Title: Beautiful Weapons
Filename: combos/beautwpn.zip
Size: 2084 KB
Date: 09/07/08
Author: Trathen Watson aka Tenement Funster
E-mail: fancycarrot@gmail.com
Description: This is a modification of "Beautiful Doom" by Jekyll Grim Payne. All of the things like shell casings, extra blood, and particle effects have been removed to make the wad more server-friendly. I made this entirely for online servers, and nothing more. All that's retained here are the weapons and sounds along with the powerup changes. If you wanted this for single-player, I highly suggest you get the original dbeauty.wad instead!
Credits: Jekyll Grim Payne, for making the excellent wad Beautiful Doom, from which this is made.
Base: Modified; everything is from dbeauty.wad
Build time: A few hours
Editor(s) used: XWE 1.16
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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What this all comes down to is Beautiful Doom, only without all of the stuff that made it cool.x
Well, it comes in handy on multiplayer. Although it didn't involve much work :Px
a simple, but interestingly badass mod i say 4/5 id like to see more actual weapon changes but the increase to original game weapons was great =D keep up the good work dude (GamaBomb!!!)x
I DOnt Think So It Will Work In DOOM 95 How Can I Download ZDOomx
What this all comes own to is showing that without all the special pretty effects, Beautiful Doom is another lame update of the original weapons. It's lame like a 2002 dehacked mod, not terribly bad but it's just kinda boring with wonky replacement graphics and attempts to change whatever was possible to be changed.x
КАК ; СКА ;ЧАi 8;Ь ?x

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