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Well I got a bit sick of some of the sounds that have been going around so i decided to create a pretty cool wad from some CD's I had!!! ENJOY!!!...Date:05/06/95
Size:398 KB
Author:Adrian Clark

2 sound effects wad add-ons for DooM 2. Specifically made for my 10 PAK wad but will work with any other pwads or the regular DooM 2 levels. 1 FX Wad replaces just a few sounds for Deathmatch while the other wad has more added with a humerous theme...Date:10/15/95
Size:236 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

3 Stooges Sound WAD
The 3 stooges for Doom! This works with both Doom and Doom2, but Doom2 has more sounds and some of those are replaced....Date:12/30/97
Size:408 KB

8-Bit Sound. I wanted to call it NES Sound or something more accurate like that, but it's a small
Size:1122 KB
Author:Gilbonga Gobinga. No, I don't believe it either.

Ritual / Industrial Sounds for DOOM ][ (replacements listed below); should be used with "RAGNAROK.WAD"...Date:09/06/95
Size:843 KB
Author:Tom Talionis
This .wad changes virtually every sound in doom 1 to sounds from Ace Ventura and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. I used some sounds from an Ace Ventura wad file I found on AOL but I was unable to contact the maker of the wad to ask if I could u...Date:09/17/96
Size:1438 KB

airsound.wad (Airplane! DOOM)
Sound from Airplane and Airplane II, two great movies...Date:03/25/96
Size:1159 KB
Author:Seth Stanton
This is a wave audio patch under the title: ALBSND.WAD. It works with the registered version of DOOM or DOOM2 only. I have spent many a nights working and mastering the wave inserts!...Date:03/18/96
Size:1614 KB
Author:Steve Hanson

Alternate (console) Sounds for DOOM (all incarnations thereof)
I felt that the sounds from the PSX and N64 versions of DOOM had much better sound effects, so I plugged my consoles up to my sound card, recorded various sound effects and managed to fit many weapon/enemy sound effects into this WAD. It's not comple...Date:03/18/98
Size:325 KB

True Marines
For those of you who thought that the marine sound effexts found in Doom are kinda bland at this point, you'll love these brand spankin' new sound effects I've cooked up for you. Besides adding realism, this WAD also adds excitement to your otherwise...Date:10/08/11
Size:142 KB

True Marines Full Version
After submitting an awesome WAD to the idgames, my baby-mama got nothing but shit reviews and disrespect from the b-tards that roam the /idgames database. Well, let me tell you what: I wasn't going to take that lying down. So I decided not to sit aro...Date:11/04/11
Size:8814 KB

retarded sounds for doom and doom2...Date:05/03/96
Size:353 KB
Size:723 KB

Andrew's Sounds
i found sounds and songs and i told my dad to put them in doom two and he did that...Date:09/23/02
Size:1575 KB
Author:Andrew Locmel

Aaaaatatatatatata.. and other good anime sounds, replaces a lot of the sounds in Doom....Date:07/06/94
Size:792 KB
Author:Steve Chaney

Well, I know that there's already a bunch of Army of Darkness patches for DOOM, but (with apologies to the authors) I was disappointed with them. There really weren't enough AOD sounds to it and they had fundamental flaws in them, for example w...Date:10/15/94
Size:992 KB

Army of Darkness Sounds
You're no space marine, you're Ash, you're feeling groovy, and ready to dish out some one-liners....Date:07/05/94
Size:524 KB
Author:Marc Wensauer

Apocalypse Now is a great movie, probably my favorite. Perhaps you have not seem it, and if that is the case you need to go see it. Anyway, I thought it would be cool if I added some of the sounds to Doom(42, to be exact). Hence, this WAD. ...Date:03/25/95
Size:743 KB
Author:Lord Of the Flies

Army of Darkness
Yes!! Another ARMY OF DARKNESS SOUND WAD!!!! There does seem to be a rather large number of them out there, no? Mine is just another one, but I honestly like the way the sounds in mine seem to go together better....Date:10/21/95
Size:890 KB
Author:Anthony T. Klein
This is a PWAD file to add the sounds from
Size:62 KB

Atari Sounds
Some beepy, sexy sounds from some classic Atari games...Date:04/23/08
Size:560 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Atomiser DOOM
Having problems with hellspawn? Is your bodycount too low? What you need is Atomiser DOOM. With this weapon in your paws, you only need one shot to terminate any enemies....Date:11/28/96
Size:43 KB
Author:Stephen Patterson

Babylon 5 DoomSounds v1.1
Sounds from the truly excellent TV series Babylon 5, of course!...Date:06/05/95
Size:497 KB
Author:Karel P Kerezman

Basic Doom I/II Enhanced Sounds
Tired of having "out of memory" errors when you try to load in your favorite 2MB sound WAD? Hate being stuck with the plain old Doom sounds? The Enhanced Sounds WADs are for you! These WAD files are split into 4 different files so that you can load w...Date:01/21/96
Size:437 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

Batman Forever v0.0 (Test Version)
Lots of Batman Forever sounds The TITLEPIC picture and INTERPIC pictures have been changed....Date:03/22/96
Size:354 KB

Ben's DOOM Sounds
These are some sounds I recorded and editted to replace ALL the creatures' sounds. As well, the pistol fire sound has been replaced with a hollow sounding gun fire but it has a neat ending: the sound of bullet shells hitting the ground! I'm placing t...Date:02/21/05
Size:375 KB
Author:Ben Sze

