1-8.zip  Filename:1-8.zip
Size:34 KB

16-3way.zip  Filename:16-3way.zip
Size:116 KB

16m55_dc.zip  Filename:16m55_dc.zip
Size:36 KB

2in1.zip  Filename:2in1.zip
This is CERTAINLY one of the cooler demos out there! Ever try to get the last boss in DooM ][ with a rocket from the top of the platform? Well, it's done here! That's right! Got em going up.. got em going down! It's amazing!...Date:08/30/97
Size:6 KB
Author:Jerethi from the 847 Dwango Server

2on1kill.zip  Filename:2on1kill.zip
Size:299 KB

460 Frags with 3 players  Filename:460frags.zip
Try getting 460 frags, with subtraction of the loads of suicides, in level 1 with 3 players. If you like action, you are sure to like this demo. To bad The Dark Lord had to play on a paperwhite VGA and a kboard which wouldn't work properly or else we...Date:12/30/97
Size:559 KB
Author:Warlock, The Dark Lord and FBW of Cosmic Chaos

4way_07.zip  Filename:4way_07.zip
This is a 4-player demo on map 07. This One is a real bloodfest. Lots of bfg action. not that the bfg is my favorite weapon, but you cant beat it for four player deathmatch....Date:07/16/95
Size:227 KB

502frags.zip  Filename:502frags.zip
35 minutes of complete and utter slaugtering chaos(but ofcourse)....Date:01/28/98
Size:108 KB
Author:Warlock of Cosmic Chaos, The Dark Lord of Cosmic Chaos and Happy Harry Hard-on.

573frags.zip  Filename:573frags.zip
Within 42 minutes we show everybody what "Gun control" is all about....Date:04/21/98
Size:458 KB
Author:Happy Harry Hard-on, FBW of Cosmic Chaos and Warlock of Cosmic Chaos.

583frags.zip  Filename:583frags.zip
This demo is definately the goriest we've ever made. There are 'bodies' frying all around. Hope you have a strong stomach. Shame TDL had to leave, cause otherwise we would have had 666 frags at the rate we where going. We had the -maxdemo set for o...Date:07/29/98
Size:410 KB
Author:The Dark Lord of Cosmic Chaos, Warlock of Cosmic Chaos and FBW of Cosmic Chaos.

630frags.zip  Filename:630frags.zip
More death, more carnage, more slaughterings going on....Date:09/21/98
Size:105 KB
Author:The Dark Lord of Cosmic Chaos, Warlock of Cosmic Chaos and Happy Harry Hard-on.

671frags.zip  Filename:671frags.zip
Take a wild guess, it's called 671frags. I wonder why ppl call boarders bad players ? If 3 mousers can beat this let them try. Mail your demo's to cosmic-chaos@geocities.com Once again, this is a chalenge to all mousers ! Though boarders like us can ...Date:09/21/98
Size:106 KB
Author:The Dark Lord of Cosmic Chaos, Warlock of Cosmic Chaos and Happy Harry Hard-on.

aegis.zip  Filename:aegis.zip
Size:6 KB

asd2dem1.zip  Filename:asd2dem1.zip
Size:16 KB

asd2demo.zip  Filename:asd2demo.zip
Size:17 KB

Be a knight even in Altdeath!  Filename:beknight.zip
Get your weapon, fight for honor! No place to hide, a grave to die....Date:06/27/95
Size:31 KB
Author:CHAN Lancelot the Jedi/ DOOMINATOR the DARKSIDER

bfgdemo.zip  Filename:bfgdemo.zip
Size:1 KB

bk3way3.zip  Filename:bk3way3.zip
3-way Beknight edition....Date:10/28/95
Size:64 KB

bk3way4.zip  Filename:bk3way4.zip
3-way Beknight edition....Date:11/02/95
Size:87 KB

bld-os7.zip  Filename:bld-os7.zip
Size:81 KB

boss30-1.zip  Filename:boss30-1.zip
Get through DOOM ]['s last level without dying a single time! It is now proven that DOOM ]['s last level CAN be completed without cheating....Date:09/27/96
Size:2 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois

