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Filename: docs/editing/ikspcial.zip
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Date: 01/09/98
Author: Iikka Ker„nen
Description: These are four example wads Iikka made for the Requiem project. Uploaded to ftp.cdrom.com by Gaston Lahaut with Iikka's permission, as a shining example for other level designers :)

This archive consist of four levels + 2floors.wad partial 3D room over room effect + cross.wad fully functional 3D rooms + underwtr.wad: a 'deep water' effect + undergnd.wad: visual 3D rooms effect

In due time these effects will be described on the Mordeth FX Editing pages at http://www.warande.ruu.nl/~glahaut/edit.htm
Credits: All those level designers out there, who are still enjoying that game-that-will-not-die !
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The title alone stomps your colon and makes it bleed.x

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