A brand new sound wad for doom & doom2 Based on the greatest movie of all time "The Blues Brothers" & some samples from some of their CD's....Date:12/16/95
Size:1380 KB
Author:Ronald "Ronmeister: Yates

bulwinkl.wad Filename
/Info :Bullwinkle and Rocky in DOOM ! [it had to be done...]...Date:10/25/96
Size:1387 KB
Author:jaydee E-mail Address

After a lot of Doom playing I decided it was time to make my own sound wad, so I chose one of my favorite comedians, possibly one of the loudest as well, George Carlin. These sounds change deathmatching into a completely different experience....Date:08/25/96
Size:603 KB
Author:Chris Bilski

Up in Smoke!
After writting my fisrt PWAD: Dead-by-Dawn (available from Walnut Creek cd-rom home site; FTP.CDROM.COM pub/doom2/wads/d-f). I thought a patch on a lighter note might be a good idea. So, who better to sample than Cheech & Chong... All samp...Date:03/12/95
Size:829 KB
Author:Hu Badini

At last. A spanish spoken pwad for Doom, we made...Date:03/02/95
Size:304 KB
Author:Alfonso Muoz-Pomer Fuentes/Csar Gmez-Mora Lpez

Milder Dragon Claw Sounds (for lack of a better title)
A small wad file that replaces the annoying dragon claw sounds with ones that are easier on the ears. Also replaces the wand sound as a side effect....Date:03/24/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Penalty Shot (aka Mark Seybold)

The sound wad for Clint Eastwood fans....Date:12/03/95
Size:1410 KB
Author:R. Accurso, J. Cantwell, E. Hoffmann, and M. Roberts

Complete Sound makeover
New Sound wad for Doom][. Replaces almost all sounds....Date:03/20/96
Size:938 KB
Author:Grant & Warren Botha

Various sound effects for Doom 1 and 2. Including...Date:04/16/95
Size:242 KB
Author:Your name here

A bunch of new sounds....Date:12/01/12
Size:344 KB

Just some new graphics and sounds....Date:09/03/95
Size:235 KB

Fat Albert's DOOM
The comedy of Bill Cosby and DOOM, together at last !...Date:01/23/96
Size:759 KB
Author:Mark Potter & Clifton Cline

New sounds for CRINGE!
New sounds for CRINGE! This file will make CRINGE! complete if you've got the first 2 already. It doesn't replace all of the originals, but makes it a little better for your playing enjoyment. This is the sounds patch for CRINGE! Totally ...Date:07/06/95
Size:334 KB
Author:Mark Klem, Eric Sargent

Doom 3 sounds
I present to you the Doom 3 sounds converted to work for Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. Feel free to use my sound pack for any of your wads....Date:01/20/15
Size:8984 KB

Dead By Dawn
This sound patch was written one week-end ,when inspiration and coffee were flowing. All samples were taken from video using an 8bit CREATIVE LABS sound card. ...Date:02/13/95
Size:577 KB
Author:Hu Badini

Doom I/II Enhanced Death Sounds
Tired of having "out of memory" errors when you try to load in your favorite 2MB sound WAD? Hate being stuck with the plain old Doom sounds? The Enhanced Sounds WADs are for you! These WAD files are split into 4 different files so that you can load w...Date:01/21/96
Size:398 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

Dr. Demento's DOOM
sounds from "Dr. Demento's 20th Anniversery Collection"....Date:02/17/96
Size:1272 KB
Author:Mark Potter, John Potter, & Clifton Cline

Well, just another Sound-add-on for DooM! But this is really really really tough! Yes! I sampled different other Sound-Wads and put in some off my own sounds and... there it is....Date:09/24/95
Size:872 KB
Author:DiD 1995

I was downloading, and saw a play-level wad for DieHard II, a deathmatch, I believe and wondered why noone had done a DieHard wad so I decided my first wad would be just that....Date:10/10/95
Size:770 KB
Author:Brad Edgeworth

DarkJedi188's DOOM Sound Effects Patch
A bunch of new sound effects. Feel free to run this together with other WADs :) (For a complete list of modified sounds please see the bottom of this file)...Date:05/07/04
Size:1698 KB
Author:Eugene Sloupsky a.k.a DarkJedi188

Dungeon Keeper Sound Pack
This wad has sounds from the RTS game Dungeon Keeper created by Bullfrog. Includes replacement sounds for monsters, weapons, pickups, and additional sounds compatible with ZDoom, GZDoom, and Skulltag thanks to Marcus Koller. These additional sounds a...Date:11/17/07
Size:1995 KB
Author:Lance Muddiman (DOOMLanceLot)

Denis Leary Doom, V 1.0
I was listening to the CD "No Cure For Cancer" when talking to someone about DOOM, and the idea of making a .WAD came to me. I had played Ash/AoD and the James Brown .WAD's, and found them very funny. But the first time I played Denis Leary DOOM, I a...Date:05/14/96
Size:790 KB
Author:Les Jones

Full Metal Jacket sound patch
Why do I call this v2.0? I converted the full metal jacket sounds to pwad form and found that the size of the thing went from 1.7+ megs unzipped to a mere 200+k uncompressed. A definite improvement by any measure of the word. I guess too high...Date:07/16/94
Size:191 KB
Author:Jin H. Kim aka Time Traveler
This file contains a PWAD which will allow you to run DOOM with the DMSILLY sounds created by (sorry I don't know this person's real name.) All credit for the sounds goes to him....Date:05/11/94
Size:340 KB

