Title: Captain N: The Game Master, Version 2
Filename: combos/captainn.zip
Size: 1407 KB
Date: 01/21/98
Author: Mark Moore and Dragonicus
E-mail: kevinkeene@yahoo.com
Description: Based on the hit TV series of the same name!
Credits: The authors of the software I used (see below) Michael Lee Rohm (jim.morrison@montego.com) for sending me some MIDIs I used as level music Lyndon Moore for making the Captain N theme music I used The authors of the PWADs (see below) that I used stuff from All the people who made the MIDIs I borrowed to use as level music
Build time:
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Rating: (6 votes)
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Sorry dude this wad sucks captain n has no place in doom the weapons should have been changed the enemys and the levels but did you no see that is why things like captain n should not be in doom because they suck.x
funny as hell! Shoulda sprite modded the Spider Mastermind into Mother Brainx
Apparently, the author didn't take the fact that CAPTAIN N FUCKING SUCKS before or at any time during the work on his wad.x
The textfile alone is like some kind of Aspergers time capsule from the dial-up era. I mean, Captain N? The only thing shittier that that would be some kind of theoretical Fat Albert pwad. 1/5x

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