boss30-2.zip  Filename:boss30-2.zip
Get through DOOM ]['s last level without dying a single time! It is now proven that DOOM ]['s last level CAN be completed without cheating....Date:09/27/96
Size:3 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois

boss30-3.zip  Filename:boss30-3.zip
Get through DOOM ]['s last level without dying a single time! It is now proven that DOOM ]['s last level CAN be completed without cheating....Date:09/27/96
Size:2 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois

boss30-4.zip  Filename:boss30-4.zip
Get through DOOM ]['s last level without dying a single time! It is now proven that DOOM ]['s last level CAN be completed without cheating....Date:09/27/96
Size:2 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois

burngal3.zip  Filename:burngal3.zip
This is another game with me and my local doom2 buddy Burnout. The game is paused after my 67th frag, you'll have to wait 2 mins. I know some progs around can remove paused tics, but try it at your own risk, sometimes the demo gets out of synch....Date:02/01/97
Size:107 KB

burngal4.zip  Filename:burngal4.zip
This is another game with me and my local doom2 buddy Burnout. The rematch on the previously lost game on map1. I managed to win, but once again very tight....Date:02/01/97
Size:128 KB

champ1.zip  Filename:champ1.zip
This is Truechamp and in our first IPX map1 game recording. We had intended to play to 150, but the maxdemo ran out before we could finish. Its a tight game for sure, scorewise when we checked at points along the game, it went back and forth as to wh...Date:02/01/97
Size:246 KB
Author:Bad Company

chaos on 7  Filename:chaos.zip
well b/c of the fone bill i was away from playin for a while this is my return...my play has regress b/c of my absence from play, but not a bad return nonetheless... this lmp is a complete and total fragfest on map 7 this lmp rivals 4way_07.lmp...rou...Date:08/27/95
Size:124 KB
Author:shawn 'spam' hamm

comp_x4.zip  Filename:comp_x4.zip
This is a fast paced 4 player DeathMatch recording in my Compiled DeathMatch level, COMPDETH. I didn't count the frags, but there were a TON, especially in the last map, where I'm sure we got over 300 in the 10 or so minutes that we spent in there....Date:12/07/95
Size:145 KB

cor_demo.zip  Filename:cor_demo.zip
Size:6 KB

d12-3way.zip  Filename:d12-3way.zip
3-way free-for-all on Brian Vannatta's excellent danzig12, the second in his danzig series....Date:04/27/95
Size:303 KB

d2-4way.zip  Filename:d2-4way.zip
A four-player (-timer 10) LMP recorded in Map16-Map18 of danzig2.wad - Map16 was nuts!...Date:10/22/95
Size:299 KB

d2fullgm.zip  Filename:d2fullgm.zip
Size:841 KB
Author:Peo Sjoblom Plus 3 lmps by Yonatan Donner, Andreas Kren and Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2sgfull.zip  Filename:d2sgfull.zip
Size:45 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner

d2t4.zip  Filename:d2t4.zip
Level 4 Tyson, thisone is tricky but no problem if you concentrate....Date:07/24/95
Size:47 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2t6.zip  Filename:d2t6.zip
The reason I completed this lmp was that I heard somewhere from someone that it would be impossible. Level 6 in "Tyson" mode and thisone is trickier than it sounds. You have to kill all the badies with fists and pistol only, no berserk or chainsaw,...Date:07/24/95
Size:189 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2tgm10.zip  Filename:d2tgm10.zip
Level 10 in "tyson and grand master mode", with -fast option and nothing but fists, berserk, chainsaw and pistol to kill the badies. I never thought this lmp would be possible to record after doing it in Tyson mode only. I dont think that it is possi...Date:07/24/95
Size:199 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2tgm16.zip  Filename:d2tgm16.zip
Level 16 Tyson+GM at same time, not much to say, I thought the 2 archvile would be a problem but they only helped me on the way........Date:07/24/95
Size:66 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2tgm8.zip  Filename:d2tgm8.zip
Level 8 in tyson+Grand master mode at same time thisone is a bit tricky, especially when the invunarability times out....Date:07/24/95
Size:119 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

