Title: NewDoom Skys - Doom II Version
Filename: graphics/newdsky2.zip
Size: 102 KB
Date: 12/31/00
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
E-mail: kelm@eisa.net.au
Description: Tall skys (256x240) for Doom II based on the banner image from the NewDoom web site. This wad is dedicated to the guys and gals at NewDoom - Happy New Year and all the best with your site in 2001.
Credits: NewDoom and whoever made the original banner image on which this sky texture is based.
Base: the banner image from the NewDoom web site.
Build time: Maybe 6 hours for both the Doom and Doom2 versions - it took several attempts to get it looking okay, and of course getting and editing the screen shots takes time.
Editor(s) used: Paint Shop Pro, WinTex, DeuTex, and NWT.
Bugs: Vavoom doesn't use the F1 key to view the Help screen - select it from the main menu.
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graphics/newdsky2.zi px
TITLEPIC & HELP didn't have to be modified and there is only one sky, thus it's a cool one, but all this bla bla for one sky... Pfui !!! 3/5 (0 to balance) - Jivex
am i the only one out there who cannot find good doom ][ levels for download? if i find ones that are said to be good they seem to be missing from the "download here". linksx
Since newdoom is dead we can all just forget about this peice of shit, okay?x

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