Title: FrodoPWAD 4.81 mighty netDOOM titillation
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/frodo481.zip
Size: 67 KB
Date: 09/21/94
Author: FRODO
E-mail: 4-1@wwiv.bluethun.quake.com
Description: twinge,twitch,writhe,wince,fret,bleed

An E1M1 and E1M9 favorable PWAD for DOOM!
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These two levels are from September 1994. E1 is splendid - it's just like a modern-day retro level, and it's almost as good as one of the original Doom maps (there are some rough edges, and I didn't like a trap that drops you into some slime with no escape). It's miles better than almost all contemporary fare. E9 is disposable novelty rubbish. Frustratingly, this seems to be the author's only pair of levels, unless he adopted a new name. The text file says almost nothing.x
Amazing E1-styled level for its time, with good gameplay, nice detail for '94, and some non-linearity. It's a little short if you don't look for the secrets, though. There's also a bonus E1M9, but it's short an forgettable. 4/5x

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