d2up-ask.zip  Filename:d2up-ask.zip
Lmps of all the levels in Doom 2, excluding 29, from start to finish on Hurt Me Plenty under par time. (24 is a couple seconds over.)...Date:07/21/96
Size:127 KB
Author:Allen Kung

d2uv-ask.zip  Filename:d2uv-ask.zip
Lmps of all the levels in Doom 2, excluding 29, from start to finish on Ultraviolence with 100% kills. (15 only has 99%)...Date:07/19/96
Size:637 KB
Author:Allen Kung

dasa-dr.zip  Filename:dasa-dr.zip
Size:89 KB

Education Demo Version 1.0  Filename:demo2com.zip
Size:25 KB
Author:Stephan Ferraro, Thomas Kowarik

demo31.zip  Filename:demo31.zip
Wolfenstein (Level 31) on Hurt Me Plenty with 100% kills, items, & secrets....Date:04/14/96
Size:5 KB
Author:Patrick Kalinauskas

demo32.zip  Filename:demo32.zip
Grosse (level 32) on Hurt Me Plenty with 100% kills, items, & secrets....Date:04/14/96
Size:2 KB
Author:Patrick Kalinauskas

deth32.zip  Filename:deth32.zip
This is the first 4 player demo we've uploaded. The lmps are also available on CompuServe. We've not seen an lmp of this level before, and it's only just occurred to us to play it. Red seems to have an advantage, as it blends with the decor. Richard ...Date:09/22/95
Size:41 KB
Author:Michael Hammerstone

dm07aro.zip  Filename:dm07aro.zip
Two average people playing an average game on the best DM level in history....Date:07/13/96
Size:22 KB
Author:Andy R. Olivera

dm2coop.zip  Filename:dm2coop.zip
These are LMPs for all of the Doom II levels on Ultra-Violence with a 2-player Cooperative setup. We tried to die as little as possible, and we got 100% kills in all levels (we think) except 24. This TXT file was created using LMPTXT, available in be...Date:05/10/96
Size:386 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner (D1M,D1SG,D2M,D2SG)

dm2full.zip  Filename:dm2full.zip
This is a collection of lmps for all levels of Doom2 on Ultra-Violence, ending with 100% kills and usually maximum secrets, but sometimes I just didn't bother (or didn't remember ;-) No special comments about the demos, they were *ALL* rerecorded s...Date:11/27/96
Size:402 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner

doom2nm.zip  Filename:doom2nm.zip
Size:203 KB

dw11lmps.zip  Filename:dw11lmps.zip
Size:135 KB

7 and up on Dwango5.wad  Filename:dwang5-7.zip
massive killing on dwango5.wad, starting at level 7. good action. I (rj) am the only with mucho experience playing doom though, and it pretty much shows, but at least I can play daily at work over IPX, to practice for the real competition on the loca...Date:10/30/95
Size:315 KB

dwl09x4.zip  Filename:dwl09x4.zip
Size:351 KB

embchk1.zip  Filename:embchk1.zip
Watch as Embrionic Pete takes on one of his most intense battles yet with Indiana's Chunkk. Chunkk has a beautiful BFG under standing.. and missle placement....Date:07/17/95
Size:281 KB
Author:Embrionic Pete

erik3.zip  Filename:erik3.zip
Size:3 KB

e_hink01.zip  Filename:e_hink01.zip
Size:125 KB

fragm0n2.zip  Filename:fragm0n2.zip
Well as you can see I'm a very agressive player. Maybe I should just settle down and play safe and stop giving away so much stupid frags.... er...nah... I ain't no CAMPER!! bwahahahaah.....Date:08/31/96
Size:53 KB
Author:Jevon Tane

fragm0n4.zip  Filename:fragm0n4.zip
Well here I am trying to play Map11 and trying to play a little more safer than I usually do....Date:09/11/96
Size:112 KB
Author:Jevon Tane

funlmps.zip  Filename:funlmps.zip
Size:197 KB

gkvun.zip  Filename:gkvun.zip
Doom2 Deathmatch level 1, Quality Frag after Frag....Date:12/21/95
Size:54 KB

