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Boom Edit Example Wad
The wad shows many of the effects possible with the BOOM engine, and uses text signs to label them, and where appropriate the linedef type number used to produce them. Reference information on specific linedefs can be found in BOOMREF.TXT in EDITUTIL...Date:05/27/98
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Author:Jim Flynn

TNT BOOM Phase I Source Release
These are the TNT BOOM sources for the final Phase I release, May 27, 1998. They were based on the DOSDoom .20 release, which was in turn based on the Linux DOOM sources released by John Carmack around Christmas 1997....Date:05/27/98
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The CVTTHING.ZIP archive contains a kit to change wads written for the release version of BOOM to the maintenance release 1 version of BOOM. The only change is that the point source wind things 4001 and 4002 had to be renumbered to avoid conflict wit...Date:05/27/98
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Author:Gary Gosson

DCK BOOM configuration files
Linetypes for Boom engine (TeamTNT) Contact for questions about this file (not DCK generally), as Ben Morris no longer maintains DCK, and does not use Boom. No linedef types > 255 are supported with DCK versions start...Date:05/27/98
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Author:Lee Killough
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BOOM editing utilities
A collection of editing utilities for Boom. CLED v4.88 - a commandline editor for DOOM CMAPTOOL - a colormap generation utility CVTTHING - a kit to change wads written for the release version of BOOM to the maintenance release 1 versio...Date:05/27/98
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Well done level to show some off the great features of BOOM....Date:05/27/98
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Author:Paul Fleschute
This archive, UTILSRC.ZIP contains the sources for the following BOOM utilities:...Date:05/27/98
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BOOM.WCF - WadAuthor configuration file customized for BOOM
5/11/98 - For Phase I release version of BOOM only...Date:05/27/98
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Author:Rick (Wildman) Clark, Jonathan (DfA) Campbell, Jim Flynn

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