Title: Imp Skin
Filename: combos/impskin.zip
Size: 35 KB
Date: 09/20/09
Author: Captain Toenail
E-mail: cpttoenail@hotmail.co.uk
Description: Ever wanted to play as an imp in multiplayer? Now you can! This wad features an imp holding a sub-machinegun, the imp is also green to be compatible with team games and can also be recoloured to many different colours
Credits: Ghastly Dragon for the edited Imp jumping sound.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Few long drawn-out hours
Editor(s) used: XWE, SlumpEd, MSPaint
Rating: (7 votes)
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nice one. like it! fivex
the Imp GFX should have been Renamed to the Player's Gfx,otherwise thais would have been usable....something tells me this Was made for ST only and not Zdoom.-3/5-Zevik666x
Not that good. Jumping sound get annoying. 3/5x
Okay, take the green imp skin that has already been seen for at least eight years. Then cut and paste using MSPaint a shitty gun onto its hand. Finally, release onto idgames and rub epenis.x
I still use this skin since its release :P 5/5x
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