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Doom 2 1.7a to 1.7 binary patch
This patch will downgrade Doom II version 1.7a to version 1.7, which cannot be obtained otherwise through official patches. There is a previous downgrade patch of this nature,, which only works on Windows 2000 and higher. I found this a...Date:08/27/11
Size:40 KB
Author:Mike Swanson

COMPAT v1.1 - Patch Combiner
This is a nice little utility to combine D2 patches together into 1 patch. It is pretty simple. Just supply the two filenames and the output filename and it'll do it....Date:02/23/96
Size:8 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley

Doom 2 downgrade patch from V1.7A to V1.7
This patch will downgrade any legal and unmodified copy of DOOM II V1.7a to DOOM II V1.7. There are various DOOM2 upgrade patches from iD Software and a downgrade patch by FunDuke from V1.9 to V1.666; however, there is as yet no way to get plain V1.7...Date:11/25/08
Size:931 KB
Author:Martin Howe

D2 v4.2
Edit Thing, Ammo, Weapon and Frame tables and create new evil monsters or modify old ones. Cyber demons that look like players, super-fast rockets, invisible troopers, rapid-fire weapons, Infinite Ammo, and more! A bunch of cool patches are inc...Date:11/24/95
Size:80 KB
Author:Stephen Crowley

Deframed v. 1.0
Deframed v. 1.0 is a very crude utility to extract the frame table from the registered version 1.2 of DOOM.EXE. Patch files can be created in text or binary format, edited and written back to DOOM.EXE. Deframed must reside in the directory with ...Date:07/01/94
Size:24 KB
Author:Chris Gillespie

Helpfile for DeHackEd
This txt-file is made for use with the editor DeHackEd. I did it for me when I started more projects then I ever could finished, to be honest I never finished one of them. Anyway if someone still works with this editor, this might perheps help you a ...Date:08/05/05
Size:18 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

Hacking the DOOM.EXE file
The file contains the article "Hacking the DOOM.EXE file". It will form the basis for a new chapter in the forthcoming 1.4 doom specs. Also included are 5 simple Qbasic programs to extract text lists of stuff talked about in the artic...Date:06/15/94
Size:15 KB
Author:Matt Fell

DeHackEd v3.0a
DeHackEd is capable of heavily restructuring the way Doom works. It allows you to modify a number of data tables from the Doom exe file. Make fireballs invisible, make missiles do 2000 points of damage, make demons float! Give your struggling M...Date:09/04/95
Size:114 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)
Size:85 KB

DeHackEd v3.1
DeHackEd v3.1, the best Doom exe editor available! Improvements over v2.4 include Ultimate Doom support, along with cheat code, code pointer and other misc data editing, along with numerous other improvements. Load the included patch for an incredi...Date:02/26/97
Size:112 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)

DeHackEd Manager v1.0
Can't stand constantly changing the DEHACKED.INI file between DOOM and DOOM2? Now you don't have to! This program does it for you!...Date:09/20/95
Size:3 KB
Author:"Kamikazi" Chris Niggel

DeHackEd - old versions: v. 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4, v3.0
DeHackEd is a tool, that changes the way, how the DooM executable works, that means, how the game DooM behaves. This package contains all the outdated versions of the tool. The latest version of DeHackEd by Greg Lewis, that is v3.0a, can be found in ...Date:10/23/05
Size:553 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)

DhMerge is a simple command line program which merges two dehacked patches into a third....Date:07/20/94
Size:17 KB
Author:Alden Bates

DooM II - downgrade from v. 1.9 to v. 1.666
This patch downgrades a Doom II -version 1.9, down to v. 1.666. That version can then be upgraded to v. 1.7a by using the official upgrade patch. The doom2- version, that has been used as a base for this downgrade, had the timestamp 29. August 1994 (...Date:01/26/05
Size:2257 KB

Doom-Code Changer v1.0
Change the codes in Doom to something else with this nice, little util....Date:02/28/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Thomas Axelsson

To allow simple, consistent ways to patch the DOOM executable....Date:08/14/94
Size:154 KB
Author:Steve Larsen

Doom-plus and Doom v1.91 hacks
The patch in PLUS incorporate's e6y's hacks to raise Doom's limits so that it can load large or complex levels, the one in LONGTICS loads the changes discovered by cph to enable v1.91 demos. Visit the Doom-plus and v1.91 sites for more info: e6y (h...Date:09/23/06
Size:6 KB
Author:Miguel Folatelli (aka myk)
It reads the file doom.exe in the current directory and prints out a table of the items and their attributes. The file table.txt contains the output of this program....Date:06/16/94
Size:14 KB
Author:Sam Lantinga
Size:3907 KB
Size:122 KB

EXEdit 1.0
EXEdit 1.0 will assist in editing the DOOM.EXE for the 1.2 registered version of DOOM, a game created by id Software. At the current time, EXEdit 1.0 only edits a limited part of the EXE file: 103 'things'. As time allows, I will be adding more ...Date:07/12/94
Size:27 KB
Author:David Saraniero

HERETIC downgrade patch v. 1.3 --> 1.0
This patch downgrades HERETIC v. 1.3 (HERETIC, SHADOW OF THE SERPENT RIDERS) to v. 1.0 of HERETIC. That's helpful for exe-hackers, users of heretic-deh-patches, created with older versions, fans of demo-lmps, recorded with older versions, and because...Date:11/06/04
Size:3944 KB
Size:75 KB
Size:184 KB

HHE v1.1
HHE, the Heretic Hack Editor, is capable of heavily restructuring the way Heretic works. It is based on the popular program DeHackEd (v2.3) for Doom, and has almost the same editing abilities, with a few enhance- ments. Peruse the various data ...Date:05/05/95
Size:60 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)

Hexen 1.1 to 1.0 binary patch
This patch will downgrade Hexen from version 1.1 to version 1.0. There has not been any other downgrade patches made available before, but Hexen 1.0 contains plenty of resources accidentally left in by Raven before release, which makes it quite int...Date:12/25/13
Size:1232 KB
Author:Mike Swanson
Size:23 KB

Sniper Scope
Doom with a sniper scope! I attatched it to the shotgun, so when you have the shotgun equipped, press z to actiate sniper mode, and press x or change to another weapon to deactivate it. NOTE: This will only work properly in OpenGL mode. The Field-o...Date:10/16/06
Size:4 KB

A Dehacked clone for Windows operating systems. Also supports editing BEX files....Date:02/26/05
Size:1877 KB
Author:Dennis 'Exl' Meuwissen

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