Title: Gatchaman Doom:Version 2.1 - a TC for ULTIMATE DOOM
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/gdoom2_1.zip
Size: 1155 KB
Date: 05/08/11
Author: Dan Patanella
E-mail: jwc0045211@hotmail.com
Description: This is (hopefully) the final revision of
Credits: /Collaborators Play Information Construction Details Copyright Notices Revision History Hints and Spoilers
Base: scratch, a couple previously undistributed WADs of my own design
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEUSF, NWT, DMGRAPH, BSP 2.3, MIDI2MUS, MUS2MIDI, DMAUD, WADED (mainly to study some inspirational WADs), DCK 3.62
Bugs: None
Rating: (9 votes)
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Interesting product...x
Interesting... I was expecting new weapon skins, but eh.. decent levels. felt like another 1994 map though. It was decent.x
Not bad. 4/5x
Those are some ass-ugly sprites and textures. Levels weren't that great either.x
not good colors...and boring 1/5x
The problem is, called a TC but you still play as Doomguy, but I do except more like play as those characters in amine and shooting those bad guys or hell monsters with their weapons, NOT JUST SEE THEIR PICTURES......the level designing just meh, some of them isn't too bad but very easy to get boring...but still have some blaze-fest in them. 1.5/5 -playerlin x
It's racist against Lum!!! Go pimp adventure lawyers!!! ~1/5 for @ least it works out, but I doubt gatchaman is doom enough.x

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