Title: Shotgun for Heretic Patch v0.9
Filename: combos/hrshot09.zip
Size: 69 KB
Date: 01/15/97
Author: Ronald M. Young
Description: A PWAD that replaces the Ethereal Crossbow with the shotgun from Doom.
Credits: The creators of DEUTEX and, of course, id. May you minds be always twisted.
Base: Uses registered DOOM I or II as the source for the sprites and sounds added to HERETIC
Build time: Less than 5 hours
Editor(s) used: DEUTEX 3.4
Bugs: The first firing sprite isn't aligned perfectly. The firing sound cuts out sometimes. Might get around to fixing it in a possible v1.0 release. Oh, yeah. No puffs when shot against walls. I'll try to get to that, too. They're could be others.
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