Title: DOOM for Windows --> WinDoom April 13 Build
Filename: historic/wdoom2.zip
Size: 370 KB
Date: 02/03/06
Author: id Software, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation
E-mail: myk@fibertel.com.ar
Description: It is an old Beta version of Microsoft's Doom port. It's made for DOOM II v1.8 (though the latest IWADs will work as well), but will also run DOOM. One convenient feature it provides is that if when executed it doesn't find an IWAD it'll let you browse for one (so you don't have to necessarily run it from the Doom2 directory.)
Credits: : funduke for uploading the earlier build, Thrasher for posting a copy of this one.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Maybe (it's a development beta after all.) For example, using DOOM's IWAD it can terminate early on as it looks for HELP2; it's a resource for the shareware, but the registered version, will work otherwise, as will the ultimate version (sans the last episode.)
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I believe I used to have this in the old days. It's not really interesting, though.x
^ It's very interesting! This seems like it was shaping up to be a very good port, there are only a few small bugs/oversights, yet it got shelved in favor of Doom 95...which has much worse bugs than anything in this. Amazingly, this still runs on Win7 x64 without any significant problems other than a lack of music and a palette issue on the text/end screens.x

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