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The Raven script compiler and neccesary Scripts...Date:01/18/96
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Author:Raven Software

Hexen BEHAVIOR De-compiler v0.50
Ever wondered how all of those special effects work in Hexen? This program allows you to look at any of the BEHAVIORS in a Hexen .WAD file to see how it all works. This version simply dumps the contents of the BEHAVIOR structure in a for...Date:11/13/95
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DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior lump files (ACC output) and behavior lumps from a wad file. Some info that was in the original ACS source for the script is not available in the compiled for...Date:12/04/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Luc Cluitmans

DEACC.EXE v1.1 and DEACCOS2.EXE v1.1
DEACC11X.ZIP contains DEACC.EXE, my hexen script decompiler. It is the same as DEACC11.ZIP, except that it also contains an OS/2 executable (DEACCOS2.EXE). DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior l...Date:12/05/95
Size:66 KB
Author:Luc Cluitmans, Mark Matthews

DESCRIPT: HEXEN Script Decompiler
DESCRIPT is a fully fledged and user-friendly HEXEN script decompiler, that generates highly readable source code from any compiled script. This may take the form of a self contained object file, or the BEHAVIOR resource in a main or patch WAD fil...Date:03/13/96
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Guide through simple scripts (for Hexen-demo)
After reading some posts where people seems to have problems doing scripts, I decided to release this. I original did it to test out how scripts work. There are not any polyobjects, since I haven't worked on them yet. The scripts for this level are...Date:11/11/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Jens Nielsen.

Hexen Scripting Tutorial
Size:72 KB
Author:Chris White

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