Filename: levels/doom/d-f/d_sphere.zip
Size: 320 KB
Date: 08/28/11
Author: David J. Reid a.k.a. MoonLust
E-mail: super_shotgun35@yahoo.com
Description: Well,...you arrive at a pre-determined point in the level...and you find some weapons and ammo...and you take a look around...and you see some really scary bit-maps come at you...and you shoot them with your 8-bit "Digi-Blaster"...and they groan and fall over. No mystery here...just common sense. )

Seriously, folks, this WAD has a ton of high quality samples that I felt the need to have. The size of this file is huge because of it. The base level is around 270kb ! The sounds and MIDI equal around 310kb! And this .TXT file alone is bigger than most peoples' complete WAD's.

The MIDI file that I included was written exclusively for an SB16 or compatible - that means FM Synthesis. I felt that writing for this platform would be about the best way to convey the music to a general audience. If you have one of those wave-table synthesis jobs...Well, good for you and your good taste (again!). I, unfortunately, just have the wonderful FM synthesis to work with (and so do millions of other users). I just figured that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few (where have I heard that before?). Now, if you want to talk about 16 bit 44.1khz digital audio samples... That's opening another can of Imps...GOTHIC MIDI mostly deals with "CD quality" samples for use with synths and samplers...Be on the lookout for GOTHIC files on C-Serve...

If you find this file to be too big in size...Maybe your Nintendo is calling for you! If you find that it needs to be bigger, drop me a line and we'll Co-Author a Mother.WAD.

Originally, this level was intended to be E2M1 but I wanted the sky texture in the first Episode. From here on in, it's E2M1 (to conform to id Software's request).

Another worthy note: If you open this file in an Editor program you will lose the music and the sound effects. Always make a backup before you hack it up!

Again, GOTHIC MIDI is Multimedia...and yes, that includes text!! (I don't do shabby work...If it's worth doing...it's worth doing right).
Credits: Olivier Montanuy, Ben Jordan, id Software...

See the original Sphere.txt for detailed credits.
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Various (See the original Sphere.txt)
Bugs: None
Rating: (9 votes)
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This is a poorly designed level in all aspects. Every singly trap is a door that locks from the inside, forcing you to hit a switch. Some of them don't have one, so if you get stuck, you'll have to idclip. 99% of the hallways are bland, having usually 1 texture stretch the whole thing. SFX replacement is horrid overall. If you go into the red key area WITHOUT the key, there is NO way of getting back unless you cheat. Textures clash alot, and an early plasmarifle for zombiemen. Avoid. 2/5 -BloodyAcidx
Pretty fun map. I kinda liked the grey theme for some reason.x
to the first reviewer, try shooting doors that have no obvious switched associated with them. You get the BFG at the end which is silly. Other than that, I liked this, and I thought the custom song was pretty nice too!x
Many thanks to RL for uploading this nice wad by a good mapper (see also his "Palace of Malice" for Heretic - it's in the archive). I found my way around the map with no problems, and I don't think there is any need to use cheat codes whatever order you visit the areas, contrary to the first review above - there are ways back and between all areas. The map doesn't spoonfeed you things, but it certainly shouldn't be at all aggravating for an experienced Doomer. Design is clean and to my eyes pleasant.x
Nice map. Good, simple style. A bit too easy though (too much ammo & health).x
Good classic map, have some fun but feel too easy, at least the plasmagun helps, shooting all monsters just with shotgun is stupid, or... I just cannot found other weapons like chaingun or BFG... : 3.5/5 -playerlinx

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