Title: Status bar replacements
Filename: graphics/stbars.zip
Size: 105 KB
Date: 09/28/06
Author: Daniel
E-mail: dal.eletro@bol.com.br
Description: These are some wad files which replaces the Status bar with various themes. Just feel free to insert a desired graphic theme into your map wad. The themes for each wad are:

Stbar01.wad - Hellish "lite" Stbar02.wad - Tekwall Stbar03.wad - Marble Stbar04.wad - Hellish rock Stbar05.wad - Stone2 Stbar06.wad - Panbook Stbar07.wad - Brown ashwall Stbar08.wad - Browngrn Stbar09.wad - Hellish "hard" Stbar10.wad - Hellish Evil Stbar11.wad - Egyptian Stbar12.wad - Road Stbar13.wad - Gothic bricks Stbar14.wad - Computer cables Stbar15.wad - Grass Stbar16.wad - Sand Stbar17.wad - Castle.wad for EDGE bricks
Credits: id software, my cousin Lucinho, my friends Logan MTM, DU0, Marine Pyro and Jive. The graphic masters of the community which from where the textures came from.
Base: Graphic wads
Build time: 1 day
Editor(s) used: Paint, Corel Draw 6, WinTex and XWE
Bugs: Small status bar numbers cleaned (you may think this is a bug, but it is fully intentional)
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Sounds good, gonna give it a go now. If we use these shall we credit you in the README.txt of our wads?x
These are awesome, thanks alot. Im going to use one in my wad. -Th0r 4/5x
Nice, i especially liked the Stbar02 hud.x
Very usefulx
Hey, STBAR from Stbar17.wad is kinda bugged (it appears as "unknown" entry in Slade and doesn't even visible in actual game)! Can it be fixed?x

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