Title: Doom face -> Man version 2.1
Filename: combos/stman.zip
Size: 12 KB
Date: 04/09/05
Author: Simon Howard "Fraggle"
E-mail: fraggle@alkali.org
Description: Replaces the status bar face with a tiny picture of the Doom marine.

MAN1.WAD is for single player Dooming, as the player being simply a scaled-down version of the sprite. MAN.WAD is more complex, and is designed for multi-player, as the player's uniform color changes to whatever color uniform yours is.

STBAR.WAD is included to let your try out MAN.WAD single-player. It is in a seperate WAD, as otherwise it might mess up other peoples status bars. To use it, type doom2 -file man.wad stbar.wad
Credits: Id for the marine sprites..
Base: Modified player sprite
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Construction: Neopaint, Paint Shop Pro Building: DeuTex 3.6, WADPTR
Bugs: Only two, not very significant bugs: * MAN.WAD may be affected by using it in conjunction with another WAD which replaces all or part of the status bar. * If you are playing deathmatch using MAN.WAD, when you get to the end-of level statistics screen, the other players are shown as gradient-filled blocks. Unfixable I'm afraid.
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Kewl. -- 5/5x
its ok but i think it woodhave ben much better if the auther took his time on it becaus it feels a bit rushed 3/5x
pretty good 1/5 - Xolzox
the classick arnold shwarchinagger face is better :P x

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