Grosse.lmp (for Doom II)  Filename:grosse.zip
/Story This LMP file is the "secret" level 32 "Grosse" done in "Hurt Me Plenty" scoring 100% in all catagories! This was done in 1:46. Anybody who can beat this time send lmp to Mana Poems@aol.com for inclusion in a future CD-Rom!...Date:11/03/97
Size:4 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

gwargary.zip  Filename:gwargary.zip
Best game I played against Gary. Frag numbers 78 and 87 are pretty cool....Date:11/09/95
Size:102 KB
Author:Craig Hess

hom-dem1.zip  Filename:hom-dem1.zip
level 7...Date:12/21/96
Size:96 KB

hosejkl1.zip  Filename:hosejkl1.zip
This is myself playing against a local bud by the handle Jackall. He's another guy hoping to be good someday....Date:03/31/96
Size:113 KB

hosejkl2.zip  Filename:hosejkl2.zip
This is myself playing against a local bud by the handle Jackall. He's another guy hoping to be good someday....Date:03/31/96
Size:118 KB

huevos.zip  Filename:huevos.zip
This is for Doom 2 version 1.9. This is me playing level 32 on Ultra-violence with fast monsters. I finished it in 3:13, using only the super-shotgun, chaingun and berserk. I used the invulnerability on the SS so I could punch all of them. . . my pun...Date:04/27/95
Size:2 KB

igor4wy2.zip  Filename:igor4wy2.zip
We finally played a game that tops the intensity of IGOR4WAY.LMP. Total Carnage. 420 frags in less than 45 minutes!! Recorded from TIMinator's perspective. Use the enclosed utility LMPUTIL to convert the LMP to the other player's perspectives....Date:04/01/95
Size:409 KB

igor4wy3.zip  Filename:igor4wy3.zip
I just moved to Calgary, and participated in the third Calgary DOOM2 tournament here. This was one of the 8 Final Matches. Final tournament score was Tim 631, Jho 587, Dasa 545, Goal 481. Recorded from TIMinator's perspective. NOTE: all matches in th...Date:06/05/95
Size:219 KB

j21-4way.zip  Filename:j21-4way.zip
A quick little four-player LMP on judas21.wad, first player to 50 frags. Pretty nuts....Date:10/13/95
Size:96 KB

judas_x4.zip  Filename:judas_x4.zip
This is a complete frag fest that we recorded in DANZIG2. The average lifespan was under two seconds!...Date:12/07/95
Size:222 KB

keep.zip  Filename:keep.zip
This is a LMP for a small but brutal wad I've had for a long time, and could never complete w/o cheating until I finally sat down to work on it. It is one of the first Doom2 LMP's I ever recorded, and though I'm a much better player now, this LMP is ...Date:05/19/97
Size:71 KB
Author:Jason Henry

kh_arnt.zip  Filename:kh_arnt.zip
Size:68 KB

kildemon.zip  Filename:kildemon.zip
This demo is just four guys playing a deathmatch. It was made over the MegaSphere BBS, (317) 273-9666. The four players were: Green: Demon Eater (Martin Cox, that's me) Indigo: Melojo (Bruce Bryzek) Brown: Grean'se Lightning (Andrew Goode) Red: Cha...Date:10/12/95
Size:115 KB
Author:Martin Cox

kurtz-z1.zip  Filename:kurtz-z1.zip
me (kurtz) and zero beating on each other...Date:10/18/96
Size:62 KB
Author:jeremy kurtz

kurtz-z7.zip  Filename:kurtz-z7.zip
me (kurtz) and zero beating on each other...Date:10/18/96
Size:89 KB
Author:jeremy kurtz

l7dev51a.zip  Filename:l7dev51a.zip
Size:2 KB

lev1-4pl.zip  Filename:lev1-4pl.zip
Size:49 KB

lev1.zip  Filename:lev1.zip
this is basically a killing fest. we played to 100...Date:07/20/95
Size:143 KB