This PWAD is for doom1...Date:11/25/94
Size:745 KB
Author:Stephen pandke with help from Derek Vallillee
The sound patch changes nearly every sound in the game, requires the registered version of doom to be used fully, and is, as the name states, really cool. Check this one out, some sounds are funny, others make no sense, and some are quite simply ...Date:06/28/94
Size:745 KB
Author:Aaron Criger

Doom I Enhanced Sounds
Tired of having "out of memory" errors when you try to load in your favorite 2MB sound WAD? Hate being stuck with the plain old Doom sounds? The Enhanced Sounds WADs are for you! These WAD files are split into 4 different files so that you can load w...Date:01/21/96
Size:407 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

Doom II Enhanced Sounds
Tired of having "out of memory" errors when you try to load in your favorite 2MB sound WAD? Hate being stuck with the plain old Doom sounds? The Enhanced Sounds WADs are for you! These WAD files are split into 4 different files so that you can load w...Date:01/21/96
Size:460 KB
Author:Andrew Prosnik

"Army of Darkness" PWAD v1.0
Here we are again. Another patch. But, thing is, I think this one is my best yet, and I really hope you think so too. This is a PWAD file to change the sounds of your Doom game to "Army of Darkness" (Evil Dead III) sounds. It will not make a p...Date:12/16/94
Size:359 KB

DOOM: From Our Mouth
Not much to describe really... we did an entire sound replace- ment made from almost entirely mouth noises. We did use a few mix/pastes with actual sounds in a couple places where I (the artiste) thought it necessary, and completely impossible to mak...Date:10/01/02
Size:1817 KB
Author:Zach + Corwin Brence (but I [Zach] did most of the work)

512k Patch Map for 1024k Gravis UltraSound Card
The main reason I made these wads is, I updated my GUS from 256k -> 512k -> 1024k and was able to listen to DooM music on all these configurations. I was disappointed by the 1024k patch maps and liked the 512k ones better. Same as other pa...Date:11/09/94
Size:4 KB
What is this? This is an SBK designed to work well for DoomI/II especially the rock oriented songs. I have changed the patches for guitars, basses, drums, and a few other things....Date:02/11/96
Size:1796 KB

Dr Dad's Fx
Sound effects from The Simpsons, Star Wars, Wayne's World and Pet Detective...Date:12/06/96
Size:278 KB
Author:David Swan

ZDoom Secret Sound
This is just an alternative "secret found" sound for ZDoom and derivative engines (Zandronum, GZDoom...). How to use: add -file DSecret.pk3 to the command line. You MAY use this in your own mod or map, given you credit Sidhe Priest and http://ww...Date:07/25/15
Size:1160 KB
Author:Sidhe Priest

Sounds from my favorite duck....Date:05/14/96
Size:577 KB
Author:Nick Thomas

This is a collection of Gravis UltraSound patches for use with a GUS, or with "softsynth" midi players such as Cubic Player and TiMidity....Date:11/15/05
Size:31282 KB
Author:Eric A. Welsh
The sounds in this PWAD replace most sounds in Doom II, as well as the music for the first 10 levels....Date:08/15/95
Size:911 KB

Edgar's Mystery Science Theater 3000 DOOM Wad!
Be prepared to be CRUSHED by the immensity of this MST3K wad! HA HA! This 3 Meg monster's got sounds from all of 'em - Joel! Servo! Croooow! Mike! Clayton Forrester! TV's Frank! Gypsy! Even Pearl Forrester! Almost EVERY sound is replaced! ...Date:03/19/97
Size:2117 KB
Author:Edgar Martin del Campo

The wavs in this file are the 2 wavs I used in my Escape Form Natas wad, plus 15 others I decided not to use. They can be used to create a very eerie atmosphere when you tag them to monsters breathing or monster spots player. Some of the other...Date:08/26/97
Size:390 KB
Author:Chris Christenson

The finest Evil Dead sound wad ever made! (Hell, I think it is the finest sound wad period to come along since aliensnd.wad!!)And that is saying alot! It's big at about 3.5 meg!...Date:01/03/96
Size:2966 KB
Author:James Moran

Evil Dead (1,2,&3) Sounds
Sounds from all the Evil Dead movies....Date:11/18/94
Size:890 KB
Author:Thomas Tinucci

Evil Dead Sound Add-ons (~EVILSND.WAD)
Okay, here's the WAD file you always wanted, but were too lazy ta make for yourself. All those "Groovy" oneliners from both EVIL DEAD II and ARMY OF DARKNESS in one WAD file, Plus Ya Don't have Mess with da DOOM.WAD (PLEEZ)...Date:07/06/94
Size:327 KB

Fantastic Sounds!
Got bored with DOOM's original sounds and most of the lame sound pwads available so I compiled my own. Hope you like 'em....Date:05/30/96
Size:1252 KB
Author:Don Hornbrook

FMJ.WAD is a Doom2 sound wad that adds verbal expressions of you, the marine during combat. The language is quite vulgar and threatening. This wad may be offensive. The `action' words are you `speaking' to the bad guys during Doom2 play. This is un...Date:08/16/96
Size:848 KB
Author:Jack Imbriani

"OUT STANDING"! This wad changes the sounds you hear in DOOM. Most sounds where taken from the movie, "FULL METAL JACKET"!...Date:04/01/96
Size:1487 KB
Author:of D!ZONE (Doom shell) for making life "SO EASY"! Check it out.....This is a must!

