Title: "Firestorm" Shotgun
Filename: combos/dt-shot2.zip
Size: 31 KB
Date: 06/14/99
E-mail: gwhittl@ibm.net
Description: Did anyone see the movie 'FireStorm'? If you did, and you are like me, you would have noticed a rather excellent shotgun that saw some action all the way through the film. I liked the shotgun, so I felt like putting one in DooM. Lucky for me, the 'Firestorm' shotgun was the exact same model as the one Duke Nukem uses.
Credits: Makers of Paint Shop Pro 3dRealms for the awesome art (which I modified) id Software
Base: 3dRealms art
Build time: 10 minutes
Editor(s) used: only the best (deutex)
Bugs: Legacy and Doom2.exe have a problem displaying the pump frames. You will notice some garbage near the bottom of the screen at those points. The only way to fix this is to use a B00M based engine (Boom, MBF, Zdoom). It isn't that bad though
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BOOM Cha-chunkx
it's a good gun to use in a weapon combox
I've seen Duke's shotgun pretty much everywhere, and the version in ICD-SE is much better than this - but the animation is smoother than it is in Duke, so that's an accomplishment.x
holy jesus this is the best duke nukem and firestorm shotgun ever 5/5x
Epic weapon wad! 5/5x
Gunflash ruined the weapon actor. Side weapons ain't really my aiming preference. Might rate higher if there is a way to have both side and center alignment. ~1/5x
Its ok but when you fire it the flash is not coming out of the end of it but in the middle of itx

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