lev30n.zip  Filename:lev30n.zip
Well as you can see level 30 really isn't that difficult on any skill level....Date:05/13/96
Size:3 KB

lightn32.zip  Filename:lightn32.zip
Doom2 "Real" lightning, the whole game, all 32 levels in a row without dying once, of course all levels under par. This is hard I tell you... There are a lot of levels where the time for par is very low, the best example of this is level 2, though I'...Date:11/19/95
Size:163 KB
Author:Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

lmps1-12.zip  Filename:lmps1-12.zip
Just me finishing lvl's 1-12! I sure as hell don't know all the secrets so don't look for them!...Date:05/28/96
Size:151 KB
Author:Jeff Nickerson

longview.zip  Filename:longview.zip
Size:95 KB

lvl73way.zip  Filename:lvl73way.zip
Size:298 KB

Map30 Demos  Filename:map30lmp.zip
This has demos of me beating level 30 of DOOM2. The 3 demos show what can happen to you. It has good victories and ones where the player is barely alive....Date:01/05/97
Size:6 KB
Author:Dennis Savgir

mar_cza.zip  Filename:mar_cza.zip
Your basic level 1 fragathon with 2 good players. Czaple and Mariachi battle to the death in good ol' level 1!...Date:03/12/96
Size:26 KB

mar_ry.zip  Filename:mar_ry.zip
Level 1 fun. The game was a bit choppy, seeing how the connection was going from Vermont to Georgia, I wasn't surprised....Date:03/15/96
Size:64 KB

mar_tyra.zip  Filename:mar_tyra.zip
El Mariachi and Tyranork in a level 1 fragfest. We played first to 50....Date:03/12/96
Size:63 KB

mgdeth.zip  Filename:mgdeth.zip
Death, death, death, and more death. Skill 4, fast monsters, respawn, and a CyberDemon is my idea of a good Time. No one lived more then 30 seconds, even thought there was only two of us. There were triple teleporter frags, stray rockets, sucker shot...Date:06/11/95
Size:93 KB

molxol.zip  Filename:molxol.zip
Well, It's Xoleras THRASHING me, I was always relieved when he would switch to rockets because I could at least see them, His SSG tore holes in me. Actually, for playing w/ a Gravis, I was'nt *that* bad (I switched to mouse the next day. :)...Date:11/30/95
Size:43 KB

molxol2.zip  Filename:molxol2.zip
Hey, whatddya know? Practice does make ya better! Not to say I did much better this time, but at least I can aim now! Xoleras did a little bit of camping, which suprised me. Well, it was after I had gotten him 15 times, he was a little bit pissy. I a...Date:12/28/95
Size:59 KB

nm100s.zip  Filename:nm100s.zip
Size:153 KB

nychamp1.zip  Filename:nychamp1.zip
Watch as N.Y's 2 Champions, Each having a championship title respectively, battle it...Date:07/08/95
Size:58 KB
Author:Embrionic Pete

nypros1.zip  Filename:nypros1.zip
Watch as these 2 Ny Pros go at it on Lev 16. Each possessing a distinct style and approach...Date:07/11/95
Size:69 KB
Author:Embrionic Pete

nypros2.zip  Filename:nypros2.zip
Yet another fight to the death on lev 1. One of the most exciting matches you may ever see. Quality Frag for Frag....Date:07/19/95
Size:98 KB
Author:Embrionic Pete

pat-32.zip  Filename:pat-32.zip
This is me completing level 32 in Ultra-Violence. I finished it with 200% health and armor -- The cyberdemon didn't hit me once! No cheat codes, of course! :)...Date:06/28/95
Size:1 KB
Author:Patrick McConnell

petalk2.zip  Filename:petalk2.zip
Size:102 KB

PM's Doom 2 Tyson Collection  Filename:pm-d2t.zip
Size:815 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

poorguy.zip  Filename:poorguy.zip
Size:199 KB

PT2LMP.LMP  Filename:pt2lmp.zip
A two player deathmatch lmp played with the gkpak1.wad. Makes for a good look-see. Tom plays on a P5-90 with a joystick and I play on a 486DX4-100 with a mouse....Date:04/30/95
Size:189 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

