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This is the first of what we hope will be many efforts to provide an inexpensive fire team simulation to the fire- team. Set up is a demonstration of the fire team in the defense. The situation is high intensity combat- with opportunity to prosecute ...Date:03/21/96
Size:2757 KB
Author:Sergeant Daniel G. Snyder, USMC

Fight the marines. NOTE: This is a re-do of MARINE1.ZIP, which was around 2.6 megs due to un-appended sprites from Doom II. This version has no illegal sprites and is much smaller, but there are NO changes apart from that....Date:04/21/97
Size:375 KB
Author:Mr Pink. But it was Seargent Daniel G. Snyder whom designed everything (sprites, sounds, level etc.)

This is a tweaked version of the old Marine Doom mod, originally developed by Sergeant Daniel G. Snyder, as an apparent predecesser to later uses of video games for military training. The primary fix here is using the provided M249 sprites for the ch...Date:05/02/14
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Basically a modified Marine Doom for Co-Op players (or people looking for one hell...Date:08/16/99
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