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It replaces the voices to most of the sounds in DOOM or DOOM2. Basically, you are Scotty, and every one else (inluding Jim Kirk and Bones McCoy) is after you!...Date:03/18/96
Size:1743 KB
Author:Steve Hanson
Size:89 KB
Author:Ryan Polczer

Klingon DOOM v1.02
This heavily modified WAD is Star Trek with a twist. In it, you are a Klingon, fighting against Federation officers {enemy pics not yet done} and Klingon traitors. A variety of assault weapons await you. This WAD also contains 5 new levels....Date:07/08/98
Size:2150 KB
Author:Ku'vac + K'boch
Size:2786 KB
Author:Ryan Polczer

NCC-1701-E (Nova Class) for DOOM II
This level was modeled around the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It was built around multi-player mode of play but is a VERY challenging and exciting level for one player as well. This level was released Jan 22, 1996, even though it's still not fini...Date:01/22/96
Size:752 KB
Author:D&E DOOM Modifications Ltd. (Devin E. Steinke & Evan M. Ross)
Size:421 KB
Author:Ryan Polczer

Security to the Bidet!
SECURITY TO THE BIDET! Jean Luc is nowhere to be seen, the security team was toasted hours ago and Deanna Troi has a headache. Just why the Enterprise is crawling with Imps and Cacodemons, no-one knows. They should be aliens with latex on...Date:09/02/94
Size:40 KB
Author:Arthur Young

The Story: After a routine period of diplomatic negotiations, you beam back aboard your starship only to find a body in the transporter room, and shotguns and shells all over the place!!! A quick scan of the console reveals your ship is under control...Date:10/23/05
Size:78 KB
Author:Doug Jacoby

This Wad is for DOOM ][ only. Based on the Startrek TNG TV series, it includes all new grafix and sounds and is designed loosely around the configuration of the NCC-1701D Enterprise. We'd like to think that it's almost like being there. I started it ...Date:09/08/95
Size:656 KB
Author:Kevyn Shellington and Derek Noel

This level is meant to be an actual combat zone aboard the Enterprise NCC-1701D. Most Enterprise levels are either all-tour zone and no fighting, or vice-versa. This is both. I've included(and imported) some interesting weapons, including a lightsabe...Date:08/20/97
Size:1753 KB

This is a WAD of the starship NCC-1701D, otherwise known as the ENTERPRISE on STAR TREK: The Next Generation. It can be played as a normal wad, but is mostly meant as a 'tour' of the EnterPrise. It is not totally finished, and will never be unless so...Date:07/06/95
Size:401 KB
Author:Dave Humphrey

Size:21 KB
Author:Moe Joe

Incident at Starbase 21
The beginning of what will be a Star Trek (original series) total conversion. Created on a Macintosh....Date:07/17/97
Size:486 KB
Author:Laz Rojas

of Game treknut
Size:98 KB

Star Trek Sounds
Star Trek Sounds for DooM!! Play as Captain Jean Luc Picard in HELL!...Date:02/23/08
Size:469 KB

Star Trek - Doom Invasion
Size:498 KB
Author:Thomas Spaulding and Grant Jacobs

Star Trek - Doom Invasion
Size:718 KB
Author:Thomas Spaulding and Grant Jacobs

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