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Alamo666 - Hell's last stand!
NOTE! This was originally intended as a strictly coop level, and a seperate coop version of just this level will be released shortly. You probably need a pretty decent system (high-end 486 & up) for the level to run ok. One piece of advice is to save...Date:05/25/98
Size:130 KB

The Temple of Spam
Size:387 KB
Author:Justin Brown (HeadSlice)

The Crusher][
Lots of crushing ceilings, tons of items and weapons, and just a lot of Death Match fun!...Date:05/25/98
Size:58 KB

Deathmatch Mania!
Just what the name says! Three small but complex DM levels that provide plenty of action and you never have trouble finding your opponent....Date:05/25/98
Size:216 KB
Author:Rage (Charlie Stevenson)

Demonic Arena
You have been captured by the demon hordes, and are being forced (?) to fight in a gladitorial arena. Your mission: Survive, and kill all others....Date:05/25/98
Size:7 KB
Author:Matthew McDowell
Size:36 KB

The Fortress
Architecturally detailed level designed for Deathmatch 2.0. Mainly a big pit with a ledge on one side, a castle on the other side, and 5 cross-like thingies in the middle. You'll understand when you see it. :)...Date:05/25/98
Size:28 KB
Author:Freznor (James Loftus)

At play in the fields of the Cyber's
A solo wad or deathmatch if you like,with a lot of secrets and platform's...Date:05/25/98
Size:71 KB
Author:Peter van der Kooij

Pigman's Deathmatch series
3 small levels with lots of neat tricks for DM...Date:05/25/98
Size:49 KB

PiGMaN 1
Simple(ish) layout. One largish area intended for free flowing duels. The rest is more tight. Basically a circle with a cross in the middle and one corner of the circle made much larger. The left hand side is high - steps round the outer part of the ...Date:05/25/98
Size:80 KB
Author:J. Callum T. Ashdown

R_I_P ( Beware of those you kill... )
1 Level Graveyard type area Some Graphics, New original music,(Gen Midi) New sounds , New ideads. * This is all ONE day's work.... (You CAN beat this level) If you want any hints or want to know anything else about this or any of my other work, fee...Date:05/25/98
Size:259 KB
Author:Brett Johnson

As The Silence Grows....
This one ended up bigger than I originally wanted, but I still love it !...Date:05/25/98
Size:220 KB

On Your Knees, Human !
You been captured and taken to an undiscovered area of Hell, The Arch-Vile's Arena. It is here where poor souls like you are brought and kept in a deep, dark cell block, until it's your turn. Your turn to fight the Spider Mastermind all in the name o...Date:05/25/98
Size:215 KB

WAD file with multiple levels, no special theme. Better not have a 386 or something like it....Date:05/25/98
Size:78 KB
Author:JAB van Ree

An Imp,a Sarge,An Demon,an Arachnotron,a Revenent and a Trooper...and these are the good guys....Date:05/25/98
Size:119 KB
Author:Rene Bosma

The Ultimate STENCH TRENCH series
Deathmatch for DOOM II, enough said This is the kind of deathmatch your parents warned you about!!! Theses levels are not too big, but the more players, the better. Kill'em all and let God sort'em out. New music bij HEVAN...Date:05/25/98
Size:164 KB
Author:GLEN HUEY and HeVaN

The Trilogy
I guess this is my first real DM wad (I didn't even *have* a modem and had never played DM --GASP!!-- :) till shortly before I designed this). I just built three levels for me and my friends to play and I never even intended to release this till I jo...Date:05/25/98
Size:70 KB
Author:Freznor (James Loftus)

Twisting Arena
You are a gladiator in a demon-run pit. As always: Survive and Kill...Date:05/25/98
Size:6 KB
Author:Matthew McDowell

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