Freon 3 sounds
Sound FX replacement. Only replaces sounds that affect deathmatch. Guns, player death a switch, chainsaw, etc. I recommend a sub-woofer to get the full effect of the chainsaw idling sound. It's awesome! NO BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!! YEAH!! All sounds ar...Date:08/05/95
Size:330 KB
Author:Victor Hall

Fresh Sounds for Doom
a bunch of sounds I threw together and it sounded nice...Date:08/10/95
Size:359 KB
Author:Jeremy D. McCarthy

Fuck You! (version 2)
Let's just say it's not for the young and impressionable....Date:01/29/96
Size:975 KB
Author:John Cusack

FUNDOOM Sound Patch for Doom I or II.
Tired of the boring old grunts, groans and screams? ... Sure they're good for awhile but we need change right?! So download this Patch and give it a try, I'd say you'll enjoy it, it's quite funny! Contains a mixture of sounds that I've found all over...Date:03/12/96
Size:543 KB
I have added, what I think, are some Hilarious sound effects. There is some Beattle Juice, Dan Akroyd, old woman, Jurassic Park, etc....Date:06/19/94
Size:349 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson

Great Doom Sounds
This is the pwad version of Great Doom Sounds....Date:05/25/94
Size:68 KB

Ghost sound wad
A ghost sound I have made that replaces the imp's...Date:07/26/99
Size:143 KB
Author:Mark Bowman
Size:545 KB

This is the ultimate sound file if you wanna laugh!...Date:02/21/96
Size:573 KB
Author:Phil Stavitsky

Things have got desperate.... The british army has been called in to clear up the sewers under London. You are Major Dennis Bloodnock of the Third Disgusting Fusiliers, a slightly deranged british commando. Armed only with a used wire brush a...Date:08/22/94
Size:657 KB

Greek Sounds
This is a DOOM2 sounds WAD which replaces most of the sounds in the game. As the title says, everything is in greek. ( 㮦 WAD 坦 DOOM, ⧜ . ⛘)...Date:05/19/96
Size:408 KB
Author:Chris Makrozahopoulos

Glenda's Sounds (7-28-95)
The Majority of sounds have been changed. This Wad can be used with DOOM I, II, or Ultimate Doom. Helps novice players to know which monsters spotted them, whether a shot hit a monster, whether a shot killed a monster (at a distance), etc. IOWs, audi...Date:07/27/95
Size:791 KB
Author:Glenda Stocks

All DOOM monster sounds duplicated purely with all electric guitar!...Date:03/29/96
Size:561 KB
Author:Vance Andrew Blevins - Tulsa, OK

An optimized MIDI instrument mapping for Gravis Ultrasound cards with 1024K on board....Date:05/14/94
Size:4 KB
Author:Tom Klok

Heretic/Hexen sounds
cooler weapons pickups, cooler item pickups, cooler sounds. What can I cay?...Date:12/16/06
Size:430 KB
Author:Steve "Vermilion" Thiesmeyer

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy meets Doom
This file contains samples from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy BBC Radio series. The sound effects were literally ground-breaking, with many of them taking days to perfect - followed by axing them for something even wilder. I've scann...Date:09/29/94
Size:472 KB

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Sound Effects
A collection of new sound effects for Doom (registered only), all carefully sampled from the BBC Audio Collection of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. For those of you unawares, the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is ...Date:05/30/94
Size:133 KB
Author:S.P. Harvey

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Pythonize your Doom experience! 69 (heh heh heh) BRAND NEW sounds taken from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", the only movie with a full-fledged RELIGION based on it! Plus an altered title screen and credits screen....Date:12/07/96
Size:1316 KB
Author:Justin Toon

HellNet Doom WAD
A hilarious, award-winning PWAD sound replacement for DOOM. Includes James Brown, Smashing Pumpkins, ST: NG, Taz, hot women, MST3k and much much more!...Date:12/08/94
Size:407 KB
Author:Aaron Tiensivu

The REAL Hell on Earth sounds
This sound collection will hopefully set your teeth on edge. The aim is that anyone who cannot see you playing DOOM, shall believe that there is war!...Date:07/10/95
Size:1194 KB

Some really weird sounds a friend and I threw together one night, playing with dmaud....Date:11/28/96
Size:212 KB
Author:Craig Ludlow & David Drake

Sound WAD for Heretic from Mortal Kombat 2....Date:01/11/97
Size:2343 KB
Author:Chris McCullough

Sound WAD for Heretic from Mortal Kombat 3....Date:02/08/97
Size:3079 KB
Author:Chris McCullough

An optimized MIDI instrument mapping for Gravis Ultrasound cards with 1024K on board....Date:12/21/94
Size:3 KB
Author:Tom Klok
Ever wondered what D'Sparil and his disciples are *really* saying? Here are wave files of all of their backward chants, played forward....Date:03/24/95
Size:100 KB
Author:Penalty Shot

An ID4 sound WAD...Date:12/30/96
Size:1887 KB
Author:Jeffrey Lockhart

Impressions Doom
The wonders of the noises this games make: the monsters, they roar and snort and chortle and scream. The thingies, they go whoosh and stuff. Have you ever tried to make any of those noises? It's very difficult. But I have truly duly mastered it, yes....Date:06/06/15
Size:4683 KB
Author:Jaxxoon R

INCSTYL2.WAD (INCognito-Style DooM ][)
This WAD file is the result of choosing my favorite sounds from MANY different sources....Date:12/03/95
Size:399 KB
Author:VAN RENIER A.K.A. INCognito

James Brown Doom
This is easily the funkiest sound wad ever....Date:09/11/95
Size:383 KB
Author:James Stewart

NBA Jam sounds for DOOM! v2.0
This WAD file contains sounds from NBA Jam. Whenever someone gets blasted, it will go: "Boom-shaka-laka!", or "Is it the shoes?", etc....Date:06/24/94
Size:296 KB
Author:Mr. Micro

