Title: Favillesco - Episode 2: Tragedy over Europa V1.1
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/favie211.zip
Size: 635 KB
Date: 09/02/13
Author: Nicolas Monti
E-mail: nicolasmonti83@gmail.com
Description: this is the second episode of what is intended to
Base: s with the tom hall touch seen in the doom alpha maps, but without being
Build time: 2 months. 20 days in early 2012 and 40 in mid 2013
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder, XWE, Doomword
Bugs: Not known, Email me if you find some.
Rating: (10 votes)
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The levels are competently made, but the layouts are too labyrinthine and confusing, the gameplay too easy and boring, and there are too many homages.x
Decent gameplay and challenges at some points, but yes there are quite a number of homages to the original levels.x
I liked this, good atmosphere, especially e2m7. If you are a TSOH fan you should try this.x
Good levels right up until the last one, which I *really* didn't care for. Not because of the difficulty, but because I expected something with a lot more finesse, when the other maps held such a good standard (I especially liked that you had to use the beretta for a change). 4 stars, minus 1 for the terrible ending, equals 3 stars.x
Just a blast to play, really.x
Confusing layouts, annoying traps and boring gameplay where you have to shoot high(ish) HP monsters with pistol or shotgun.x
Amount of work: 4/5. Map layout: 3/5 for current standards, but 4/5 for a legacy map. Most of the secrets are way to easy to find. Gameplay (UV): basically ok with some fine moments, but suffers from the Uh,-yet-again-anothe r-Baron-around-the-c orner syndrom (yes, needs the SSG there). And the imho boring end map simply does not fit, because it requires a different gameplay. Overall: 4/5, so absolutely worth a play for legacy lovers.x

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