PT3LMP.LMP  Filename:pt3lmp.zip
A two player deathmatch lmp played with the danzig12.wad. If you don't have the danzig12.wad that's ok - we start on level 7 and you'll get to watch 5 levels before we get to it. Tom plays on a P5-90 with a joystick and I play on a 486DX4-100 with a ...Date:04/30/95
Size:168 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

PT4LMP.LMP  Filename:pt4lmp.zip
A two player deathmatch lmp played on doom2 levels 3-7. There are a lot of AWSOME kills in this one. Tom plays on a P5-90 with a joystick and I play on a 486DX4-100 with a mouse....Date:04/30/95
Size:178 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

PT5LMP.LMP  Filename:pt5lmp.zip
A two player doom2 deathmatch lmp played with the igor9.wad. Our best one yet!!! Tom plays on a P5-90 with a joystick and I play on a 486DX4-100 with a mouse....Date:04/30/95
Size:186 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

PT6LMP.LMP  Filename:pt6lmp.zip
A two player doom2 deathmatch lmp played with the igor9.wad. Even better than the last!!! There are some major SS battles in this one. Tom plays on a P5-90 with a joystick and I play on a 486DX4-100 with a mouse....Date:04/30/95
Size:127 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

PTLMP.LMP  Filename:ptlmp.zip
Doom2 Level 1 2 player deathmatch. This is our first lmp, which we just did for kicks but thought others might get some entertainment out of it. It's long (hour and a half) but worth it. Tom played on a P5-90 and I was on a DX4-100 with 14.4 modems. ...Date:04/11/95
Size:185 KB
Author:Peter Meredith & Tom Williamson

q_cdndas.zip  Filename:q_cdndas.zip
Size:66 KB

q_l07ss.zip  Filename:q_l07ss.zip
Oh, just a fast LMP with SSG only Nothing more and nothing less...Date:11/19/95
Size:5 KB
Author:Kai-Uwe Humpert

q_vortp2.zip  Filename:q_vortp2.zip
Size:148 KB

rad1.zip  Filename:rad1.zip
A 3-way Deathmatch on level 1 played over LAN It should be noted that the game viewed from Brown is great (use F12) - watch for the rocket shot!...Date:08/14/95
Size:34 KB
Author:Michael Hammerstone

rad2.zip  Filename:rad2.zip
A 3-way Deathmatch on level 2 played over LAN Level 2 deathmatches take longer to get accustomed to than 1 or 7 due to the level's more confined nature and fiddly bits. However, with practice it becomes great fun! A cup of tea may be required after...Date:08/19/95
Size:34 KB
Author:Michael Hammertone

rad32.zip  Filename:rad32.zip
This is the first 4 player demo we've uploaded. The lmps are also available on CompuServe. We've not seen an lmp of this level before, and it's only just occurred to us to play it. Red seems to have an advantage, as it blends with the decor. Richard ...Date:09/08/95
Size:41 KB
Author:Michael Hammerstone

rad7.zip  Filename:rad7.zip
A 3-way Deathmatch on level 7 played over LAN The last in a trilogy of the best Doom II deathmatch levels. Level 7 is *the* Deathmatch arena. Watch for the unusual BFG duel in the exit room. Contains good stuff with rockets....Date:08/22/95
Size:33 KB
Author:Michael Hammerstone

radm01.zip  Filename:radm01.zip
See RADPIF2.TXT for overview (in Zip File). Four 3-way, Doom II Level 1 deathmatch demos....Date:01/04/96
Size:197 KB
Author:Michael Hammerstone

rj-xol-1.zip  Filename:rj-xol-1.zip
Xoleras and I going at it again, this time was much better for me, that practice is paying off, still lost, but I only play Map01 about once a blue moon.. against llama keyboarders no less, heh :)...Date:01/24/96
Size:63 KB

