Title: SNOWIMPS.ZIP - The Christmas PWAD
Filename: combos/snowimps.zip
Size: 97 KB
Date: 12/16/94
Author: Mark Billingham
E-mail: mark@hispc.demon.co.uk
Description: This PWAD turns the imps into raytraced, laughing, snowball throwing snowmen !

Works with DOOM I and DOOM II.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (5 votes)
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This redefines the concept of pwnage. w00t! (There's no need for deusf with most ports - you can use the wad directly.)x
This is from December 1994 (and I write these words in a freezing January, fifteen years later). Despite the age it's actually very good. The snowmen look simultaneously goofy and a bit sinister, they have all the animation frames, and they die with a nice watery sound effect. In the dark maze in E1M2 they're a bit creepy. The only flaw is that they're too tall for certain environments.(their heads poke through the roof). But overall I was impressed.x
mark billingham : mark@hispc.demon.co. uk : anyone know his current email ??? i am looking for creepy crawlies full version which he promised me but the zip/link/attachment did not contain it.x
LOL. Not bad for a 1994 sprite edit!x

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