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Date: 07/29/94
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Large, extremely violent, fun map, split into two parts: First part is a well-designed techbase. Tons of monsters and traps everywhere, and a clever progression. The second part is a maze in hell, poorly designed, much duller. No ammo here, so use the chainsaw/fist often. Fine secrets (apart from an "impossible" one). A trick jump to the switch room down in the ooze is needed to finish the map without cheats because of a design flaw. Lots of stragglers means 100% kills may be tedious. Recommended. --4/5x
Starts off decent and difficult for 1994, but quickly goes downhill as soon as you reach the inescapable switch room behind a blue door. After you enter the "portal", everything turns to shit with a dark, boring, unmarked maze with no ammo. It could've been a good map, but poor design choices ruined it. Also, the only non-secret weapon is a shotgun. Ugh. 2.5/5 x

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