The James Brown WAD
Q: So what would happen if James Brown were playing DOOM? A: "It's got to be funky." - JB...Date:05/11/94
Size:90 KB
Author:Steven Fox
This is a .WAD file of the Jerkey Boys' best sounds. Hope you enjoy! By the way, this file contains explicit language....Date:09/17/94
Size:829 KB
This is my first shot at sampled sounds in Doom. These are a few takes from the Jerky Boys using Dmaud v.1.1....Date:06/14/94
Size:72 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson

Jerky Boys Doom Sound Wad
The sounds of Frank Rizo, Saul Rosenberg, and many others are here for your...Date:09/11/95
Size:1182 KB
Author:Ryan Weiss

Jerky Boys DooM v1.0
Just a wad packed with clips from Jerky Boys and Jerky Boys 2. Please e-mail me with your coments. I wish to hear them. I hope to get v1.1 out in a few days....Date:03/23/96
Size:555 KB
Author:Jeremy D. McCarthy

Jesco Doom
For those of you with no clue, tune into Roseanne sometime in May to find out what a real live West Virginia hillbilly is, namely, Jesco White. Or, check out PBS's The Dancing Outlaw which is Jesco White's biography and the source of all these so...Date:05/30/94
Size:403 KB
Author:Ed Peirce, Ian Felton, Chris Braham, Eric Braham, Roy Titchenell, and someone named KYLE (Cuppett)

What? You don't know who Joe Tex is? OK.... Think r&b, Atlantic Records, chicken and biscuit, soul music... songs include "Hold What You Got", "Skinny Legs and All" and his biggest hit "I Gotcha" (if you have seen "Reservoir Dogs", you've heard it). ...Date:10/06/94
Size:1187 KB
Author:Mike Ott

Jurassic Park Doom
Gives Doom a Jurassic Park flavor with the JP logo prominently displayed on many doors and, best of all, lots of realistic sounds, many of dinosaurs from JP along with some of the most realistic sounds borrowed from other collections. I've even a...Date:05/26/94
Size:336 KB
Author:steve waldner

Kaz Sound
A sound wad that replaces approx. 40 sounds Plus includes the first five maps with music. MAP 01 - Batman MAP 02 - Jurassic Park MAP 03 - Imperial March (Star Wars) Map 04 - T2 MAP 05 - Halloween...Date:07/23/95
Size:217 KB
Author:Marcus Kazmierczak

This is a strange audio wad. It houses a collection of noises no one should play without. "Kill me.. kill me now..."...Date:01/13/95
Size:539 KB
Author:Dan Rockwell

DeathMatch sound WAD+more
This WAD is my third attempt at sounds. If you were ever bored of Doom before, this will make the game more exciting once again. There are even more sounds for solo play (and a smaller file!)...Date:06/08/95
Size:653 KB
Author:Kevin Podszebka (Excelsior)
Size:1863 KB

Play DooM ][ with Kung-Fu sound efx! This is a "sound" wad... which means it can be used with any additional wads! When playing DEATHMATCH... you CAN BE THE ONLY PLAYER to add this Sound Wad in and WON'T get Consistency Failure... because it ONLY cha...Date:10/13/96
Size:997 KB
What this is, is a collection of laughs, taken from Sepultura's latest incredible album, Chaos AD. They put a 'bonus' track on the end, full of demonic and demented sounding laughs. I normally play Chaos AD while playing DOOM, and once when a ...Date:10/11/94
Size:567 KB

This wad, which is SW33t ch3rri0s, gives almost every single thing in the game its own sound. Almost all sounds replaced or updated, the ones that are NOT new I made louder, or I modyfied them a bit....Date:07/07/01
Size:5689 KB

The Mask Sounds for Doom
Misc. sounds for Doom from The Mask...Date:04/02/95
Size:1254 KB
Author:Jason Arrington

Just bunch of metallica to listen to in doom...Date:08/14/96
Size:904 KB

(Once Again) Mike's sounds for DOOM/DOOM II
Size:1444 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Sound WAD for doom2 from Mortal Kombat 2....Date:10/15/97
Size:568 KB
Author:Chris McCullough

Sound WAD for doom2 from Mortal Kombat 3....Date:01/18/97
Size:1121 KB
Author:Chris McCullough

WARNING - This wad may contain words like "muffin", "tallywacker", the word what rhymes with "fit", and/or certain other colorful phrases and things. If this may offend you, go play Scrabble and make some words of your own (try "discombobulated" ...Date:02/11/97
Size:1033 KB

We were sitting around together one Christmas Eve day and thought to ourselves "Let's make a doom 2 patch WAD with some wacky homemade sounds of our own. NOTE: These sounds are authentic and homemade. Not a single one of these sounds was taken from s...Date:04/25/96
Size:1284 KB
Author:Bloodngore, Richard, David

MST3k sounds for DOOM
This is a PWAD file with many MST3k sounds in it for DOOM....Date:05/24/94
Size:515 KB
Author:Michael Coleman, Andrew McBurney, and maybe his brother John

MST 3000 Sound FX (for DOOM or DOOM 2)
This wad replaces quite a few of the sounds in the game. I tried to get the levels pretty consistent, but some of my tapes are old. Those tapes didn't come out very loud even with the gain cranked up. I hope you enjoy this wad, I had a fun time makin...Date:05/18/95
Size:873 KB
Author:David Lloyd Rabine

