Title: Console Doom Resource Pack
Filename: graphics/conres.zip
Size: 310 KB
Date: 11/03/07
Author: Samuel Villarreal (svkaiser@gmail.com)
E-mail: svkaiser@gmail.com
Description: Not really a wad but a set of resources and assets used from the Jaguar
Credits: , and other minor stuff.

There are two folders, one that has all the Jaguar assets and the other has
Base: N/A
Build time: N/A
Editor(s) used: PSXMake, JagEdit, Mimview, Hexplorer, Deepsea, Photoshop
Bugs: N/A
Rating: (14 votes)
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Tools to edit the console versions are or would be great, but the resources themselves? The release of the source didn't make sharing assets between different variants of the games legal. You may offer addons or mods of games strictly for use with the games themselves, but not "any Doom-engine game". Did early Doom hackers release chunks of Doom to the Internet for general use? No, they didn't, while coding DEU and other tools with which other people could edit the games. [0/5] ~Chain Mail (11/2007)x
Chain Mail, presumably you're going to post a similiar comment on every WAD that uses Heretic or Hexen resources? Might take you quite a while. Also NEWSKIN4 is not unique to PSX, it is HELL6_3 from Doom 1x
Awesome, saves me from having to extract them myself.x
first commenter is a dipshit who's jealous that he couldn't figure out how to use Kaiser's programs 5/5x
Look, I'm imitating the first commenter: (Ugh, I'm too dumb to use this... gotta do something) *Talking bullshit about copyright* 0/5! (Yeah, once again I could proove my stupidy! ROFL) But from me, you'll get 5/5! -MisterXx
Isn't this essentially warez?x

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