Title: Grasstex - Doom textures with grass tops
Filename: graphics/grasstex.zip
Size: 135 KB
Date: 06/29/14
Author: scifista42
E-mail: doomscifista@seznam.cz
Description: Texture pack of outdoor Doom textures with added grass tops and/or grass bottoms, variously sloped grass tops on each texture, independent top and bottom grass patch that can be used as a texture.

The pack comes in 3 variants - vanilla, Boom, Zdoom - that slightly differ, depending on vanilla / Boom engine limitations of texture height. Vanilla has only 128-units tall textures, Boom has some 128-tall and some 255-tall textures, and ZDoom provides 4096 tall versions of the textures + some shorter ones too. The textures with sloped grass tops are intended to be used on ZDoom's sloped floors.
Base: Modified graphics
Build time: Main work done in couple days, minor tweaks later
Editor(s) used: SLADE 3, GIMP 2.0
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