Mystery Science Theater 3000 DOOM
Having recently tried the Mystery Science Theater 3000 sound patch found on the evil D!Zone CD, and finding it less then perfect, I've decided to finally release my version (which is much better, IMHO). This puppy has been sitting on the H...Date:07/16/95
Size:679 KB

MyDoom release 1.0
A bunch of sounds that I put together for DOOM. Dmaud is required....Date:05/11/94
Size:608 KB
Size:777 KB

Nintendo 64 sounds
I recorded sounds from my N64...Date:12/03/97
Size:454 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk
Hi this is a sound file that can be played with doom1 and doom2, but it's better with doom2. I got the sounds from other wads and from sound files on doom wad collection cd's, so if anyone has a problem with this please let me know....Date:01/07/97
Size:1297 KB

NES Sounds (version 2)
Yet another "funny" sound-only wad for Doom or Doom II featuring 74 sounds from various NES video games....Date:10/21/02
Size:347 KB
Author:The Unknown Comic mean, The Unknown Doomer (name changed to protect the guilty abuser of Ni
Ha! Wish I had the template in front of me. Anyway.'Tis I, Johnny Nugnug, releasing my personal fave sound .wad. This is a .wad made from many of the >>excellent<< sound .wads out there. I thank you each and every one one you. I get i...Date:09/21/94
Size:551 KB
Author:Johnny Nugnug

New sounds for Doom2
Some CRUDE new sounds for Doom2. These sounds are not really crude but more like just not normal. Defined as some sounds taken from a Nine Inch Nails CD, an Offspring CD, some self-recorded sounds from me and my friend, ect....Date:01/15/96
Size:327 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

New Sounds For DooMII
A few new sounds for DooM][...Date:08/28/96
Size:287 KB
Author:Scott Langstaff

PC Speaker Sounds - Doom II
Do you want to get back to the classic PC Speaker sound style of Doom II? All of this is possible with this WAD which replaces the Default Doom II sounds by the PC Speaker ones...Date:05/11/14
Size:489 KB

PC speaker sound effect format
Finally the last piece in the puzzle of the Doom WAD format has been solved! While every other lump format contained in the Doom IWADs was long ago reverse engineered, one last mystery remained: the PC speaker sound effects. This is a technical descr...Date:03/09/07
Size:18 KB
Author:Simon Howard, Andrew Apted

PC Speaker simulation
Sound effects that mimic PC speaker sounds....Date:07/05/11
Size:115 KB

Pirates Doom
Arrr, this wad will make yer Doom2 play pirate sounds...Date:04/17/98
Size:299 KB
Author:David Ginsberg (aka Captain Morgan)

platoon.wad (Sound WAD for DOOM)
A truly kick-ass sound wad for DOOM. Replaces most sounds with bits from the movie Platoon. Works with DOOM2 also (won't hear the new music). WARNING: Contains adult language...Date:09/29/96
Size:855 KB
Author:Mike Coffey

Size:384 KB
Author:Peter MacMurchy
Well here they are, the Pook sounds you've all been waiting for. (For those unenlightened few, Pook PI was an amazing stuffed animal PI story written by Ken and Al Fisher and aired on the Evanston Community Channel in Illinois) We hope you ...Date:09/20/94
Size:607 KB
Author:Evan Malsbury and Steven Butler

Surprisingly, it wasn't at all hard to bridge Doom and Pulp Fiction in a way that would be humorous, but workable. A couple weapons have been changed. (Just sound, now.) Numbers 1,2,3, and 6. You get to beat up on Zed (Hell Knight I think), sh...Date:07/07/96
Size:953 KB
Author:Echo Seven

Pulpfic.wad v1.0
It converts most of the sounds from Doom II v1.9 to quotes from one of the best movies of all time Pulp Fiction and to quote my friend Hogan "It kicks ass." It is rated R just like the movie, Pulp Fiction, and will definet...Date:09/19/95
Size:1892 KB

Pulp Fiction Doom
I've seen this film at the theatre three times and I couldnt let it go without it's own PWAD. :) I've replaced quite a few of the sounds including the addition of the first 10 seconds of `Miserlou' (the song in the trailer). I got all these samples f...Date:11/25/94
Size:614 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

(Once Again) Paul Weller: The Changing Zombie
Paul Weller sound patch. I made them from WAV files my brother downloaded. They were sitting around on the disk, so I decided to use them....Date:08/15/95
Size:147 KB
Author:Michael Lundy
The sounds in this wadfile were NOT sampled by me. I only put the files into a patch wad you can use more easily with Doom. ...Date:05/11/94
Size:377 KB
Author:Solomon White

Monty Python's Revenge
sounds from "Monty Python-The Final Ripoff"...Date:01/20/96
Size:1235 KB
Author:Mark Potter, John Potter, & Clifton Cline
Size:474 KB

Doom 3 sound replacement
Doom 3 sounds for doom/doom2 for monsters and weapons appearing in all games...Date:08/13/04
Size:7088 KB

rapping lyrics for doom part 1
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 sounds taken from Ice Cube, and NWA...Date:02/09/96
Size:195 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

rapping lyrics for doom part 2
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 sounds taken from NWA, Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G., and The Geto Boys....Date:02/09/96
Size:270 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

rapping lyrics for doom part 3
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 songs taken from eazy-e and nwa, and the pharcyde...Date:02/09/96
Size:445 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

rapping lyrics for doom part 4
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 songs taken from and nwa, and the pharcyde, mostly NWA though....Date:02/09/96
Size:612 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

rapping lyrics for doom part 5
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 songs taken from dr. dre, snoop doggy dogg...Date:02/09/96
Size:253 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

rapping lyrics for doom part 7
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 songs taken from THA DoGG pound, bone thugs -n- harmony, snoop, dr. dre...Date:02/09/96
Size:173 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

