Sceen v3.0 Hexen release !
DeathMatch only ! The GREAT script !!!...Date:08/02/97
Size:37 KB
Author:E-Studio: Smirnov E., Lomovsky E., Bukolov D.

The Wizard's Study (Hexen)
My friend was building a deathmatch WAD for him and his pals to play on the computers at school, so I asked to contribute a map. I doubt the pack will ever see the light of day, and I think this is a pretty fun map, so here it is. My first DM map....Date:03/09/10
Size:59 KB

The Worship v1.0
Serious Hexen Deathmatch. Flip switches and drop floors in an instant. Entrap others behind walls. Worship your DeathGod.... blah blah blah...just play the damn thing you'll see........Date:01/10/96
Size:29 KB
Author:Jay "Lasher" Darji
Size:14 KB

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