that is intended for public consumption. Hope you like it....Date:05/12/96
Size:68 KB
Author:Your name here

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