Ragesoft Sounds
It's a fuckin' sound wad...Date:07/13/99
Size:123 KB
Author:Ragesoft- TRiX_R4_KiDz & EVILboy

The real sounds collection
IMHO, The best sound collection for DOOM. Cheers!...Date:02/09/96
Size:1036 KB
Author:Simon Renstrm

Red Dwarf sound fx
Set the mood here....Date:12/13/94
Size:436 KB
Author:Wonko The Sane

DOOM Sounds In Reverse
Most of the DOOM sounds are in reverse except weapon sounds and sounds that wouldn't make sense in reverse....Date:01/28/07
Size:773 KB

Riffs of Doom! v1.0
Various stringed electric instruments of rock and roll to liven your Doom exerience!...Date:06/05/95
Size:636 KB
Author:Karel P Kerezman

Robin Williams Sound Effects
An alternative sound effects wad....Date:03/14/95
Size:478 KB
Author:John Madden and Niel De Vries

Size:616 KB
Author:Mark Rowe

The Sadist
These sounds are all from the 1963 classic horror movie, The Sadist. Avalable from Rhino Video, and at your local Blockbuster. It stars Arch Hall Jr. and was written and Directed by James Landis....Date:04/29/95
Size:583 KB
Author:Rob Anderson

SAM & MAX Sound wad
A total sound conversion for Doom v1.2 and up. When I got a program to extract the Sam&max sounds ,my purpose was to make a sound wad less than a meg, and that replaced all the sounds. And i did!...Date:01/09/96
Size:567 KB

Adam Sandler Doom
This is a sound wad taken from Adam Sandler's CD "They're...Date:09/11/95
Size:307 KB
Author:James Stewart
This sound file was created (mostly) over a weekend by myself and a few friends. Its kinda stupid - although the sounds are related to the action. Its a replacement for all the DOOM sounds, and works with DOOM2 - although much as I wish, I d...Date:05/10/95
Size:830 KB
Author:Robin Poole

Size:723 KB

SERENITY SOUNDS (sound WAD for SERENITY) A full replacement of all original Doom sounds by our very
The sounds in these WAD have been selected on various grounds. One of the important ones is that you don't get bored by a sample (since you'll be hearing it zillions of times!!). The samples do not match some kind of theme (for instance like the Alie...Date:10/04/94
Size:783 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath

pic and Help screen from Shadow warrior.
Size:1388 KB

Sound Caulking PSX
So, have you ever been annoyed how so many monsters reuse sound effects, and how a few of them have no sounds to call their own? Tired of Revenants making the same old "DEEU-EEUH" sounds when shot instead of a suitably skeletony shriek? How about tha...Date:01/21/15
Size:2003 KB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Greatest sound .wad ever
(This was actually made at the end of July in 2014 but I was too lazy to actually upload it.) This is my sound .wad! It makes all sounds, well, sound *awesome*! Play! Play! Works with any Doom IWAD! Play! May have sounded better before but I had ...Date:02/02/15
Size:4362 KB

Snoop Doggy Dogg sounds This WAD is email-ware. Please send an email to Works with Doom1 or Doom2 X-rated sounds!...Date:05/29/98
Size:966 KB
Author:Dave Madden

Sounds that I've collected from other wads. Pistol, shotgun, bfg, plasma, imps, barrel explosion...Date:06/16/95
Size:282 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

RTC_Marine's Sounds Volume I
A File Of Some Very Interesting Sounds/Music For DooM! Includes Sounds For: * Pistol * Shotgun * Chaingun * Rocket Launcher * Plasma Gun Includes Music For: * Map 1 Of Final DooM, DooM II * Map 2 Of Final DooM, DooM II * Episode 1 Mission 1 Of Doo...Date:01/10/01
Size:61 KB
Author:Russell Rice

Spud's Funky Doom Sounds
I made this a LOOONG time ago, using MS Sound Recorder and some Adam Sandler and Monty Python CDs, some other sound wads, and other sources. I still think its funny as hell. (Not thats hell is funny..) :) Oh Spud is my Real-Life nickname, for those...Date:08/30/01
Size:457 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Spit.wad is a sound pwad. It contains sound from many different sources, combined to make the ultimate doom experience! (Ok, a fantastic experience anyway.) Try it....You'll like it!!!!!...Date:10/08/94
Size:747 KB

replaces the original sounds for Doom/Doom 2 by the funny old PC-speaker sounds.. Nice if you use it on e.g. a Mac (only nice if you started to play DOOM on PCs without sound cards :-) )...Date:06/17/99
Size:9 KB
Author:CP, an old-fashioned ATARI and MAC user

Splash Wad
Play Doom with splash sounds for water, lava, slime, nukeage & blood; adds splash sounds to UDoom, Doom2, Plutonia, TNT and any pwad using the same liquid flats and names as the iwads; can be configured for custom flats (see README with file)...Date:11/23/00
Size:30 KB
Author:Pete Kempson

This is the sound companion to SPOOON.wad, my marine face conversion for DOOM2. Turns yah into the TICK!!...Date:02/08/97
Size:260 KB
Author:Kenneth Scott

Starcraft Sounds Wad
Starcraft Sounds added to doom...Date:05/02/02
Size:2732 KB
This is my first original sound wad, as far as I know no one else has used Howard Stern sounds. I've included both a pwad with the sounds, and the sounds, just to make it easy for ithers to use these sounds....Date:05/11/94
Size:740 KB

