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Ambient Sound Experiment for DOOM II
Load this WAD into DOOM II (i.e. DOOM2 -FILE AMBIENT.WAD), in the "Options / Sound Volume" menu turn the "SFX Volume" all the way up and the "Music Volume" all the way down, select "Fist" and punch one time. I figured that this WAD might give auth...Date:02/10/98
Size:129.35 KB
Author:Rich ¯Weeds¯ Nagel

Blank WAD for Taking Screenshots in DOOM and DOOM II
Load this WAD into DOOM or DOOM II (i.e. DOOM -FILE BLANK.WAD -DEVPARM or DOOM2 -FILE BLANK.WAD -DEVPARM), in the "Options" menu select "Messages: Off", maximize the screen (i.e. hit the + key), pause the game (i.e. hit the Pause key), and hit F1 ...Date:02/10/98
Size:11.23 KB
Author:Rich ¯Weeds¯ Nagel
Size:95.33 KB contains dm2sm30.wav, a wave file of doomii's secret message (It is backwards in the game) in level 30. The message was recorded and transposed into a wave file....Date:02/03/95
Size:86.84 KB
Author:Pink Hat
Bored with Windows95 already? Well, liven up your desktop with some handy dandy, super duper, just gosh darn terrific animated Doom cursors....Date:06/20/95
Size:6.27 KB
Author:Doug "Slug" Marien

Televison for DOOM II
Load this WAD into DOOM II (i.e. DOOM2 -FILE DOOM-TV.WAD), hit F1 when DOOM II starts, and sit back and enjoy the demos!...Date:02/10/98
Size:4.76 KB
Author:Rich ¯Weeds¯ Nagel
DOOMCONF.ZIP is a compiled version of the DOOM Conference held on the Computer Gaming World Forum on August 1-5, 1994. The guests were ID Software's American McGee, online support, tester, and DOOM level creator, and Shwan Green, on-line support a...Date:09/27/94
Size:41.66 KB

DOOM font for Windows
This here's a DOOM font for Windows. I mutilated it rather in transfering it from full colour to Black and white, but that's Windoze for you. One day Macrosoft will wake up and discover colour fonts....Date:09/15/95
Size:3.84 KB
Author:Alden Bates
A desktop theme for Windows 95....Date:03/27/98
Size:564.7 KB
Size:14.17 KB

Doom 2 theme
Doom 2 theme is a collection of a Windows 95 desktop elements which their pivot is Doom2. I (LHK) did my best when creating it to ensure it would be useable, not only beutiful, and I hope the consequence fill the bill....Date:01/24/97
Size:441.07 KB
This is a directory of what's on D!ZONE CD...Date:02/12/95
Size:50.14 KB
SCREENSHOTS of the 3-D games created by id Software members between 1991 and 1993 for the PC. Includes Hovertank, Catacomb 3-D, Wolfenstein 3-D and DOOM. Twenty images in GIF format....Date:08/20/95
Size:346.5 KB

This is a transcript and a WAV file of Id_Jay appearing on a local Dallas Radio Talk Show. ...Date:09/18/94
Size:443.18 KB

This is one handy, dandy DEATHMATCH cheat. Works fine for both DOOM and DOOM2, any version....Date:08/09/95
Size:109.43 KB
Author:Mark A. Klem

Nitesite for Doom/Doom2
Two tiny wads which give you permanent infra-red or starlite scope type vision. Similar to having coloured lite-amp goggles permanently on. Please don't use these to cheat in a DM. If the Doom God catches you using this improperly, he won't be happy....Date:05/22/97
Size:2.69 KB
Author:VN Software

Ultimate Doom Poster
This is a reconstruction of a Doom poster seen in a photo of Id's offices. The poster features a red demon face set against a black background, a large version of the image that appeared on the cover of the "Ultimate Doom" box. The poster itself appa...Date:08/13/07
Size:18.54 MB
Author:Peter Heinemann

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