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Date: 05/29/94
E-mail: anguilla@raphael.acpub.duke.edu
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A large, dark, hellish maze, with some sewer parts. This one's pretty good. The fights aren't too easy (you may have to search a bit for ammo sometimes), there are some nice traps, and the layout is quite non-linear, so you can run around the map almost any way you like. The texturing is a bit monotonous, but it's all convincingly designed. However, some things about the gameplay are a little confusing, and I felt like I more or less stumbled upon the keys and the exit. --3/5x
This is dated May 1994. It's E2M3, although the underground lava theme feels like something from E3. It's less detailed than a real E3 level but the design isn't bad; 120 baddies, good balance of health and ammo. Very angular and sprawling, the constant presence of demons makes me long for the double shotgun, several of the rooms feel superfluous, and it doesn't "build" to anything - the exit is just another door. But for mid-1994 it's very good.x

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