Title: Ben Davis High School Doom
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/m-o/newbd3.zip
Size: 22 KB
Date: 02/29/96
Author: Chris Thornberry
E-mail: thorny@surf
Description: This is a one-level beta version of Ben Davis High School DOOM. There are some monsters but I'm still working on it. There is no end.
Credits: No one because I made it myself.
Build time:
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Rating: (5 votes)
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hey man, found your wad on here, lol. I remember this from high school.x
Basically a mass of loooong corridors with small undetailed monotextured square rooms coming off the side. A typical "real world"-style level. It would be horrible in Deathmatch; it takes ages to get anywhere. I'm more interested in the previous review - I wonder if the reviewer ever got back in touch with his old high school friend?x
went to his wedding in 2003. was doomworld around in 1996? or where was this file uploaded to back when?x
Man, this is the MOST boring school map I've "played", and that's saying something. The shit I made when I was 9 was better than this, it's literally like a HUUUUUGE terribly boring Wolf3D level. Startan everywhere, and a few shotgunners. I can't think of anything more bland in the world of Doom... What's kinda weird, there's a random little square not attached to the rest of the level. (The file woulda been uploaded to ftp.cdrom.com, apparently)x

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