Title: MWeaps
Filename: combos/mweaps.zip
Size: 185 KB
Date: 01/21/09
Author: Marcello Delai
E-mail: mitconnedonia@hotmail.com
Description: My first attempt to make a weapons .wad, Mweaps didn´t go as bad as I thought. This mod replaces all original Doom 2 weapons (With exception of fists and chainsaw) with new weapons of my own imagination. The weapons are:

Slot 2 -> The Uzi - A hand sub-machinegun in its burst mode.Useful at all ranges. Slot 3a -> The Sniper rifle - A very powerful weapon but with a slow firing rate.Not recommended for close combat. Slot 3b -> The Mega Shotgun - A devastating weapon, but innacurate at long range.Best for close combats. Slot 4 -> M16 Rifle - As powerful as the Chaingun, but with a faster firing rate.Excels at close combat. Slot 5 -> Baron Powers - A strange potion that gives you the powers of a Baron of Hell.Good at all ranges. Slot 6 -> Dual Railguns - Less powerful than the sniper rifle, but faster firing rate.Quite better at close combat. Slot 7 -> The BattleHammer - The name comes from ´´Metroid Prime Hunters´´ but its not the same weapon. More devastating than the BFG9000.
Credits: eXtendable Wad Editor [XWE] Team IDSoftware Skulltag Team and Community Zdoom Team Omega Editors Clan The Nintendo Team The Gimp
Base: New from scratch
Build time: No Idea.
Editor(s) used: XWE, The Gimp.
Bugs: None, yet
Rating: (5 votes)
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Actually that wasn't bad. But for something this new you'd expect some DECORATE or something. Weapon 5 was kinda silly though and the BFG's weird. Everything else is nice and powerful, the three-shot machine pistol is unique. My favorite's the M16. But should've fired some grenades!x
The balance of all these uninspired weapons is REALLY really off. that, and almost every single sprite sucks in that wad. i really cant stand people who rip bad sprites and then tie the knot by not even balancing them out a bit. or better yet, not using simple decorate code. i really cant find one good thing about this wad. as soon as i played it, i deleted it. x
A pretty average weapons mod. The Devastator was nicely remixed, and the shotgun. I didn't expect much when I played it. So yeah overall I give it a 3/5.-Candle Mx
This falls under "what the christ" -Raterx

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