Title: Geek5.wad "The Destruction of Dan Goldman V.5"
Filename: combos/geek5.zip
Size: 1125 KB
Date: 03/22/97
Author: Bork the Indestructible
E-mail: kuno@otherside.com
Description: A long time ago in a hellhole (Floyds Knobs, IN) far far
Credits: The Gimp, J.S., and Mr. Satan
Base: New graphics from scratch
Build time: I have no clue. A few afternoons w/ nothing to do.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Deutex, Fauve Matisse
Rating: (3 votes)
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intresting musick..x
Most pointless Doom wad I've ever seen. 6 totally unfitting MIDIs (The Entertainer, Nutcracker, etc) and a bunch of stupid SFX and edits of the Wolfenstien textures with this guys face on them. It adds nothing of value.x

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