3 Stooges for HeXen v1.2 Special Edition!
A few more different sounds than the last time!...Date:04/20/96
Size:1015 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

This file replaces the sounds for the guards, sergeants, and pink demons with sounds from the three stooges. All other sounds remain the same....Date:05/11/94
Size:144 KB
Author:Phil Robinson

Sir Timothy's DOOM SFX WAD
This is a complete SFX replacement for DOOM......Date:08/11/96
Size:851 KB
Author:Tim R. Geier (AKA Sir Timothy)

Super Sound FX (for DOOM or DOOM 2)
This PWAD replaces about 80% of the DOOM sound effects. The sounds I used were taken from several dozen other SFX PWAD's including WESTSND.WAD, AODOOM.WAD, and JERKY2.WAD to name just a few. It contains many sounds from the best movie of all time "Ar...Date:12/17/94
Size:635 KB
Author:Ian Springer

Sureal: the first wave of stupidity
Stuff i record in my spare time....Date:12/21/01
Size:651 KB
Author:Johnny Magnum
The sounds in this wadfile were NOT sampled by me. I only put the files into a patch wad you can use more easily with Doom....Date:05/11/94
Size:403 KB
Author:Solomon White
Well, here's another sound patch that I trew together using (you guessed it) the voice of comedic actor, Tim Allen! It replaces the voices of the sargents and imps....Date:03/18/96
Size:135 KB
Author:Steve Hanson

This is a sound wad which can be used with any additional wads. It uses sounds from Mortal Kombat. It works best for single player or coop, but also works for deathmatch (you just won't hear all the sounds without any monsters). *Note* When playing D...Date:03/14/96
Size:328 KB
Author:Big Daddy

TOTALSFX.WAD 101 sounds for DOOM II
Replaces most sounds for DOOM II (not just sounds common to DOOM I and DOOM II). I created two sound wads for myself but mixed them together (quite literally) to make this one for the Internet. Its big cause lots of the sounds are real long. I've als...Date:08/27/95
Size:2781 KB
Author:Scott Furman
Size:3013 KB
This is the Doom and Doom II sound files that I've been playing with since Doom 1.2 first stormed the market. There's only one sound in here that's REALLY annoying, but most of them are real cool. The main reason I started to change the sounds ...Date:05/21/95
Size:581 KB
Author:Tom Smith

Tubers Announcer
An announcer which has a theme of a Cybernetic demon...Date:02/17/09
Size:3935 KB

These are just some of the many happy sounds from the movie UHF!...Date:12/11/95
Size:775 KB
Author:Jason Frierdich

The PWAD of Reeves and Mortimer.
Sound Pwad for use with DOOM ][...Date:07/22/95
Size:930 KB

New sounds for Doom!
I replaced most of the sounds on the registered version of Doom with voice files from the shareware version of "SPISPOPD" (Smashing Pumpkins In Small Piles Of Putrid Debris) The version included all of the .voc files in the game so I used them to...Date:06/29/94
Size:608 KB
Author:Nathan Mielcarek

Wack Sound! v1.2
This PWAD changes many DOOM2 sounds. Monster sounds changed: - FORMER HUMANS - SPECTRES - BARONS OF HELL - FORMER HUMAN SERGEANTS - IMPS - DEMONS - 'Human' sounds: death-scream.... and many more....Date:04/16/95
Size:192 KB
Author:Geoff & Jawed

Voices by Geoff. Compiled by Jawed.

Size:1554 KB
Author:Eric Simon ( Paul Alexander Key (

WarCraftII sounds in DOOM 2 HA! HA! HA! 'nuff said...Date:07/22/96
Size:221 KB
Author:Brian Glines

A sound wad for the true western enthusiast....Date:12/15/94
Size:726 KB
Author:R. Accurso, J. Cantwell, E. Hoffmann, and M. Roberts

Changes many of the sounds in doomII and makes them very wierd! All of the sounds were found on my computer (Packard Bell Force 101) and none were added or custom made....Date:10/07/95
Size:445 KB
Author:Andrew Blumenfeld

Stuff i record in my spare time....Date:11/25/01
Size:332 KB
Author:Johnny Magnum

This is a SOUND patch for DOOM/DOOM2 which features samples from WORMS, and new weapon sounds from an Amiga Doom-clone called AlienBreed3D....Date:11/12/96
Size:158 KB

Waynes World SoundFXs 3.0 Great sounds that make you want to hurl...Date:08/22/94
Size:723 KB
Author:Eric Wescott

Wired World of Sports II Sound Effects for DOOM!!
Contains some bad/naughty/evil/swear words, so don't have it turned up too loud with kiddies around ... I think I pinched some sounds from other sources, if you recognise them as yours, then let me keep them 'cause they fit in perfectly!...Date:08/11/95
Size:745 KB

X Sound 2
50 or so sounds for Doom/Doom 2....Date:12/18/95
Size:1276 KB

Young Guns
A sound patch for Doom2 containing sound bytes from Young Guns and Young Guns 2. Not much justice was done to Young Guns 2. Bon Jovi Fans please read the note at the end. Enjoy....Date:03/05/95
Size:599 KB

some new sounds plasma gun, item pickup, pain, and death spider death, and many, many more READ THIS BEFORE USING there is new music on every level I have tried to include a varity I am 14 years old which means that whatever I have created was easy t...Date:06/02/01
Size:565 KB
Author:Zach Anderson

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