_Lethe_ vs. Nix  Filename:rkjem7.zip
Size:72 KB

ssl-bd2.zip  Filename:ssl-bd2.zip
This is the Map1 GOD Sslasher kicking my ass up and down Map1 at DMcon 96. Hes the master of strategy here for sure....and i dont come close to stepping to this big bad dude....his style uses quite a bit of laying back compared to what im used to. I ...Date:02/01/97
Size:109 KB
Author:Bad Company

ssmer-5.zip  Filename:ssmer-5.zip
Size:151 KB

strike.zip  Filename:strike.zip
This is among the first Doom2 LMPs i made with Strike. He was my student back then, and we were recording this so that we could go back and watch the LMP and see how he could increase his skill. I was advanced in skill at this time, and was going ext...Date:02/01/97
Size:184 KB
Author:Bad Company

supr2sg1.zip  Filename:supr2sg1.zip
I finish all the levels in doom2 speedy Gonzales style (starting from scratch, finish a level on hurt me plenty, under par) This is for the people out th- ere who are having a problem with their SG title, If you look you will see that I don't have th...Date:03/05/96
Size:138 KB
Author:Terry "T-man" Dunphy

vardf01.zip  Filename:vardf01.zip
Some friendly killing on MAP01 of DOOM2....Date:11/23/95
Size:40 KB
Author:Variant (Ray Van Dolson)

vtpk4way.zip  Filename:vtpk4way.zip
One of 8 matches in 3rd Calgary Doom2 tournament. Recorded from my perspective (Goalie). Very furious action on this one, especially map1....Date:06/12/95
Size:247 KB

vway1120.zip  Filename:vway1120.zip
Size:51 KB
Author:David Shaw

wagsmap1.zip  Filename:wagsmap1.zip
First deathmatch I've recorded. Starts off a bit slow since we were playing Quake before and had to make the transition, heats up after a while. No idea how long the demo is - had been gaming day and night and we kind of just got lost within the game...Date:09/01/99
Size:251 KB
Author:Ben Wagner

warzne2p.zip  Filename:warzne2p.zip
An awesome 2 player DeathTag demo! I won both of em, but...Date:02/17/96
Size:14 KB

w_t_fy.zip  Filename:w_t_fy.zip
Messy. Realy messy....Date:02/07/99
Size:154 KB
Author:FBW of Cosmic Chaos, Warlock of Cosmic Chaos and The Dark Lord of Cosmic Chaos.

xeenpork.zip  Filename:xeenpork.zip
Well, what can i say, two people playing death match once we get 20 frags, i start to kick butt :)...Date:12/19/97
Size:44 KB
Author:Billy Daniel (porkypig)

xoleras.zip  Filename:xoleras.zip
Fight to the death Merlock and the challenger Xoleras....Date:05/27/95
Size:95 KB

xoleras1.zip  Filename:xoleras1.zip
Watch as 2 Guys going at it,on level 11 Fantastic Shotgun/plasma Combos. As well as Bfg execution....Date:10/15/95
Size:241 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

xoleras3.zip  Filename:xoleras3.zip
Well that goes to show you that I suck hard in level 1. I haven't been playing it to much. The game was very choppy also. Any opinions on my skill are welcome....Date:11/13/95
Size:104 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

xoleras4.zip  Filename:xoleras4.zip
Well that goes to show you that little practice will get you where you want, I had fun in the game it wans't choppy or slow just a little mouse lag....Date:02/15/96
Size:93 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

xoleras5.zip  Filename:xoleras5.zip
Well level 11 (like you don't know) is my favorite level. There is no level like it, the thrill that I get every time I play it is unreal....Date:03/02/96
Size:125 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

xoleras6.zip  Filename:xoleras6.zip
Well level 1 is ** weird ** to me. But I play it because EVERYBODY want me to play them in it . Is it because they know I don't like it or play it?!?!?!...Date:03/02/96
Size:94 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

xoleras7.zip  Filename:xoleras7.zip
Lot's of action with my good IRC friend Jhawk. He is a very good player but that night the game was a bit choppy....Date:03/21/96
Size:53 KB
Author:Dimitris Theofilopoulos

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